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How To Sleep In A Chair? [13+ Amazing Steps to Get You A Good Night’s Sleep in a Chair]

Professional works can be very challenging at times. You may land yourself in a position where there is no bed at all and you’re heavily falling asleep. However, the unfortunate way of sleeping in an office chair might help you. But if you don’t know how to make this situation comfortable, you may end up with no sleep at all.


There is always a way even to make your sleep on a chair comfortable. By gathering a few accessories like pillows and blankets you can slightly tweak your sleep to a comfortable level. Here is a quick look out on what you must do to sleep on a chair for many nights! So, let’s begin with our guide on how to sleep in a chair.

How to Sleep In A Chair? [Things That You Need]

You’re obviously looking to have a comfortable environment while you wish to go to sleep. But making arrangements of all equipment should be your first priority.

Usually most people do sleep outright when they are in a chair. But it’s up to you to make comfortable bedding for yourself. Obviously, you cannot sleep on your chair keeping bare back open. You’ll require a few things to make your sleep comfortable. Here are some of them which you can look forward to having.

1. You’ll always require a comfortable chair. Having a bigger space will make your body feel free and comfortable to use as well. Avoid small chairs that sit too tight on your body. But first decide how you will sleep -upright or just sideways.

2. Grab a few pillows. You need to prepare bedding for yourself before you go on to sleep. Without bedding you will never be able to sleep comfortably at all.

3. Get yourself covered with some fine cloth according to the temperature outside. If it is extremely hot, get yourself a fine cloth or else you can go for a blanket.

This is an in-depth article on making your chair more comfortable. This will help you take the best out of a chair.

Safety Tips When Sleeping On A Chair

While sleeping on a chair, there are multiple things that you can keep in mind. Here are some of the tips which you can follow:

1. Ensure that you are in a comfortable environment. This will help you to get the best moments for sleep on chair. This can help your mind at ease.

2. If you are planning for travelling to work and have to sit for long hours during bus journey, it is important to set up the alarm system. This will help you in getting the right tenure for sleep.

3. Another great thing to do will be to sleep upright for a longer period of time. If you are sleeping for longer duration, then you can always try to alter your body position. This will avoid fatal damages like thrombosis.

4. If you are having heart problems, then the ideal thing to do is to consult a doctor to know if you are allowed to sleep in an upright position for the long term. You must know about how to prevent this.

5. If you are on course of taking a flight, then you need to look out for the window seat. This will give you support for longer hours doff sleep.

What Should You Do To Make Your Body Sleep?

Without proper preparations you may not be able to sleep properly at all. Your body may be way too tired, but after every 15-20 minutes, you’ll wake up because of the atmosphere. Here are a few things that you need to do to make yourself comfortable to sleep.

1. You cannot sleep while being stressed out. You need to make your body completely relaxed and also fruitful to sleep. Doing a few basic yoga or small exercises will release melatonin from your body. It is a hormone responsible for sleep. Do not over stress yourself to get such results.

2. Try to keep your feet at a comfortable level. In case you are sleeping in chair upright, your foot might not touch the floor. It will obviously be a bit troublesome to have such ambience. Try to keep a short stool just below your feet to make sure that you get a proper balance.

3. Remember to avoid any type of digital contacts. You may like to scroll through your phone before going to sleep, but this will only keep you awake. Staying away from such digital screens should be your first priority.

4. A comfortable drink is what all it takes to make you sleep again. Probably the most common drink of all will be a cup of tea. Tea contains L-Theanine which is an amino acid. It helps to balance mood and gets you a comfortable sleep.

How To Make A Comfortable Ambience For You To Sleep?

Making it comfortable for sleep should be the first thing that gets into your mind. But without a proper ambience this will not be possible at all. Here are a few things that you need to do to make this room entirely comfortable for you.

1. Get rid of all lights. If you have bright lights turned on in your room, it’s time that you switch them off immediately. Pt on window curtains to make your room darker.

If you feel uncomfortable, place a low power LED light on a wall that’s away from you. If you are still facing some problems because of more light, you can take the help of a sleep mask.

2. Apart from getting it dark you should make the ambience quiet as well. Switch off all noise making electronic items so that you can sleep peacefully. If you close windows, you’ll automatically reduce a lot more noise coming from outside.

3. Make your temperature comfortable. If you have an air conditioner running, preset it to a comfortable temperature and then place it on low power settings mode. Low power settings will always provide less noise and make it comfortable to sleep as well.

Finally, How To Get To Sleep?

After you have taken all preparations, it’s now time to go for sleep. Here are a few things that you need to do to get to sleep on your chair.

1. Change your clothes and get some regular wear on. Try to put on some light clothes which will make you comfortable to sleep. Your joint muscles should be free and must have flexibility in case you change positions completely.

2. Now take up an initial position for you to sleep. Prepare yourself for sleeping in upright position or for lateral sleep and you can place your pillows accordingly. To add with this, try to get a neck rest pillow. It will prevent you from falling off.

3. Simply close your eyes and then try a relaxed breathing technique. It is a quick hack to get to your sleep underway and make yourself comfortable with this. Methods such as 4-7-8 breathing techniques are a good way to get rid of stress and anxiety. It will make you fall asleep.

4. Slightly adjust your chair. Try a bit pushing your chair to make it seem like a bed even if it is not. If you are sleeping in recliner, place your chair against the wall and then recline slightly. It will allow you to stretch your body and make things fairly comfortable for you.

Dangers of Sleeping While Sitting

A lot of people do prefer sleeping instead of sitting and especially those who have major snoring issues even though it is a well practiced method for most people. However, it also comes with some dangers which may start affecting your body rigorously.

One of the biggest disadvantages of sitting in this position would be acquiring vein thrombosis. This will result in a blood clot on your large vein which happens due to sitting motionless with more than two hours. As a result of the vein thrombosis, the blood clot could reach out to your lungs as well.

Key Tips:

Start by stretching out your legs. You can alter your body positions as well.

Start with reclining at an angle of 40 degrees.

Neck and Back soreness

One of the most common issues that you need to consider is about having back soreness. This is a very common issue and may happen with anyone who is not used to sit and sleep. This is why it becomes important to prepare yourself for such a situation. You need to prepare all the bedding materials and other essentials. However, here are some additional pros and cons which you can keep in mind.


  • It helps a lot to reduce snoring
  • You can get better midnight digestion with this
  • It helps to reduce heartburns or stomach acid coming up
  • This is great for pregnant women
  • If you are reading a book, this is a better position


  • It helps you to get proper bedding to lean on
  • You can get active REM sleep
  • It can be really difficult at times to fall asleep.

Office chairs for neck support can help solve the trouble caused by normal chairs.

How to Sleep Comfortably in a Hospital Chair?

Hospital chairs are generally bigger in size and they help you in having a good time with sitting. If you want to sleep comfortably in a hospital chair, here are few steps that you need to follow:

1. You need to make the chair comfortable with external materials which will help you in getting a good seating time. You can start with some materials like clothing, bedding and making the room quite.

2. The next thing that you need to do is to make the room dark. This will be done if you have the right light settings in your room. You can also take the help of earplugs which will keep it quiet.

3. The next thing that you need to do is to roll down the window blinds and make it comfortable to sleep.

4. You can also try out while drinking a cup of tea or warm milk. This will provide a movement of relaxation or keep your body calm while you are trying to sleep.

Other helpful tips

  • If you have to sleep on the chair for a longer period of time, you must have to sleep in the same chair for a while.
  • The next thing that you can do is to avoid CNS stimulants such as alcohol. Coffee or nicotine which will help you in getting better sleep!
  • If you are uncomfortable with the hospital chair, you can alternatively try of sleep sitting on the flow. Just make proper bedding for your head.


Before you go to complete sleep, you must always remember that it will take time to adjust yourself. Under any condition, you may not feel to have a deep sleep straight away. Taking care of precautions such as a neck pillow and adjusting your chair against the wall will prevent you from falling off.

If you meditate properly and keep yourself relieved of stress, you’re bound to have a comfortable sleep under any condition. Do let us know about your first experience in sleeping on chair. Also, mention in the comments if we have missed out something on how to sleep in a chair.

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