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Killabee Gaming Chair Review | 3 Best Models [2023]

Sitting in front of our desktops for long hours is a common habit these days. Whether we are gaming or doing some office work. But did you ever wonder what effect it can have on our health? Bad posture while sitting can result in muscle strain, fatigue and back issues. 

Due to this reason, it becomes essential to have a good gaming chair. There are a lot of great gaming chair brands in the market. Killabee is one of them. Killabee offers a wide range of best-in-class gaming chairs to provide you with the best gaming experience. 

In this article, we are going to discuss Killabee gaming chair review. You will find a detailed description of their features, advantages and drawbacks. These are the gaming chairs that one should consider while looking for a comfortable gaming chair.

Top 3 Killabee Gaming Chair Review

1. Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chair – Computer Gaming Chair


It is obvious that no matter how good the chair looks, comfort is still the most essential property of a gaming chair. The gaming chair is quite efficient in providing ease and comfort to its user. The backrest is high to support the entire back of the person. Thick and soft padding throughout.

Connect the lumbar cushion to a power supply through USB for massage. Moreover, it has an adjustable footrest. These features altogether keep the spine aligned and decrease muscle tension for a relaxing gaming experience. It can recline up to 175 degrees to rest if you are taking a break from work.


This Killabee gaming chair is made from high-quality materials. The frame is made from sturdy metal. The base is made using premium nylon. The wheelbase is firm with smoothly moving casters. The gas lift used is best-in-class and explosion-proof. 

Keeping in mind these features. We can conclude that this gaming chair is pretty dependable. If well taken care of, this chair is going to last for years. It can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds.

Design and looks

This Killabee chair looks simple and modern. It comes in 3 colour combinations of red and black, blue and black and grey and black. No matter where you put it, it will make the area look more elegant. Consequently, we can say that this chair is the perfect balance of both style and comfort.


The assembly of this Killa bee chair is simple. However, the pictures in the manual may be difficult to comprehend. If that is the case with you, you can take help of assembly videos online. On average, it would take you 15 to 20 minutes.


The price of this gaming chair seems to be appropriate. There are plenty of features in it. Also, it is reliable. Hence, you would not regret investing the amount of money it is available in.


  • Electric massager lumbar cushion.
  • Adjustable height and footrest.
  • Sold at a feasible price.
  • Well-built design.


  • The armrest is not adjustable.
  • The footrest is a bit fragile.
KILLABEE High Back PU Leather PC Racing Computer Desk Office Swivel Recliner with Retractable Footrest and Adjustable Lumbar Support, Red/Black
  • ★ 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL gaming chair】 - sized at 27. 6” wide x 27. 1” deep x 48. 4” – 51....
  • ★ 【luxurious comfort with massage lumbar Cushion】 - Boasting a thick soft Seat cushion -...

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2. Killabee Racing Executive Office and Gaming chair


Using this gaming chair will provide you with a stress-free and relaxing experience. There are numerous features which include a reclining angle up to 155 degrees. The high-density foam which shapes itself as per the user to maximize comfort. 

This chair includes a retractable footrest to use when you are resting. The lumbar cushion also works as an electric massager. Connect it to a power supply and alleviate your fatigue efficiently. This gaming chair will help you maintain a sound posture while sitting.


The durability of the gaming chair is just as good as its comfort. The quality of materials used is top-notch. A steel frame is used to ensure that the chair can last long. The gas lift is of standard quality and explosion-proof. 

The seating material used is PU leather. It is water-resistant and easy to clean. PU leather has an elongated life. Even after long times of use, it looks premium and does not fade. Owing to such features, it has the capacity to support a weight of 350 pounds. 

Design and looks

The design of this chair is elegant and aesthetic. It is versatile and can be placed anywhere whether office or home. All in all, this Killabee gaming chair is both durable and stylish.


You will find this chair extremely easy to assemble. The manual provided with the gaming chair contains clear instructions on how to assemble the chair. The assembly is easy but a bit time taking. If you are assembling it by yourself, it might take you around thirty minutes. 


The price of this gaming chair might seem a bit high. However, when we look at the features it has to offer, the cost seems reasonable. It is an appropriate price to pay for relaxing and pain-free gaming and working experience.


  • Offers great value for money.
  • Adjustable height and reclining capacity up to 155 degrees`
  • Can hold weight up to 350 pounds.
  • Electric lumbar cushion massager.


  • The footrest is not durable.
  • Assembly requires more time.
KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair Metal Base - Adjustable Massage Lumbar Cushion, Retractable Footrest High Back Ergonomic Leather Racing Computer Desk Executive Office Chair
  • ★ 【MULTIFUNCTION】 - innovative implant USB electric massager makes the lumbar cushion...
  • ★ 【PLUSH COMFORT】 - Memory foam padding on top of the existing seat cushion and premium PU...

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3. Killabee Massage Gaming Chair and Office chair


This Killabee gaming chair has a ton of features to maximize the comfort that it provides. The armrest is thick and soft so that your arm can be in a comfortable position. The foam is high-density which provides a soft feeling. The backrest bends up to 175 degrees if you want to take a nap. 

The backrest is tall enough to support your entire body. The lumbar pillow is USB powered to use it as a massager. Moreover, the height of the chair is changeable. This helps the user adjust it as per their demand. The casters are designed in a way to provide smooth and frictionless movement. The footrest is also thickly padded to keep the feet in a comfortable position. 


You can surely expect this chair with you for many years. This Killabee chair is manufactured with products that make it very durable.  The chair uses an integrated metal frame. Also, the gas spring is of premium quality. It is dependable and explosion-proof. 

The seat is made from PU leather. It is an imitation of real leather. Faux leather looks just as luxurious as authentic leather except it is less expensive. It also has a holding capacity of 250 pounds. All these features are proof that this gaming chair is quite comfortable and dependable.

Design and looks

This Killabee gaming chair is sold in three different colour combinations. These are red-black, grey-black and blue-black. The chair looks professional. Hence, you can use this chair in your office as well as your house. 

Concludingly, it is a gaming chair that will provide you comfort, reliability and a good design. People who have used this chair will surely advise you to buy this chair.


The assembling of this gaming chair is simplest compared to the other two chairs. It will hardly take you 15 minutes to assemble. The manual provides clear instructions to put the chair together. 


According to the features and functions that this chair offers, the price seems apt. Almost every buyer claims that this chair has the best features at a great price. Consequently, we can say that this chair is worth its price.


  • Best features at an appropriate price.
  • PU leather looks prime and feels soft.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Quite easy to put together.


  • The armrest cannot be adjusted.
  • The footrest is insubstantial.
KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High Back PU Leather PC Racing Computer Desk Office Swivel Recliner with Retractable Footrest and Adjustable Lumbar Support, Gray/Black
  • ★ 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL gaming chair】 - sized at 27. 6” wide x 27. 1” deep x 48. 4” – 51....
  • ★ 【luxurious comfort with massage lumbar Cushion】 - Boasting a thick soft Seat cushion -...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the benefits of having adjustable features?

A1. Adjustable features allow the user to change the features as per their requirements. Adjustable features include height, armrest, reclining and footrest. With adjustable height, you can change its height as per your desktop. 
An adjustable armrest lets you change the armrest to find the most comfortable position for your arm. The footrest is useful when you are napping or resting. Reclining angle is usually from 90 to 155 degrees. It can increase up to 175 degrees. 
Other adjustable features may include head and lumbar cushions. These features will help the user customize the gaming chair to deliver maximum comfort. 

Q2. What is better, Faux leather or fabric?

A2. Both, faux leather and fabric, have their perks and drawbacks. Faux leather is better if you live in a cold and dry place. This is because faux leather is not a very breathable material. Hence, you will find it comfortable if you sweat a lot. PU leather looks luxurious and comes in various colours. Also, it is long-lasting and does not fade.
Fabric, on the other hand, is a better option if the surroundings are warm and humid. Fabric is comfortable but less durable than PU leather. So, the option which is better for you depends on what quality you want in your chair.

Q3. How to decide which gaming chair is best for me?

A3. There are hundreds of gaming chairs available in the market. To choose one from so many options can be confusing. The best way to find the best gaming chair for yourself is to know what features you want in your gaming chair. You should compare different brands which offer the same features to know which brand is selling it at an appropriate chair. 

Also, go through the customer feedback to check if the chair is as good as it promises. One other important thing to remember is the holding capacity of the gaming chair. Make sure the chair you choose has a weight capacity equal or slightly more than your weight. For that matter check these reviews on game chair for small people and gamer chairs for big guys. They will help you find the one for you.

Q4. What are the needs of a gaming chair?

A4. A gaming chair is an unavoidable need. Without a proper gaming chair, you will not be able to enjoy gaming at its full potential. It also has a bad effect on your body. Bad posture can lead to various problems like back issues, neck pain etc. It is due to the excessive tension on the muscles due to sitting for a long time. 

This will make you feel extremely tired after some time of sitting. Hence, you must not overlook the importance of a gaming chair. It will help you keep your body aligned. A gaming chair relieves your muscle from the task of holding the body. The backrest of a gaming chair will provide you with proper support.

With the help of a gaming chair, you will be free from all back and neck issues. This will give you your best at whatever you are doing, gaming, reading, working or relaxing. If you are one of such people who need to sit in front of their screens for long durations then a gaming chair is a must-have object.

Q5. What is the best Gaming recliner chair for PS4?

A5. A PS4 gaming chair is always important if you wish to use the best gaming experience with your PS4. This device helps you to attain the perfect ambience for your gaming session which helps you to get the best results.
·      Killabee Gaming Chair
·      GTRACING GT099 Ergonomic
·      Openwheeler GEN2 Cockpit Racing
·      X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Vibrating
·      Ficmax Massage Ergonomic

Q6. What is the benefit of having Killabee massage gaming chair?

A6. Having a Killabee massage gaming chair will provide you with multiple benefits. This is because it is a multifunctional gaming chair that offers amazing benefits.
The Killabee massage gaming chair comes with multiple features like massage lumbar cushion, luxurious comfort and a high quality and sturdy frame. You can get a good ergonomic support with the help of this gaming chair. Moreover, it comes with a high backrest and a wide sitting area for better comfort.

Q7. Why should you buy the Killabee racing style gaming chair?

A7. The Killabee racing style gaming chair is one of the signature products from the manufacturer that offers amazing responses and features. It has been a choice for many gamers throughout the world. It comes with quality PU leather upholstery which is highly impressive.
Moreover, the ability to provide a 90- 175 degree backrest makes the Killabee racing style gaming chair an amazing choice. Apart from this, you can get support from multiple other features like Padded armrests, padded footrest, memory foam cushions and also head pillows.

Q8. What is the best Killabee gaming chair big and tall option?

A8. You can find multiple Killabee gaming chairs big and tall options available all over the shopping stores. However, the Fantasylab series for the product offers a lot of options for you. It is ideal to opt for a product that has ample space and is also great to use. Here is some of the best Killabee gaming chair big and tall options:
·      FANTASYLAB Series 8247
·      FANTASYLAB Series 8255
·      FANTASYLAB Series 8331
·      FANTASYLAB Series 8257

Q9. What are the Key Features of Killabee reclining memory foam racing gaming chairs?

A9. The Killabee reclining memory foam racing gaming chair is definitely a top product from the manufacturer that almost everyone would want to have. Even if the price for this product is a bit high, the features it offers provides you with a great result. Here are some of the best and significant features that you could get from Killabee reclining memory foam racing gaming chair.
·      This device offers ergonomics with a massage lumbar cushion.
·      It comes with a 360° swivel option at the base.
·      You can get Seat cushion and ultra high backrest.
·      This gaming chair offers you 90-175° recline& Lock.


Now that you have reached the end of the article, you must now have an idea about the performance of the top 3 Killabee gaming chair reviewed. All these gaming chairs excel in providing the ultimate comfort. Also, these are dependable and have an eye-catching design.

We hope that the information in this article was helpful for you. There are so many options to select from when looking for a gaming chair. Hence, it is important to do sufficient research before selecting anyone to purchase.

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