How To Sit Comfortably With Hemorrhoids? [7+ Approved Tips to Get Relief from the Pain]

how to sit comfortably with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids refer to the presence of swollen veins inside the rectum or anus. In simple terms, we all know this syndrome as piles. Many people think it’s a common disease and will get away by consuming two or three medicines.

It’s the first big mistake that people make. Another mistake is sitting in the wrong positions and uncomfortably, which results in tremendous discomfort and unbearable pain.

Hemorrhoids are prevalent, and it may happen to everyone because of bowel movement, obesity, and even more vulnerable women during pregnancy.

You can’t sleep every time, but having a comfortable sitting posture should be your top priority. Here is a complete guide on how to sit comfortably with hemorrhoids. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids?

There are two basic types of Hemorrhoids, which you may seem commonly in between people. These two types refer to both internal and external hemorrhoids.

  • Internal Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that are located just around your rectum. Since it is located around the rectum area, you may feel some painless bleeding.
  • For external hemorrhoids, swollen veins tend to develop just under the skin. This may cause severe pain and discomfort. Even you may also experience a blood clot.

Some of the symptoms may include severe bleeding and itching all over the lower bottom region of your body. While you are trying to sit, it may always be uncomfortable as well.

How To Sit Comfortably With Hemorrhoids?

Method 1: Adjusting Your Position [Best Way to Sit on Toilet]

  • The first thing that you need to do is to adjust your position properly. Whenever you are squatting down for your seat, it is important to maintain a proper sitting posture.
  • Without a proper sitting posture, you will start feeling pain in your lower abdominal zone or even around your knee joints.
  • The best way to sit properly in a toilet should be with your knees against your abdomen. This will always create a better internal alignment. As a result, it becomes more comfortable for a bowel movement, which relieves you from the pain.
  • However, if squatting all the way down is becoming more difficult for you, do not force this. Refrain immediately from such exercises and start normally sitting again.

Method 2: Using Cushions To Sit

  • The next thing that you need to do is to start to sing cushions again. Soft cushion pads generally help you to get a comfortable time to sit properly. Sitting on a hard surface is the biggest challenge that you may face while you are carrying hemorrhoids.
  • It is better to purchase some hemorrhoid cushions and then keep yourself comfortable. You might face some itching down the abdominal region, and this is why allowing soft cotton cushion specially made for piles should be purchased.
  • If possible, try to buy one with a donut style as it will be more helpful to free up your anal region. Try to avoid any rubber cushions, and it may cause skin issues while you are sitting.

Method 3: Protect Your Back

  • Only sitting properly will not help you to get rid of the tremendous pain. In fact, you must protect your back portion as well. When you have piles, it is more likely to increase your body temperature by a fair margin.
  • This will also keep increasing your sweat and make your clothes filled with moisture. In such a situation, this could get worse.
  • The only thing that you can do is to keep your back cool and dry. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes which are also made up of materials like cotton. Carry a damp cloth to wipe your back as soon as you start sweating again.
  • Choosing the right clothing will always give you a bit of relief from the unbearable pain that you are facing.

What To Avoid While Having Hemorrhoids?

  • Try to avoid direct lifting of heavy objects. It is never easy to lift out heavy objects while bending backward and front. This will only increase piles.
  • Never sit for a long time, even if you have a full working routine. Try to give gaps while you are sitting. Long and continuous sitting posture could never be a good relief.
  • One of the most common mistakes that everyone makes is to ignore symptoms of diarrhea. Do you know that even ignoring such acts could worsen your health?
  • Poor hygiene is another reason why you are not getting quick relief. Even if you are too much busy with work, it is always important to maintain proper hygiene. Be clean and keep your surroundings lean as well.
  • Having Hemorrhoids will force you to go through a stressful phase. The unbearable pain could worsen up your health. Try to remain ca as much as you can to not have any anxiety issues.

Sitting for long hours leads to a number of problems related to our back, one of which is piriformis syndrome. If you are suffering from that as well or to prevent it you can have a look at this article.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is it bad if you have hemorrhoids?

A1. No, it is not, and this will never be as bad as most people portray. Most people do think that having hemorrhoids will not be curable. However, surveys worldwide say that at least 50% of the people at age 50 have experienced hemorrhoids. Regular exercising, controlling your weight, and having a proper diet will relieve hemorrhoids.

Q2. Do external hemorrhoids go away?

A2. Yes, they do. External hemorrhoids will not be visible while you are trying to sit properly. It is also something that you would not want to have because of the unbearable pain and relentless bleeding. Taking steps to reduce the pain should be the top priority for everyone. It does get away naturally with few medications, and also with a change in diet can be fruitful enough.

Q3. What foods worsen hemorrhoids?

A3. Although a doctor can share it, sure that foods casing more diarrhea symptoms could worsen the chances of having piles. Try to avoid any frozen foods or packed foods and consume more fiber. Some common foods that you may avoid must include fast foods, red meat, and processed foods.

Q4. Is sitting or standing better for hemorrhoids?

A1. The honest answer is that both sitting and standing can cause some pain. However, sitting for long hours may cause you more pain because of the strains. It can be thus considered that standing is a bit better.

Q5. Does sitting on hard surfaces cause hemorrhoids?

A5. Yes it does. If you sit on hard surfaces, it will directly affect your buttocks. As a result of this, you might even feel more pain in your buttocks. Sitting on hard surfaces is considered as a big no from doctors.

How to Sit With Hemorrhoids? [Conclusion]

Only consuming tablets may temporarily reduce hemorrhoids from your body. But it may again come back to haunt you.

A little change in your diet with high-fire could prove to be very useful. Even when you are sitting with hemorrhoids, try to get yourself on a soft surface.

Make sure that you are not overstressing and always keep your mind diverted from this pain.

If you are bleeding too much, consult a doctor immediately and never leave it unattended. I hope this guide on how to sit comfortably with hemorrhoids will help you to sit properly.

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