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3 Best Secretlab Armrest Replacements [Updated 2023]

In some cases, the armrests of your Secretlab chair may need to be replaced. Suppose you need to adjust the width of your armrests, or you need armrests that support extra height, in which case it may be necessary to replace the armrests of your chair. 

To replace your Secretlab armrests, you need armrests replacements that are specially designed for Secretlab chairs, but you don’t need to worry about the right and high-quality armrests. This article will introduce you to the best Secretlab armrest replacements and also tell you why you should invest in those specific armrests.

3 Best Armrest Replacement [Gaming Chair Armrest Replacement]

1. ZIRAKI Memory Foam Office Chair Armrest

This is an outstanding foam office chair armrest whose elbow cushion is made of standard quality material, which ensures long-lasting durability. This armrest elevates the arms, provides proper arm cushion rest, and relieves elbow pain.

The armrest elbow cushion fits over a wide variety of chair arms. Sliding on the arms of the chairs is quite easy. You can easily remove and wash the Ziraki memory foam armrest when needed. 

ZIRAKI Memory Foam Chair Armrest Pad, Comfy Office Chair Arm Rest Cover for Elbows and Forearms Pressure Relief (Set of 2) Rest Your arm on a Foam Cushion Pillow at Your Office Desk or Home
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2. M.ONE Office Chair Armrest Replacement

This complete armrest replacement for office chairs comes with soft and standard quality armrest pads. It is specially designed with armrest mounting holes to fit all styles of office chair arms. The armrest looks amazing. You will feel very comfortable while resting your arms in them.

3. KETOFA Office Chair Armrest Replacement

This is another high-quality armrest replacement manufactured with the standard PU material. The Ketofa armrest is tough enough that it won’t tear easily.

The armrest gives you comfortable support for your arms as well as elbows. Moreover, this armrest fits perfectly with the office chair arms and looks like the original armrest.

3 Best Armrests That Can Be Used As Secretlab Armrest Replacements And Why?

1. Cloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Armrest

This is a premium chair armrest with a 1.5-inch super soft memory foam pad cushion to provide superior comfort while reducing the pressure between your arm and elbow. This superior armrest can be fitted on any chair arm. 

A significant feature of this memory foam armrest is its snug armrest pad cover which prevents sweat. Furthermore, the armrest is designed with a 100% memory foam and velvety polyester finish, ensuring its comfort and style. The cloudy premium armrest can be used as a Secret lab armrest replacement.

2. Secretlab PlushCell Memory Foam Armrest Top

This high-density Secretlab Plushcell Memory Foam armrest comes in three color options – black, silver, and pink. The armrest is designed uniquely, which makes it very comfortable to keep your arms while working or playing on the computer. This armrest gives a pillow-like feel to your wrists and elbows while reducing pressure. 

Moreover, the chair is made of incredibly comfortable material and has a stylish appearance for great performance. It magnetically attaches for exact alignment with the top of your gaming chair armrests. Only Secretlab Titan Evo 2023 chairs are compatible with this unique armrest.

3. Secretlab Technogel Premium Armrest Top

The exceptional construction of this armrest is perfect for weight distribution and ergonomic support, providing great comfort to your wrists as well as elbows while sitting in the chair.

These PU-coated foam armrests are cool to the touch and support dissipating heat for improved thermoregulation. Secretlab premium armrest is a better option for gaming and office chairs.

How to Replace an Armrest?

Step 1: 

First, place your chair on a firm surface or floor so that it rests on its back.

Step 2: 

Next, unlock the arm width adjustment lever of the chair, which enables the arms to move from side to side.

Step 3:

Find the hex key under your ergonomic seat, and eliminate it. Turn the bolt counterclockwise with the hex key to release it. Using this method, you can then slip the arm out of the width plate.

Step 4:

Check the type of your width plate. It’s acceptable if you have WNF width plates. But, if you already have a W2 width plate and are switching to tCentric armrests, you must replace it with a WNF width plate.

Step 5:

A bolt should be included with your new armrest. Place the armrest in a brand-new width plate. You can use a hex key to turn the bolt counterclockwise until the armrest can slide into your width plate if the bolt prevents it from doing so. In contrast, if the bolt is not available in your new armrest, place it there. 

Step 6:

With the help of a hex key, turn the bolt counterclockwise while your armrest is in the width plate. The bolt will be further pulled away from the armrest as a result.

Step 7:

Your new armrest has been attached. Don’t forget to close the width adjustment lever; otherwise, your arms will slide over the armrests.

We have a dedicated article on assembling a gaming chair. If you need any help you can check it out.


When you purchase a Secretlab armrest replacement, make sure the size of the product fits perfectly with your chair arm. The material of the armrest is also of great importance, as it ensures the comfort of your arm and elbow. PU leather foam armrest is highly recommended for its great comfort and durability.

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