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Office Chair VS Gaming Chair: Which One is Best for You? [Extensive Comparison 2023]

Are you having serious back pain after sitting for 10 hours while gaming or working? Having an ergonomic chair in your room or cabin could turn out to be a great thing to use. Gaming chairs and Office chairs are designed for your comfort.

However, there are key differences between them as well. If you doubt placing one of them in your room, this guide on office chair Vs gaming chair is just for you. Choosing between an office chair and a gaming chair is a difficult quest in hand. There are several parameters and comparisons that you need to go through. You can have a look at them below.

Similarities of Office Chair and Gaming Chair

1. Height

Ergonomic chairs ought to be adjustable to the tallness of the person utilizing them. They should offer a comfortable ottoman on the floor while the proprietor sits on them. A few chairs allow the client to hang his legs, leaving an uncomfortable and sore inclination at the day’s end. The client will feel pains in the back, neck, and legs because there’s no space for extending and doing practices on the seat during minute breaks.

This is because the chair is either too high or the client is concise. For a comfortable, relaxing, and satisfying sitting stance, ergonomic chairs should be adjusted with your feet fixed immovably on the floor and your knee cap at level with the seat’s tallness.

2. Armrest

Ergonomic office chairs ought to have arms to offer the correct help for the hands and shoulders. Office workers continually utilize the PC while working in their work area. Therefore the need to lay the hands on the arms of the chair is essential. This is to loan support to the muscles inclined to muscle twinges and strains when presented to standard and dreary office work.

Purchase ergonomic chairs with adjustable arms that can be easily flexed according to the client’s need. This will forestall pressure and hand wounds, for example, carpal passage disorder that will create with constant utilization of the hands without resting.

3. Headrest

Ergonomic chairs ought to also have a proper headrest to support the head and neck. This is vital for workers who are always on the telephone and answering machines. This is also essential for those on breaks who don’t want to get up from their chairs during breaks and might want to doze off for some time.

Nonetheless, there is a drawback with these sorts of chairs since they are massive and won’t be fitted in a small workspace. 

4. Back support

Ergonomic chairs ought to also offer the appropriate back help to avoid back strain. The back is the one that is regularly presented with body pain. These chairs ought to allow office representatives to hold up their back and the backbone effectively aligned with the body.

This is legitimately done when the chair delicately encompasses and wraps the back part while seated. Therefore, consider taking a gander at the chair’s size first before finally choosing to get one.

5. Seat Depth

Besides, you should also take into consideration the seat width and the profundity. Also, the curvature of the seat should be taken into consideration to forestall lower back pain. The standard seat width is 17-20 inches that ought to be suitable for almost all people.

Your office chair should also have inward lower lumbar support that will stand firm on your spine in a comfortable situation and keep it from the strain resulting from long hours at the office.

6. Material

Always search for those office chairs that are made up of breathable fabric. As the name recommends, the fabric ought to allow adequate air to pass through as this will keep you from getting heated up and experience uneasiness when you sit for long hours on the chair. Always search for turn-based office chairs. Turn base allows you to reach out to your office work areas at ease.

7. Back Rest

The standards propose that the backrest ought to be 12 to 19 inches wide. If the backrest is separated, structure the seat, then it ought to be adjustable. As referenced earlier, it should support the lumbar district not to get applied.

A few chairs have the backrest and the seat as one normal piece. In such situations, the backrest ought to be adjustable in forwarding and backward positions. It should accompany a locking system, so once the client had adjusted a comfortable position, the backrest ought not to go past that.

Office Chair VS Gaming Chair [Key Differences]

Below is the list of the key difference between gaming chair and office chair. You can look at them and then decide which one to go for according to your requirements and comfort.

Office Chairs VS Gaming Chairs: Design and Aesthetics

Office Chair

Any office chair that you see around comes with a discrete design. It is basically created so that the chair will blend in well with the ambience all around you.

Apart from this, a good computer chair might also come along with a few basic controls like the height adjustment and armrest adjustment. But most of the models do feature a mesh back to get the best results.

Gaming Chair

Coming over to the gaming chair, they are designed to stand out. They are more ergonomic in design that helps the device to get an amazing comfort for you to get. Coming over to structure, the gaming chairs are slightly bigger in size and also heavier in nature.

Most of them do feature a bold style that will stand out in any environment. You can expect a gaming chair to be made from a racing car seat design.

Winner: Gaming Chair

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Office Chair VS Gaming Chair: Comfort

Office Chair

When it comes over to the office chair, they are highly comfortable in nature. Most of the office chairs are simple and also easy to use. In fact, they are designed for a short period of sitting requirements as well.

The best part of having the most comfortable computer chair is that they have complete mesh back support. As a result, you can get complete ventilation support and better comfort.

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are also comfortable to sit on. However, they might not be as compatible as an office chair. Usually, gaming chairs come with complete leather back or a different structure. There is no ventilation, and it might be a bit uncomfortable to sit for long hours. Moreover, the gaming chairs make a habit of unusual sitting positions, which may result in a bit of neck pain.

Winner: Office Chair

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Gaming VS Office Chair: Ergonomics

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are quite handy in such situations. It is simply because they have complete support from your head to the backrest and also armrests. Some ergonomic gaming chairs even have a leg rest for you to keep. Most comfortable gaming chairs have adjustable armrests and backrests, which define ergonomics and make it an improved product to purchase. You can also get a recliner option for some gaming chairs.

Office Chair

Ergonomics is defined by movement and also adaptability to the environment. Office chairs do come along with both backrests as well as armrests. So they are quite decent and ergonomic in nature as well. While sitting, you can easily angle the backrest or even change the position of the armrests. You can easily use these features for working long hours.

Winner: Gaming Chair

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Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs: Pros and Cons

Gaming Chair


  • Adjustable headrest
  • Lumbar support
  • 3D armrests


  • Price is high

Office Chair


  • Quality mesh back
  • Easy to move
  • Light in weight


  • No speakers included

Gaming Chair VS Office Chair: Customer Review

Gaming Chair:

“High-quality and comfortable.”

One of the consumers purchased the AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair from Amazon and seemed fairly satisfied. He claimed to have pets in the home, yet there was no scratch on the seat even after using it regularly. The material built on this product is amazing, and it is also great to use.

For more articles on gaming chairs you can have a look here. We have a few articles on some of the best gaming chairs.

Office Chair:

“Mesh is the best!”

One of the consumers from Amazon purchased the KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair. He found out that this device comes with amazing mesh support that stays tight and gives proper posture. Right ventilation was important and also the key to keep fresh for a long time.

The Importance Of Ergonomics In Office Chairs

The ergonomic office chair is amongst the most crucial household items a home office can boast of. There is a broad assortment of chairs to choose from, depending upon the task for which they may be utilized. There are more than a couple of PC chairs just to be seated on and to make your visitors and clients relaxed.

An incredible inverse is a piece of various office furniture proposed to sustain the client alert and attentive even as carrying out work. An incredibly crucial issue to think about while picking chairs is to get chairs just after you try out to realize if it is suitable for you, initially.

This infers you should give sitting a shot the chief chairs you are resolved to acquire. In this fashion, you affirm that you are at ease sitting in that chair and suitable for you.

Here are a few more posts on office chairs that we have covered. They will help you in knowing a lot of stuff that might be interested in.

Best Features to Look For While Buying A Chair

There are several who secure chairs essentially by seeing it to perceive in a while that the chair isn’t suitable for them. Purchase office chairs that are not just aesthetic in looks, yet notably, purchase comfortable chairs that are, in fact, comfortable to plunk down regardless of your rationale in securing that chair.

Also, you ought to contemplate the structure factor of the individuals who will utilize these office chairs. There are several who acquire office chairs for their office staff to perceive not long after that. The chair is petite for a substantial, heavy office worker. Confirm you get PC chairs that are suitable for all workers.

1. Lower Back Support

A further issue to consider as you purchase office furniture is their ability to offer help to the lower back of the individual who might sit on it. There are many ergonomic office chairs to give the highest comfort and security to the client.

Then again, affirm that your office chairs are not relaxing to make the individual sitting on them feel sluggish; otherwise, you conceivably will notice your staff tired all through office hours, which you probably won’t care for.

2. Check the Stocks

If you might want to secure office chairs for your office and you have a gigantic staff, it is ideal for reaching out to a corporation or merchants, whether an online office furniture store or a nearby material office furniture store, who can offer office chairs at reasonable costs.

Apart from the decrease in costs, you can also settle on the fabric you are excited about, and you can have these made as per your requirements. Also, guarantee the retailer offers a product guarantee and cash back guarantee if the product is discovered as poor in quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why choose an Ergonomic Chair?

A1. An Office chair, unnecessary to specify the chair where you sit for the entire day long, requirements to have all those features that can give you solace and make you believe at ease. You need to understand that the office chair you select for yourself needs to have features that can mitigate all the physical strain you are experiencing. Basically, your office chair ought to be your usual range of familiarity.

Q2. Does Mesh back really help?

A2. You should feel relaxed whenever you sit on it. It should be perceived here that your spine should be given the most extreme importance when you select an office chair. Our spine is bent inward, and we sit for a longer duration that inward bends gradually starts to flatten. This can then gradually bring down back pain. In this manner, picking the correct office chair is vital.

Q3. What are must-have features in all productive chairs?

A3. The chairs that you decide for your office reason ought to have armrests planned in a manner that you can easily rest your arms parallel to the floor; this can keep your wrists and elbows from extreme pressing factors. With chairs so planned, your forearm can also rest while you are composing. When considering all these aspects when picking an office chair, it will guarantee that your time in the office will be more productive and comfortable.

Q4. What is the Best chair for home office under 100$?

A4. Having a limited budget office chair is not very difficult to find. However, if you want to install it for your home, you must keep in mind about several parameters like comfort. You musts keep an eye on every aspect while you are trying to look for an office chair. Here is some of the best chair for home office under 100$.
·      Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft Padded Mid-Back Desk Chair
·      Ergonomic Swivel Office Chair with Mesh
·      OSP Home Furnishings Milo Office Chair
·      High Back Home Office Desk Chair
·      Wrought Studio Warminster Task Chair

Q5. Are office chairs under 300$ most comfortable and good to use?

A5. Comfort is a big aspect when it comes to sitting on office chairs for long. Without a proper ergonomic support, you may receive tremendous itching, pain in the back and also a lot of discomfort in your lower bottom part. Sitting for long hours in a comfortable office chair is an important aspect. Here are some of the most comfortable office chairs under 300$.
·      Ticova Ergonomic Chair
·      Oline ErgoPro
·      IKEA Markus
·      Clatina Mellet
·      Branch Task Chair

Q6. Is there a Gaming chair with footrest and cup holder?

A6. When it comes to a gaming chair, having a good foot rest is another important aspect. If you are playing a game, making major movements might not be an option. This is why having both footrest and cup holder is a bigger requirement for most of the gamers. Here are some options for footrest gaming chairs with cup holder.
·      POWERSTONE Gaming Recliner Massage Gaming Chair
·      Homall Reclining Gaming Chair
·      Furniwell Gaming Recliner Chair
·      GTPLAYER Gaming Recliner Chair
· Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

Q7. What is the best Gaming chair with steering wheel and pedals for XBox One?

A7. Playing on your XBox is definitely a great opportunity for most of the gamers. Playing on your Gaming chair with a full console setup is very important for every gamer. This is why, having a game chair for Xbox One with steering wheel and pedals will give you utmost comfort and gaming experience.
· GTR Simulator – GTA Model with Real Racing Seat
· Racing Seat Gaming Chair Simulator Cockpit
· GTR Simulator Gaming Chair Simulator Cockpit
· Next Level Racing GT Lite Racing Cockpit
· OpenWheeler GEN3 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit

Q8. Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

A8. Office chairs do provide a lumbar support which comes with much help when you want to get more working hours. However, this will depend on the support and also the ergonomics of the chair.
In any circumstances, having a gaming chair is better than office chairs. This is because they have better ergonomics and support.

Q9. Do gaming chairs help posture?

A9. Gaming chairs do help you to retain the posture. Most of these chairs do come with a high backs support. As a result of this, they allow you to get ergonomic pads from the lower back to your neck position. Because of this you will be able to retain posture.

Q10. Why are office chairs so expensive?

A10. Office chairs are generally used for commercial purposes. However, the price of this could depend on a number of factors which will include the comfort, ergonomics and also get you are great to use. Most office chairs do come with a hefty price tag because of their ergonomics and support.

Final Verdict

The choice between a gaming chair and a simple office chair is always a difficult one. It is because both of them are helpful, but they both serve different purposes. It would be right to say that a gaming chair will give you the comfort of gaming.

Some of them come with built-in speakers that help you get a better experience while playing games. This is why having comfortable chairs for gaming could give you a slight advantage over others. Obviously, the price is higher as well. On the other hand, if you want a chair to feel comfortable while working, you can go for office chairs.

So, this was all from our end on office chair VS gaming chair. Let us know which one you chose for yourself in the comments below.

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