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Is Herman Miller Worth It: Why Are Herman Miller Chairs So Expensive? [11 Practical Reasons]

If you visit a luxury furniture shop, you may have noticed the Herman Miller chairs displayed in the wide range of furniture in the shop. This is a stunning and eye-catching collection of chairs. They are also highly recommended chairs these days for their unique features. However, the price of these classy chairs might deter you from buying them.

Yes, Herman Miller chairs are very expensive and are not accessible to all consumers. The minimum price for a Herman Miller chair is approximately $550, and the range of the chair extends to $2,000; they are listed as more expensive versions of Herman Miller chairs.

Well, why is a Herman Miller chair so expensive? What are the specialties of such chairs that make them so expensive? Are Herman Miller chairs worth the investment? The solution to all the queries will be found in today’s article, which will satisfy your curiosity.

Is Herman Miller Worth It? [Explained]

There are several convincing reasons that the Herman Miller chairs are given the status of a different level of chairs. Herman Miller chairs are classy furniture by design, construction material, product longevity, seating comfort, and so on. In this part of the article, we will discuss why Herman Miller chairs are so expensive.

1. High-Quality Building Materials

The American company Herman Miller has paid great attention to the quality of materials for the manufacture of chairs. Expensive and advanced materials, such as nylon 6, fiberglass, steel, composite fiberglass, plastic, Lycra RTM, and so on, are used in the manufacture of chairs. 

High-quality materials ensure the chairs are long-lasting and of exquisite design. The chair has enough flexibility that you can easily bend it without losing its strength.

2. Exceptional Chair Design

The stunning design of Herman Miller chairs is one factor that has gained the chairs’ popularity among consumers. The chairs are made with high-end design and multifunctional features. The company has designed the chairs with a focus on the office environment as well as aesthetics. 

Skilled designers have been employed to deliver attractive designs to the chairs based on the changing market trends. Each chair model holds a number of approved patents that explain the company’s state-of-the-art innovation and research carried out in the manufacture of chairs.

3. Health Benefits

Improper sitting posture for long periods in an uncomfortable chair can cause many health issues, such as waist pain and lower back pain. In this case, Herman Miller chairs address concerns of such health problems. Sitting in a Herman chair for an extended time is not uncomfortable. Herman Miller office chairs offer health benefits by preventing back pain.

A comfortable office chair is essential, which makes you more productive in your work performance. The advanced invention has been used in designing Herman Miller office chairs so as to provide utmost comfort to the employees while working.

4. Extreme Durability

Advanced materials have been used in manufacturing Herman Miller chairs, making them highly durable and long-lasting. The chair will not be easily damaged. The manufacturer has paid great attention to the strength of every part of the chairs. You can find the difference from other chairs in their material quality, seat comfort, ergonomic design, and adjustable height and weight.

The use of expensive materials in the building of chairs is one of the reasons for the high price tag of the chair. But, even after buying this expensive chair, you will be in profit, as every part of the chair will last for a long time. After a few years, you won’t need to buy a new chair.

5. Use the Latest Technology

Herman Miller analyzes the trending design and technology of the changing market before trying its hand at manufacturing furniture. You can see the latest technology and trendy style in the classy Herman Miller chairs that match your modern lifestyle.

Aesthetics and user comfort are also considered in the context of Herman Miller chairs. The manufacturer innovatively designs chairs that can add additional value to their products in the market while also meeting the needs of the users. The brand has always been at the fore in providing consumers with classy and modern furniture.

6. Strict Attention to Quality Control

To ensure the quality control of the products, Herman Miller undergoes various tests that ensure their products are eligible for real-life use. For example, they test how capable the paint coating is in preventing scratching by running a lead pencil over the paint coating.

The chairs are blasted with 160 hours of ultraviolet light to judge sunlight exposure and ensure how solid the paint coat is to withstand sunburn. Likewise, an important test is done where boiling water is dropped on the chair to see how much it affects the chair.

There are some other tests through which the company passes in order to present their products as genuine and high-end in the market. So, these testing processes can be another reason for making the Herman Miller chairs so expensive.

7. Halo Products

The flagship products in the company’s line-up refer to ‘Halo Products.’ These products are manufactured using high-quality materials with high-quality processing; hence, they are more expensive than other manufactured products. ‘Halo Products’ target the quality, style, and status symbols that make them premium products.

Many product manufacturers circle the company’s line-up to bring the halo effect to their products so that their normal quality products look appealing and of standard quality. And people also like to buy low-quality products with a halo effect who can’t afford original ‘Halo Products.’

Regarding the Herman Miller chairs, the models Aeron and Embody chairs are original flagship ‘Halo Products,’ and therefore, they are expensive. ‘Halo Mark’ makes a big difference in pricing across products.

8. Manufactured in the USA

Herman Miller chairs are manufactured in their own country. From material selection to design and production to supply, the company has complete control over the standard of the products.

The chairs sold in the US market are made in US factories. The chairs intended for markets in Europe and Africa are manufactured in a UK factory.

Likewise, the Herman Miller chairs for Asian customers are produced in a factory in China. Furniture production in the United States incurs additional costs as it undergoes much processing.

Hence, Herman Miller chairs are so expensive in the USA, but the products guarantee high quality and durability for prolonged use.

9. Pricing

One reason not to be overlooked for the high price of Herman Miller chairs is that the Herman Miller manufacturer prefers to sell most of their products to companies that prefer to buy the chairs in bulk rather than to individual customers.

Those particular companies have big bucks and are capable of ordering 100 Aeron chairs at a time at $100,000. Statistics say that in 2020, Herman Miller set a record $2.5 billion in product sales, with $1.9 billion from corporate customers and only $600 million from individual customers.

10. Reputed Brand

The strong brand name expresses itself in Herman Miller’s standard quality products. Herman Miller furniture manufacturer company has spent over 100 years producing and distributing premium furniture globally, thus becoming a strong and popular furniture brand. And any reputable branded products are usually somewhat expensive.

In addition, Herman Miller has obtained several licenses to produce certain chair designs. For example, Geroge Nelson’s. In addition, this manufacturer takes care of the environment, strictly adhering to the DIE protocol. 

11. Long Warranty Period and Return Policy

The long warranty period on furniture makes the Herman Miller brand famous. The company offers a long 12-year warranty on any product, including Herman Miller chairs. Suppose a company makes its products using high-quality products with a genuine manufacturing process without any errors in manufacturing. In that case, the company can dare to give such a long warranty period on their products.

Besides, suppose you are not satisfied with the chair and wish to return it, you still have the privilege to return the chair within 30 days under the company’s 30 days return policy and get your refund. The Herman Miller company provides excellent customer support.

If you find any problems or defects with your newly purchased Herman Miller chair, you can contact the company’s customer service immediately. The company will send some staff members to detect your chair issues. If the chair’s defect is minor, the company will repair it; otherwise, they will replace your chair if it has major defects.

Why Are Herman Miller Chairs Worth It?

Some factors, such as body height and weight adjustment, amazing seating comfort, back pain relief benefits, etc., undoubtedly make Herman Miller chairs worthy. Here we are describing those factors.

1. Customized Chairs

Herman Miller chairs are the most customized ergonomic chairs that come in a variety of models, and they are different categories of chairs from other variants of chairs. The big advantage of this type of chair is that you can adjust the chair at your convenience. The chair targets individuals of any height and weight.

Some top models of Herman Miller chairs include the Herman Miller Aeron, Herman Miller Cosm, Herman Miller Embody, Herman Miller Caper, Herman Miller Celle, Herman Miller Mirra 2, and more. The most popular office chairs from the Herman Miller brand are Aeron and Embody.

Aeron Herman Miller chairs offer 750,000 adjustment combinations that enable you to tweak and improve your seating posture to minor detail when the need arises.

Another model of several adjustment options is available on a different Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair, including seat height, backrest tilt, seat depth, lumbar support height, the tension of the backrest tilt, armrests up and down, and others. Thanks to its flexibility, you can modify your chair so that it fits your body shape and sitting position.

2. Ideal Chairs for Long Sitting Sessions

Herman Miller chairs are innovatively designed to ensure the utmost comfort for long periods of sitting. The backrest of the chair is filled with a certain glass which ensures its high degree of stability.

Herman Miller Embody Chair seats are uniquely engineered to provide the best support to your pelvis, buttocks, and thighs.

The comfortable seat of the chair allows you to sit in the chair for hours without causing any pain in your buttocks and back. A strong reason for choosing a Herman Miller chair for people is its extreme comfort for long sitting sessions.

The specialty of the chair will not be felt as soon as you sit in the chair. But, after a few days, you will be able to feel its comfort which is of a higher level than other chairs.

Numerous adjustment options enable you to position your body according to your comfort. You can continue your office work for 10/12 hours by sitting in a Herman Miller office chair. The chair assures that you will not feel any pain or discomfort.

3. Perfect Chair for Managing Back Pain

While designing the Herman Miller chairs, a lot of consideration is taken into account in the issue of back pain due to prolonged sitting in the chair.

The chairs are specifically designed for the management of upper & lower back pain, buttocks, and shoulder pain, thereby preventing the development of pain. Ergonomic Herman Miller chairs design gives great support to your spine, leaving no discomfort on the spine.

4. Resale Value

A specific feature of the Herman Miller brand that sets it apart from other brands is that not only is the brand-new Herman chair, but the second-hand Herman chair has great value in the market.

You can sell a second-hand Herman chair for a good price, or even if you buy a second-hand Herman chair, you will still have to pay a hefty price, but the cost of a second-hand chair is much less than a brand-new chair.

So, those who cannot afford a brand-new Herman chair can fulfill their desire by buying a second-hand Herman chair. Decent resale value is also a solid reason for making Herman chairs more expensive and worthy.

5. User-friendly Policies

In addition to producing superior products, Herman Miller is notable for its customer-friendly policies. The company gives you the assurance that as a consumer, you can get any help from the company at any time.

By purchasing a Herman chair, you get a 12-year long-term guarantee. Apart from this, if for any reason you have to return your purchased chair, then within 30 days, you can return the chair and take a refund.

How Can You Get Herman Miller Chairs At Cheap Prices?

There are certain pathways that can enable you to buy Herman Miller chairs at cheap prices. The ways are described here.

1. Look for Liquidations

This plan can prove to be effective for the people living in the big city. So, if you live in a metro city, to get Herman Miller chairs at cheap prices, look for office liquidations of companies closing for some reason.

If you find such a company and your luck is good, you can get a 50% to 70% discount on buying a Herman chair. Often, it has been seen that when a company is about to close down or shift somewhere else, it offers bumper discounts for the immediate sale of all its products.

2. Choose Return Chairs

This pathway can be successful for receiving Herman Miller chairs at cheap prices. When you need to purchase a Herman Miller office chair, ask the product dealer for a returned chair rather than a new one. The returned chairs are those to which the customers decide to return their newly purchased Herman chairs later for some reason under the 30-day return policy.

So, you can get 10% to 15% off on buying a returned chair. However, here also, as a new buyer, you will get a 12 years long warranty on your Harman chair and the benefit of returning the product within 30 days.

You won’t notice a difference between a new Herman chair and a chair that has been used before.

3. Search for Used Chairs on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist

If you still can’t find a Herman Miller chair at a cheap price after trying the pathways above mentioned, you have another option, the Internet. You can try to get a used Herman Miller chair on Facebook, Craigslist, or eBay platforms. The value of the Herman Miller chair is well maintained. Its value does not decrease over time.

Therefore, it is a good idea to pay 50% to 60% of the retail price to buy a used Herman chair. Ask your seller to take a picture or a video of the sticker underneath the chair and send it to you if you want to know the Herman Miller chair’s date of manufacture. Unless it was torn off, this sticker is on every Herman Miller chair.

This label lists the factory where a chair was made, the date it was made, and the unique product serial number that was used to identify the chair and validate the warranty. As for the warranty, this is not an official transfer system for used Herman Miller chairs.

Nevertheless, if the need arises, you can claim the warranty from the company by being the original buyer and under his name. It would be advisable to talk to the seller about this beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is Aeron Chair worth it?

A1. The ergonomically designed Herman Miller Aeron chairs are 100% worth the investment. The sturdy construction of the chairs ensures durability. The armrests and backrests of chairs are very supportive for your arms and spine. The adjustable chair can be customized according to your height and weight

Aeron chair by Herman Miller is the ultimate solution for employees who need to work most of the time on a computer while sitting in a chair. It does not cause any sit and back pain. The chair is able to relieve back pain. The seat of the chair is very comfortable, and it is designed in such a way that it does not put much pressure on the hips.

Q2. Are Herman Miller Chairs Worth It?

A2. Herman Miller chairs are manufactured using high-quality and expensive materials with advanced technology, which ensure the product’s durability and comfort. The high-end design of the chair exudes aesthetics and status. Herman Miller chairs undergo various tests to ensure industry-standard quality.

The seat of the chair is extremely comfortable so that there is no discomfort or pain in the waist and back while sitting for a long time. The adjustable features of the chairs are suitable for individuals of any body type and height. All the factors mentioned justify that Herman Miller chairs are worth it.

Q3. What are the specialties of Herman Miller Embody office chairs?

A3. Herman Miller Embody office chair is a classy ergonomic chair designed with advanced technology to give you the utmost comfort. The chair encourages your proper posture and helps correct the alignment of the spine. The backseat design of the chair supports your spine well and doesn’t cause any pain while sitting in the chair for a long time.

The Embody chair is an excellent chair from Herman Miller Brand that deserves praise in every respect. You can buy this ideal office chair for your home office and do your work on your computer while sitting on the chair.


The Herman Miller chair is very expensive, no doubt about it. But, if we consider every aspect of the chair, we will be compelled to say that this chair deserves the highest price tag. The manufacturer has meticulously constructed the chair, making it a premium one. The better a product, the more expensive it is. However, Herman Miller chairs are currently the unmatched chair collection in the market.

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