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What Size Desk For Dual Monitors? [7 Incredible Hacks To Setup Two Monitors On Single Desk]

For an organized workspace, all office equipment must be perfect. An indispensable part of the workspace is its desk, and a right-sized desk is significant to keeping you productive as well as organized. A small desk is not so helpful in maintaining office accessories organized, which can make you feel untidy. On the other hand, if you need to put two monitors on one desk, you should be very careful in choosing the right size desk. 

You’ll need to choose a desk that allows you to keep your two desktops organized. However, you may be confused about the size desk for dual monitors. So, this article will elaborate on what size desk for dual monitors would be appropriate. In addition, you will also get accurate information about different size monitors and which size desks are best for them, which will make it easier to buy the right size desk for you.

what size desk for dual monitors?

  • As monitors come in different sizes, the desk should also be according to the size of the monitors. However, a 63-inch wide desk will be perfect for all types of monitors up to 27 inches. On a 63-inch wide and 28-inch depth desk, you can neatly place two 27-inch monitors.
  • In addition to having two monitors, this desk gives you enough space for your work and to place decorations as well as lights. It also provides a space to dine by putting food or snacks on the desk.
  • The 63-inch desk will provide a convenient space to boost your productivity. The minimum depth of the desk is 24 inches which go up to 36 inches. Generally, people prefer a 28-inch depth desk. This desk depth allows your monitor and keyboard to sit comfortably on the desk so that you can maintain the monitor’s correct viewing distance with a good posture and comfortable hand position. 
  • Below we’ve presented a table that shows you the minimum desk size you should need based on your monitor size. In addition, we have also provided a column of recommended sized desks, which also take into account keeping your desktop, speakers, and lamps organized.
  Dual Monitor
(Size + Equipment)
Minimum Size Desk
(Fits Two Monitors)
  Recommended Size Desk 
  20 to 22 inches     45 inches (wide)    24 inches (depth)    58 inches (wide)    28 inches (depth)
  23 to 24 inches   50 inches (wide)   24 inches (depth)  63 inches (wide)   28 inches (depth)
  25 to 27 inches   55 inches (wide)  24 inches (depth)  63 inches (wide)   28 inches (depth)
  28 to 30 inches   62 inches (wide)  24 inches (depth)  78 inches (wide)   28 inches (depth)

What Size Desk Should You Buy If Your Monitor Is Smaller Than 23 Inches?

If your monitors are smaller than 23 inches, you can buy a minimum 45-inch desk, as we have shown in the table. But, if you plan to buy a bigger monitor as we advance, you can invest in a more extensive desk. Currently, the ideal size for a monitor is 24 inches or larger. The 24-inch monitor has 1080p resolution.  

You can also buy monitors with 2K or 4K resolution. A 24-inch monitor with 2K resolution is great. Hence, if you wish to purchase a new monitor in the future – 24 inches or more extensive, you need to choose your desk, keeping in mind the size of your monitor.

How To Fit Two Monitors On A Small Desk?

Here are 7 tips for fitting two monitors on a small desk:

1. Monitor Arm

One solution for placing two monitors on a small desk is to have one monitor hung from the desk by a phantom cellar.

This will allow your computer desk to set up two monitors on one desk. In this case, the monitor arm will act as a sturdy hook to keep your monitor secure.

2. Clamp Mounts

The use of clamp mounts on the computer desk for a dual monitor setup will also add a bit of space to your small computer desk. There may be a variety of unique clamp mounts available on the market to fit multiple monitors on a desk.

You can improve the two monitor adjustments by purchasing your preferred clamp mounts. This will also leave more space on the desk to store other equipment.

3. Vertical Monitor Arrangement

Monitors are generally preferred to be placed horizontally. But, if you put the monitor vertically as opposed to the traditional process, it will be easier to adjust dual monitors on the desk.

A few affordable monitors are available to hold the monitor vertically to help you fit two monitors.

4. V-shaped Monitor Arrangement 

In this technique, first, you have to set your desk at one of the corners of your room or use a corner desk.

After that, place one monitor at the larger end of your L-shaped desk setup and the other monitor at the smaller end of your desk.

This method will allow you to have two V-shape monitors arranged in a small desk setup.

5. Single Raised Monitor Stand

You can mount a monitor stand to increase the amount of desk space available for laptops and monitors on a small desk setup.

Until the computer display is mounted on the screen, you can keep your laptop on the desk and the computer display on a monitor stand. Since the Dual Monitor desk installation rests directly on top of your computer, the two screens may be seen side by side.

6. Small Monitors 

Switching to a small monitor is an excellent solution to the problem of setting up dual monitors on a small desk. Some large monitors are also space-saving, so you can choose to set up such monitors on your small desk as well.

A typical space-saving monitor usually comes in a smaller, thinner design with skinny bezels, which is more straightforward to place on a desk than a regular monitor.

7. Cable Grommets

Using a cable grommet can also make it possible for you to adjust two monitors on a smaller desk.

To be permanent and complete, you will need to make a hole in your desk and put the grommet mount in it.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing A Desk? 

1. Size

Choose the right size desk based on the size of your monitors and the space required in which you can organize your office items. You can prefer a custom-sized desk which gives you more freedom by fitting better into the available space. L-shaped desks can be provided neatly in the corners of a small room.

2. Style

Desk style is another crucial aspect to consider when buying a desk. Various styles of desks are available. So, you have to choose a desk that matches the other furniture in your room in terms of colors and style, adding beauty to your interior.

3. Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your desk depends on what equipment you wish to keep on the desk. If you want to accommodate two desktops, printers, headphones, and speakers all in one desk, you should select a desk with enough weight capacity to protect your equipment.

4. Material

The material and quality of the desk should also be considered, which determines the lifespan of the desk.

what size desk for dual monitors?[Conclusion]

For placing multiple monitors on one desk, the size of the desk matters a lot. That is why you must consider the size of the desk before investing in it.

If you don’t fit dual monitors on your desk correctly, it will distract you from focusing on your work. The desk size chart based on the monitor size mentioned above will make it easier for you to pick the right size desk.

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