What Does The Knob Under My Chair Do? [5 Awesome Office Chair Adjustments Explained]

What Does The Knob Under My Chair Do

Every mechanical chair comes with multiple features. Some of them come with technical adjustment options while some come with adjustable comfort. However, all of them have one thing in common- a knob under the chair. In case of expensive chairs, the number of knobs present may rapidly increase because of fantastic features. If you are …

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How To Clean A Cloth Office Chair? [5 Easy Steps to Your Dirty Office Chair Cleaning]

How To Clean A Cloth Office Chair

A clean and hygienic environment has become a trademark for 2023. Sanitisation’s and proper cleaning of your work space allows you to feel safe and comfortable. It creates a fresh ambience for you to work and to perform better. Just like your office floor should be kept clean, the office chair fabric should also remain …

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