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Why Gaming Chairs Are Bad? [6 Unbelievable Reasons]

The gaming chair is known for its ergonomic design, style, impressive features, and amazing looks. It improves your posture, preventing your back and neck pain.

The chairs in this range have high adjustability which enables you to customize the chair to get the highest seating comfort. However, gaming chairs also have some disadvantages.

Whenever we plan to buy a quality chair, we definitely consider the durability, functionality, performance, warranty, and the price of the product.

Why gaming chairs are bad?

This is a significant question as gaming chairs are popular and considered to be the perfect piece of furniture to enjoy a long gaming session. This article will explore the reasons under why gaming chairs are considered bad.

Why Gaming Chairs Are Bad? [6 Reasons]

1. Bucket Design Seat

The first disadvantage of gaming chairs is their bucket design seat. The bucket design seat was first designed for racing cars, which are convenient for racers.

The purpose of using the bucket design concept in a gaming chair is simply that it gives a better experience to the gamers while sitting.

The bucket design features side bolsters that enables the driver to focus on driving when cars are banging around. But, this bucket design was recommended for arcade-type gaming, not console gaming. So, the bucket design is not so useful for console gaming.

2. Side Bolsters 

Side bolsters are thought to be responsible for adding more comfort to chairs, but are not considered as useful for gaming chairs. This makes the gaming chair uncomfortable.

The side bolsters are made of metal padding, so it can be uncomfortable for gamers to keep their feet against the bolsters while sitting.

In addition, the side bolsters on a gaming chair also affect the sitting position, as you cannot keep your feet in a cross position. These side bolsters push your shoulders into a forward position, which is another reason to make gaming chairs uncomfortable.

3. Tilt Mechanism

The gaming chairs include a swivel tilt mechanism that enables them to rock back and forth. But, the gaming chair’s tilt mechanism is poor.

That’s because your knees and feet are raised when you swing backward. Your knees will also strike the desk when you take a step back. Any gamer would find this to be quite unpleasant.

Besides, the swivel tilt mechanism needs to be moved back and forth with some physical effort. Since it requires very little effort, a knee tilt mechanism is preferred over a swivel tilt mechanism.

4. Paid For Amazing Looks 

The outstanding look of gaming chairs is one factor in their higher price. You pay for its stunning appearance. Many people are drawn to the chair’s vibrant appearance, which encourages them to purchase it.

The words and logo are embroidered on the seat of the chair. In addition, gaming chairs feature upholstery in a variety of colors.

Hence, the cost of the chair is increased further by the additional fees for the chair’s logo and upholsterer. You have to pay for a lot of extras on a gaming chair that you do not require. That is why paying more for appearance is considered a disadvantage of a gaming chair.

5. Limited Movements

Gaming chairs have a limited range of movements. Long periods of time spent in one position are bad for your health. Standing desk converters and adjustable height desks are the standard features of office chairs.

But, there aren’t as many customizable alternatives for gaming chairs. A bucket design of the gaming chair keeps you still for a longer amount of time.

6. Short Warranty

How standard a product is, it is largely determined by its warranty period. A chair’s warranty is a great way to determine its quality. High-end, good quality gaming chairs have a 10 to 12-year warranty, although this guarantee excludes foam and cloth. 

Mid-range gaming chairs also offer a respectable warranty period. But in the case of gaming chairs, it only comes with a 2 to 3-year warranty, which is said to be the smallest furniture warranty available.

are gaming chairs Bad for your back?

No, in contrast to a cheap office chair, gaming chairs are actually much better for your back. The design features seen in most gaming chairs, including a high backrest and neck pillows, are helpful in giving your back the most support possible while promoting proper posture.

1. High Backrest 

The majority of gaming chairs have a high back that completely supports your head, neck, head, shoulders, and entire back. 

The human spine runs the entire length of the back. If you suffer back pain, a chair with a high backrest that supports the entire column is better.

2. Strong Backrest Recline 

This is a special feature of most gaming chairs that makes them better suited to the strong recline of your back.

3. External Neck Pillow

Every gaming chair is designed with an external neck pillow intended to provide the best support to your neck. This in turn aids in relaxing your upper back and shoulders.

4. Lumbar Support Pillow

The external lumbar pillow is another excellent design of a gaming chair that supports your lower back.

5. Backrest Height

An individual of average height between 5′ 3″ and 6′ 3″ can use a gaming chair because the backrest of a typical gaming chair is between 30″ and 33″.

Look for a backrest that is less than 30 inches wide if you are under 5 feet 3 inches to make sure the neck cushion fits under your cervical spine as you lean back.

We have reviewed some gaming chairs for back support. You can check them if you are planning to buy one.

why gaming chairs are bad? [Conclusion]

It cannot be denied that gaming chairs have some drawbacks. Nevertheless, a gaming chair is worth investing in. The over-function of the gaming chair makes it classy furniture.

An important asset of a gaming chair is its 3D or sometimes 4D armrests that support your arms in more positions, and resulting in less pressure on your shoulders. The less weight your upper body has on your back, the better it is to avoid back pain.

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