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How To Sit In A Gaming Chair? Sitting The Right Way [Updated 2023]

Gamers usually spend hours sitting on gaming chairs for gaming performances. Sometimes, gamers have to sit on a chair all day to beat their competitors in a tough online gaming competition. But, the human body is not designed to sit for long periods of time; therefore, it is natural to experience back and neck pain from sitting on a chair for a long time.

However, modern gaming chairs are designed technically, keeping in mind the back health of the users. Armrests, backrests, headrests, and the seats of the gaming chairs can improve your posture. So, if you use an ergonomic gaming chair and sit on the chair in the right posture, you can spend long hours on gaming chairs without any issues.

Your right sitting postures can prevent your back and neck pain. This article, will discuss what aspects you should take into consideration while prolonged sitting in a gaming chair.

Difference Between Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs

From armrests to lumbar supports, there are differences between office and gaming chairs that make them different. The features of both chairs make them suitable for different uses. For example, gaming chairs often have winged backrests, while office chairs come with wingless backrests.

Another important feature between the two variants is that gaming chairs come in 3D armrests, whereas office chairs come in 2D. We have provided a table below showing the differences between the gaming and office chairs so that you can see how both variants differ.

  Gaming Chair     Office Chair 
    Armrests              3D          2D
    Backrest  Winged backrest Wingless  backrest 
Lumbar SupportComfortable pillowAdjustable or fixed
  Seat Edge    Raised seat       Sloping seat 
  Seat Pan      Bucket Seat      Flat seat 

how to sit in a gaming chair properly?

Generally, the chair comes in a standard size, which is not suitable for everyone. In this case, adjusting the chair is the only option for the users to stay in a neutral position. Hence, buying a suitable size chair is of paramount importance. This is because if the chair does not suit your size, you will have many issues while sitting on the chair. 

That is why it is very important to adjust if your gaming chair does not suit your body size. Here we will explain in detail how to sit comfortably on a gaming chair and what adjustments you need to make to a gaming chair to sit comfortably.

1. Adjust the Seat Height

Your body shape will determine what seat height will be ideal for you. Changing the height of the seat in a good gaming chair will make a difference in the postures. Therefore, buy a gaming chair that features an adjustable seat height. 

When it comes to height adjustment, what determines the height you should sit is essential. All you have to do is sit on your gaming chair with your feet flat on the ground and adjust the seat height. 

When the seat height is adjusted, your thighs and lower legs should make a 90-degree angle with your knees. Likewise, keeping your upper body angle at 90 degrees is best. In this position, you will sit up straight, providing support for your prolonged sitting.

2. Keep Your Chair at a Comfortable Incline

Your seat should be slanted slightly forward to allow your pelvis to stick out. This will improve your posture and protect your spine from the additional load.

Some gaming chairs have synchronous tilt mechanisms, which allow you to change the seat’s tilt by changing the backrest’s tilt. In contrast, an asynchronous tilt mechanism enables independent adjustment of each.

3. Adjust the Backrest

The majority of gaming chairs are designed with 3 different backrest angles, which include 95, 130, and 170 degrees. The 130 degrees mode is specified for reading, while the 95 degrees angle is best for gaming activities. And if you love to take snaps during gaming sessions, it would be best to adjust your backrest to a 170-degree angle. The tilted backrest of your chair will help reduce strain on your lumbar spine.

4. Use Neck Support

During your gaming sessions, you should take a little break. The neck support of the gaming chair is specifically designed to allow your muscles to relax for a while when needed. It is also important to allow your body some rest in between your gaming sessions to avoid neck and back pain.

Here are some of the back supporting gaming chairs shortlisted for you. You can check this detailed article if you are looking to buy one.

5. Position the Armrest

One of the features of gaming chairs is that they come with 3D armrests that allow you to adjust their height and right distance. Additionally, some gaming chairs have 4D armrests that allow for rotation.

Making sure that your armrests are in the correct position is crucial because sitting on an improperly fitted gaming chair will put a strain on your shoulders, neck, and upper back, resulting in pain in those areas.

6. Adjust Lumbar Support

Modern gaming chairs provide lumbar support, allowing the backrest to conform to the natural curve of a human’s spine. People who are used to sitting on straight backrest chairs often complain of back pain.

The gaming chair’s lumbar support will provide comfort while sitting and prevent back pain. You should adjust the lumbar support. You can stretch the lumbar support according to your need so that you feel most comfortable.

7. Keep the Computer Screen at a Suitable Height

Adjusting the height of your computer screen is also a significant aspect when it comes to gaming chair adjustments. This will not put much stress on your neck and shoulders. You will need the upper third of the computer screen to be level with your eyes to avoid moving your chin up or down. This will not put too much pressure on your eyes as well.

8. Use a Footrest

Using the footrest under the chair is also good for gamer chair posture. Some gaming chairs come with a footrest design, which requires a separate footrest for chairs that do not have a footrest.

Adding a footrest to your gamer chair setup is especially beneficial for circulation. A footrest is a fantastic option to help you take short naps on the gaming chair during gaming sessions.

Gravity causes your thighs to press against your chair seat when your feet are on the floor, but a footrest can help shift some of that strain to the lower back.

It would also be a good idea to attach the footrest to the lumbar support to give rest to the back.

How Does the Gaming Chair Help Your Posture?

The majority of computer gaming chairs are designed like racing seats. Racing seats make it possible for the driver to drive comfortably over nine hours.

Companies that make gaming chairs use the same concept because gamers must play for extended periods of time without taking breaks, just like drivers. The design of these gaming chairs is also intended to give online gamers all over the world a sporty feel.

Gaming chairs help your posture in many ways. The chair’s wings on the side of the seat are made to keep your body in the right position. A pillow is included with the lumbar support to prevent your lower back pain issue. The same principles are used in the design of all ergonomic gaming chairs to ensure complete comfort while using them.

A suitable chair should also be used in conjunction with the proper postures. A wooden chair can never be as comfortable as an office or gaming chair, no matter how hard you try to sit in the right position on it.

Console gaming chairs are given more consideration when it comes to gaming chair posture because they emphasize comfort. They can also be bent to the point where they can serve as beds. Ergonomic console gaming chairs with good back support ease any strain on your muscles.

Using the Gaming Chair Features

Although the majority of gaming chairs’ features are intended to improve gamer posture, some chairs also have features that improve the gaming experience, such as Bluetooth connectivity, four-directional armrests, a wide variety of reclining options, and so on.

Some gaming chairs may be used for games on consoles and computers, making them versatile pieces of furniture. Therefore, you should utilize the unique features of your gaming chairs for a better gaming experience.

You can utilize any number of gaming chairs for computers, even if certain chairs are designed exclusively for consoles. However, console-specific gaming chairs are more similar to sofas and have extra functions, such as Bluetooth connectivity.

5 Benefits of a Proper Sitting Posture

Proper sitting posture gives you many benefits. Here is a list of some of the benefits that you can get from a better posture.

1. Proper Sitting Postures Keep Your Muscle Active

Correct posture keeps your muscles active. Stretching or exercising between lengthy periods of sitting is advised since bending your back causes a muscular imbalance. It could take some practice to maintain the correct neutral sitting posture if you are not accustomed to it.

Your lower back and core muscles may have weakened as a result. But in a few days of practice, you can get used to the neutral posture. A good sitting posture reduces muscle tension as well.

2. A Proper Sitting Posture Realign Your Spine

People who work or play on the computer sit in their chairs for 8 hours a day, and after a few years, there may be a problem in their spinal cord. But, if you practice proper sitting posture, there is less chance of having problems with your spine. 

3. A Proper Sitting Posture Reduces Wear and Tear on Your Joints

If you have more muscle imbalances, it will be harder for your whole body to maintain. However, sitting with proper posture helps in the prevention of this problem. But at the same time, it would be better to exercise too in order to remove this imbalance quickly.

4. A Proper Sitting Posture Improves Your Brain Power and Prevents Headache

A good sitting posture boosts your energy and improves your brain power. You should always maintain a healthy sitting posture for better cognitive functioning. Apart from this, it also prevents the problem of frequent headaches.

5. Proper Sitting Posture Improves Your Digestion and Increases Oxygen Intake

I am leaning for too long causes the organs to constrict and slows down the passage of waste. As a result, there is a problem with digestion. But, proper sitting posture helps in better digestion.


A gaming chair is helpful for sitting for long periods of time. The chair mechanism can protect your body from being ruined by sitting in gaming chair. But, you have to maintain a proper sitting posture.

A good sitting posture can provide many health benefits, but a poor sitting posture can cause many health issues. It would be best to use ergonomic gaming chairs, specially designed with adjustable features, allowing any part to be customized per your needs.

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