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Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review: Ideal Chair for the Best Gaming Experiences [2023]

If you’re a pro gamer or a casual gamer, it’s quite obvious that you’ll be needing a good comfortable gaming chair. This is so because when you’re playing, you want to have a comfortable position so that you can completely indulge in the game. 

Well, when it comes to the best gaming chairs, one of the brands and the model that always pops in our mind is the Respawn 110 gaming chair. It is a well-known brand which offers some of the best features. Respawn-110 gaming chair provides their users with the best gaming experience. 

So, in case you are wondering what exactly this chair has to offer you, then you need to get a true review of Respawn 110 gaming chair . This will help you to understand the factors that you can get from it and those factors as well, which you cannot.

In the following article, you will find an in-depth analysis of the Respawn-110 racing style gaming chair review. Also, we will outline the reasons why it is very beneficial and preferred by many people. 

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review

Respawn gaming chair 110 is a chair that one should always consider when thinking of buying a new gaming chair. This gaming chair does not only have good features but also looks aesthetic and designer. 

Buying this chair will be a great deal as it offers an excellent value for its price. Given below is a detailed description of the various attributes of the gaming chair that makes it stand out from the rest of them. 

1. Looks and Design

Sometimes we are too focused on the other features that we completely avoid the design of the gaming chair. Whether you are using the gaming chair at home for gaming or for office work, it should look professional. 

For better looks, this gaming chair uses PU leather. This is an imitation of real leather. PU leather gives the chair a modern look. Also, this enables the chair to be available in various colours. It has an eye-catching ergonomic design. With all these details in the design, the gaming chair still manages to provide comfort. 

Even the wheelbase is designed in a way to match with the rest of the design. The armrest has a unique design with downward moving curves. These all features together make the Respawn racing style gaming chair looks better than the usual chairs. 

2. Ease and Comfort

Ease and comfort delivered by a gaming chair is the most important feature to check before purchasing. It is so because comfort is the reason one decides to buy a gaming chair in the first place. A gaming chair which does not offer you a comfortable experience is a waste of money. A gaming chair should be able to provide solid support to the body so that one can sit for hours on end without any issues. 

Luckily, this gaming chair is the one which is packed with features which will provide you the ultimate comfort and relaxation while gaming or working. This gaming chair features padding throughout to ensure a proper support. Apart from that, there are additional lumbar and headrest cushions for maintaining proper posture. 

The chair has a reclining angle from 90 to 155 degrees. This gives the user to lock the angle of the backrest according to the need of the user. Moreover, two openings in the backrest helps in circulation of air and less perspiration. 

3. Reliability and Capacity

It is important for a good gaming chair to be reliable. The dependability of any gaming chair can only be good if the material used in its production is of top quality. Although, the holding capacity of the chair is also a factor which determines its reliability. If one weighing over 250 pounds uses a gaming chair of 250 pounds holding capacity, then it is obvious that the chair will last less. 

Respawn 110 chair has a sturdy build. Not to forget the steel frame which increases the longevity chair. The high-density foam covers the steel frame for protection. Due to such functions, this gaming chair is considered durable and can also hold the weight upto 275 pounds. Be sure to check that the weight capacity of this chair is compatible according to your weight.

4. Assembly 

Similar to the other gaming chairs available in the market, this one also is easy to assemble. You can assemble this chair under 20 minutes when following the instructions properly. An assembly guide is included with the product which contains steps to assemble. However, if you find it difficult to follow the guide, you are always free to take the help of assembling videos available online. 

5. Cost 

Cost is something that we check first before buying any product. It is important to ensure that whatever you may be buying is not overpriced. Speaking of gaming chairs, a hundred and fifty dollars might look like a big amount for it. However, when we look at the features, the amount seems to be quite fair. 

Respawn RSP-110 gaming chair delivers the best-in-class comfort and gaming experience. The various attributes of the chair lets you give your best performance whether in work or gaming. All in all, we can say that it is worth your money.

A Glimpse At The Features and Specifications

  • Faux Leather Material
  • Weighs 51.81 pounds
  • Race Car style seat
  • Comes with 4D adjustability
  • Segmented padding on the backrest
  • Footrest for comfort
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Headrest is adjustable
  • Armrests are padded
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Include reclining function
  • Can easily hold 275 lb of weight
  • Reclining has an infinite angle lock
  • Lifetime warranty

Perks of Respawn 110 Gaming Chair 

The features of the Respawn 110 racing style reclining gaming chair with footrest provides its user with many perks. First and the foremost is comfort. As mentioned before, it has several functions like lumbar and headrest pillows, and proper padding etc. ensure that there the comfort is never compromised. 

There are also adjustable features. You can increase or decrease the height of the backrest depending upon your requirements. The armrest can also be customized by the user. The footrest, a feature many gaming chairs lack, is provided. This too can be adjusted as per the ease of the customer. 

Respawn chair is built from top-notch materials. It is manufactured in a way to be firm and last longing. The design of this chair is also unique. The wheelbase has five casters that are smooth and provide easy movement from one place to another.

All these functions make this chair very advantageous. Available at an appropriate price, this chair is one of the best gaming chairs available in the market.  

Respawn 110 Review [Buyer’s Guide]

Now you know about the various properties of the Respawn RSP 110 gaming chair. The buying guide contains the factors that are compulsory to consider when buying a gaming chair. Given below are some of such factors. 

1. Comfort

This is the most crucial factor. Read the features of the gaming chair carefully to check whether it has the features to provide comfort or not. Also, going through the Respawn chair review will also shed a light on the comfort provided by the chair. A comfortable gaming chair will include features like solid back support, additional pillows, high-density foam etc. 

2. Adjustable features

Adjustable features enable the users to change the few specifications of the chair to their needs. Ensure that the gaming chair you purchase has features like adjustable armrest and height. Some gaming chairs may even have adjustable footrests. 

3. Reclining and Tilt

Reclining is another important factor to check in a gaming chair. With this feature you can bend the backrest. different gaming chairs have different reclining angles. Ensure that reclining in the chair you select suits your needs. 

4. Compatibility

Every gaming chair has some holding capacity. It is the maximum weight that the gaming chair can hold. Always check that the chair you choose has the weight or holding capacity more or equal to your weight. 

5. Price

There are hundreds of gaming chairs available in the market. It is possible that some of them may be overpriced. Hence, it is necessary that you do sufficient research before you come to a  decision of buying one of them. 

First, ensure that you have a clear idea about the features of the gaming chair that you require. Always compare different brands offering the same set of features at different prices. This allows the buyer to find the best price for the features they need. 

Key Respawn Gaming Chair Instructions you must keep in mind

Respawn Gaming Chair has multiple instructions and manuals which are generally good to use. Here are some key instructions which you can keep in mind for Key Respawn Gaming Chair Instructions.

1. To start with this, you will have to lift the ever which will help you to adjust the angle of the back. As a result of this, you can now lower the lever to the back angle which will provide a great result.

2. If you wish to make adjustments to the seat height, you will have to find the lever that helps you in making the adjustments. Simply lift the lever which will help you to lock the height. Once done, release the lever and it sit on the particular place.

3. When it comes to the footrest, managing the height is an important aspect. You can pull the footrest out by placing your hand. Simply place it at the middle position which will provide a decent result. Turn the soft padding in the upwards direction which will give you a good result.

Respawn 110 vs 110 Pro – Which one should you buy?

Both Respawn 110 and 110 Pro are amazing choice of gaming chairs. Both of them have a lot of similarities in them. However, there are some differences as well. You can consider them below.

1. Price

The price of both these gaming chairs is quite similar. However, there is still a difference of $30 in total where the Respawn 110 will cost you around $200 and the 110 Pro will cost you around $230.

2. Design & Colors

When it comes to the 110 Pro, it comes with a thicker padding and has a great appeal. The overall design and structure of the gaming chair is slightly better than the regular 110 chair.

3. Build Quality

Another point of different is the build quality of the product. Both of these models retain a similar structure. However, the 110 Pro model comes with a steel frame along with PVC leather and high-density foam. This is an added advantage against the regular 110 chair.

Key Respawn gaming chair assembly Tip

Assembling the gaming chair by yourself is an important aspect while you are using the Respawn gaming chair.

While preparing for the assembly, you will have to work on this following the instructions properly. To start with this, you will have to make sure that all bolts as well as screws are completely tightened before you are going to use the chair.

If you find rust forming on certain parts of the screws and bolts, you will have to start by lubricating all the moving parts. You can repeat this process every 6 months when needed. Make sure that you also have every moving part along with you which will help you to get the right assembly procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Why do we need gaming chairs?

A1. It is not uncommon now to see people in front of their desktops for hours whether they are working or gaming. Sitting for such a long time can take a toll on your health. Without proper posture while sitting you may end with various back and neck issues. This is going to have a bad effect on your performance. 

Bad posture also has effects on your overall health. A normal office chair does not provide a sturdy support to your body. Hence, increasing the tension in the muscles. This can result in back pain. All these points are evident that a gaming chair is essential.

Q2. Does a gaming chair help in maintaining correct posture?

A2. Gaming chairs have features to provide sturdy support to the whole body while sitting. This reduces the strain in the muscles. There are lumbar and headrest pillows for supporting the head. Also, with the use of reclining features, one can adjust the angle of the backrest to adjust to the most comfortable position for them. 

There is no “one size fits all” concept in gaming chairs. Hence, adjustable features are essential. The adjustable features like height and armrest enables the user to change them according to their needs. These all features come together to maintain the posture of the user while sitting in a gaming chair

Q3. What features to look in a good gaming chair?

A3. A gaming chair may come with a bunch of features. However, some features are more of a necessity than a choice. Lumbar cushion is one of such features. These play a major role in providing a comfortable experience to the user. 

The padding is also very vital. Make sure that the padding is of high-density. A good gaming chair ought to have adjustable features. This enables the user to customize the char as per their demands. Adjustable features include armrest, height and footrest. 

Also, always check the weight capacity of the chair. Ensure that the weight holding capacity of the chair is either equal or more than your weight. Otherwise the gaming chair is not going to last. 

Q4. What is meant by reclining angle?

A4. You must have come across the term reclining very often in the description of gaming chairs. This feature is actually of high significance. The reclining capacity of a gaming chair means what is the range of angle up to which the backrest can bend. In the case of Respawn 110, it is from 90 to 155 degrees. 

It is regarded as important because this lets you adjust the backrest as per your need. While doing some work, you can keep it at 90 degrees. For a more comfortable position, you can bend it as per your need. While relaxing, you can bend it up to 155 degrees. This enables the users to lay straight when resting.

Q5. What are the Best Gaming Chair Under 300$?

A5. You may find a lot of good gaming chairs when you have set a budget of $300. However, having the right features along with these chairs are equally important. Here are a few chairs which you can opt for.
1.     Razer Enki essentials gaming chair
2.     RESPAWN 110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
3.     NOKAXUS Gaming Chair Large Size High-back Ergonomic Racing Seat
4.     Dowinx Gaming Chair Office Chair PC Chair
5.     NOKAXUS Gaming Chair Large Size High-back Ergonomic Racing Seat

Q6. Respawn 200 Vs 205 – Which one should you buy?

A6. The Respawn 200 and 205 are almost identical when it comes to the features and functionalities. However, they have slight differences recorded which will motivate you to choose one of them.

a. Appearance & Weight
The overall structure and the appearance is quite similar. However, you may still find some differences here. Respawn 200 is 1 inch deep and it is also 1 inch deep than the other chair. The Respawn 200 is also 3-inch taller than the Respawn 205.
When it comes to the weight of the Respawn 200, it is roughly around 47 pounds in weight. At the same time, the Respawn 205 is much lighter in weight. It comes with an overall weight of 26 pounds.

b. Lumbar Support
The Respawn 200 and Respawn 20 offer similar features when it comes to the performance and also gives you with the best results. The Respawn 205 comes with slightly better support which makes it an efficient purchase.


Now that you have reached the end of the article, you must have an idea about the features and functions offered by Respawn 110 pro racing style gaming chair.  It is an ideal gaming chair for everyone. With the complete balance between durability and comfort. However, it has its flaws just like anything else. These flaws are insignificant. 

We hope that you find this article was helpful. It must be remembered that we are only here to recommend. The gaming chair you should buy depends on your requirements and budget. The positive response of other users to this chair indicates that one should consider this product.

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