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11 Different Types Of Chairs For Office You Never Knew [2023]

The office chair is an indispensable part of the workplace that Impacts the posture and productivity of the users. An office chair is designed with a padded backrest, lumbar support, padded seat, and casters attached to the legs of the chair, which enable it to roll and swivel. The office chair supports the employees’ prolonged sitting while working without any issue. 

Different types of chairs for office are considered, which ensure better sitting comfort and body support and prevent chair-induced back pain issues. Here we are presenting different office chair types which are in demand in the market.

11 Types Of Chairs For Office

1. Executive Chair

Executive chairs are high-end office chairs that executives typically use to signify their position of authority within a business.

The chair has a look and feels of contemporary furniture thanks to its high-end construction, high, excellent backrest, thickly cushioned armrests, and headrests. The chair is really comfortable and well-functioning.

In addition to leather seats and plush frames made of pricey wood or metal, these types of office chair also come with the assurance of providing exceptional comfort. The durability of executive chairs is guaranteed for ten years.

2. Heavy-Duty Office Chair

A heavy chair is ideal if an employee is obliged to stay late at work. This particular chair style is expertly made with a reliable mechanism and durable components.

Heavy-duty chairs are ideal for workers who put in long hours in workplaces like hospitals and call centers. These chairs include armrests, lumbar support, and height adjustment built into their design.

This chair enhances comfort in 24-hour shift workplaces, allowing workers to focus on their work while they are sitting in the chairs. The unique design elements of the chair, including slope backrests, foldable armrests with cushions, lumbar support, and puffy headrests, aid in preventing back pain and slumped posture.

Also, it prevents you from being fatigued exceptionally soon. The heavy-duty chairs are simple to adjust and have the ideal shape and weight capacity for supporting weighty persons.

3. Ergonomic Chair

The modern office chair, which has grown in popularity, includes the ergonomic chair. Because of its exceptional features and functionality, the ergonomic office chair is regarded as the most excellent office chair.

The advantages of all chairs are integrated into this style of chair. Additionally, it lessens the harmful health impacts of extended sitting by enhancing posture and enhancing sitting comfort. 

An ergonomic chair comes with countless features, including adjustable seat height, lumbar support, seat tilt, swivel, armrests, adjustable backrest, breathable mesh, and more.

4. Big And Tall Chairs

Big and tall office chairs are explicitly made for large and tall persons. Weight capacities of this chair range from 300 pounds to 1,000 pounds.

For more excellent performance, this type of chair is sturdily built with taller and broader backrests, thicker padding, higher seat height adjustment, heavy-duty frame, wider and deep seats, and wide armrests.

The chair ensures excellent comfort for prolonged sitting, preventing back pain.

5. Gaming Chair

The gaming chair is a fantastic alternative to the office chair, even though it is made with unique technology for professional gamers. These chairs are made with elegant and comfortable features to ensure a smooth and exciting gaming session.

To protect gamers from back and neck pain, gaming chairs include high backrests that firmly support the users’ heads, neck, and back. 

The armrests, lumbar support, backrest, and other features of the gaming chairs may all be adjusted to suit specific needs. Gaming chairs are the ultimate comfort for those who spend hours a day playing online games.

The majority of gaming chairs are constructed from PU leather, which is robust and more affordable than genuine leather. However, many people prefer fabric gaming chairs to leather ones since they feel softer.

6. Task Chair

A common form of the chair in offices is the task chair. The task chair may be preferred for small office tasks. The chair is less expensive than other kinds of office chairs, making it a better choice for general office workers.

These type of office chairs have a five-star wheelbase and some simple adjustments. These chairs are appropriate for three-quarter-hour office work. 

The most excellent alternative for small office space is task chairs, which also come in armless forms. With this chair, you can quickly move closer to your workspace because they fit underneath the desk. You can rest your arms on a desk because armless model chairs lack armrests.

7. Drafting Chair

A drafting chair is preferable for architects or those who work in laboratories with high desks. All the qualities of a typical office chair are included in the design of the drafting chair.

By enabling you to stand, sit, and unwind while working, the additional height of the chair increases productivity. 

The steel or plastic footrest of the chair can be adjusted to provide your feet with the best possible support. Pneumatic height control features on these chairs allow for height adjustment for usage with a conventional desk as well.

8. Mesh Chair

A mesh chair is preferable for people who sweat or find it uncomfortable to sit on a leather chair for an extended period. The mesh chair is constructed of soft, breathable fabric in the shape of a mesh.

The chair has an ergonomic design that includes lumbar support. The chair’s permeable material allows air to circulate freely, preventing perspiration. The lightweight nature of the mesh chair also makes it simple to move around the office.

9. Kneeling Chair

A unique kind of chair that can be utilized as an office chair is a kneeling chair. The knees and buttocks of these chairs’ unique design evenly distribute the body’s weight.

Back pain is often brought on by prolonged sitting in one position; however, a kneeling chair is beneficial in preventing back pain. 

The unique advantages of a kneeling chair include its ability to ease back discomfort by reducing lumbar lordosis. By nourishing the psoas and core muscles, the chair supports the back. Additionally, it lessens the risk of back pain and spinal compression.

10. Leather Chair

Leather chairs are a special kind of chair made with mesh, vinyl, and fabric, and they have a highly appealing appearance. Chairs made of leather cost more than those in other categories.

A leather chair has a distinct dignity; usually, personnel in higher ranks use this sort of chair. Genuine leather, bonded leather, and PU leather are all available for chairs.

The best chairs, in terms of comfort, longevity, and aesthetics, are made of genuine leather.

11. Saddle Chair 

The Saddle Chair is built a little higher than other standard chairs to accommodate a sitting position similar to riding while relaxing the muscles by bending the thighs at a 135-degree angle.

It is preferable to use this kind of chair with a desk. There are two varieties of saddle chairs: solid and split. 

These chairs have a tilt mechanism and an adjustable height feature. If you spend most of your workday at a desk at the office, you may prefer a saddle chair to preserve the natural curve of your spine and build your muscles. A forward-leaning saddle chair is helpful in preventing back discomfort and musculoskeletal issues.


Sitting comfort, lumbar support, back support, and height adjustment features are must-haves in any type of office chair. Among all types of chairs for office, ergonomic chairs are considered the best alternative to office chairs due to their high-end features and better body support, and they tend to be expensive. All the chairs mentioned above have all the essential elements which are required for a chair to get office chair status.

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