How to Remove Office Chair Cylinder? | Why Does My Office Chair Sink? [Latest 2022 Updated]

how to remove office chair cylinder

Computer chairs are no longer exclusively office furniture. The multi-functionality, ergonomics, and durability of these products make them increasingly popular in apartments and houses as well.

Although these products are reliable, they can malfunction, with gas springs being the most common example. The type and extent of wear on this part will depend on the degree of damage it has suffered. You will need to identify the condition of this part by removing the cylinder from your chair.

The job can be completed by yourself without the need for professional assistance. What’s important is to understand how this mechanism works and its characteristics. You can replace your chair cylinder easily if you just simply follow the instructions presented in the article, how to remove office chair cylinder.

Tools You Need for Replacing Your Chair Cylinder

You can find the needed tools in your office or house’s toolboxes. The following are required:

  • Hand protection gloves made from rubber
  • The work area should be protected from grease stains and other damage with newspaper or rag cloth
  • Screwdriver or a large wrench for loosening and tightening screws
  • An impact-safe rubber mallet to help fix the cylinder

How To Remove Office Chair Cylinder? [Follow These Steps]

Replacing a chair’s cylinder is not a tough job and can be done easily by a newbie as well. But first, a thorough test should always be conducted before replacing your gas cylinder. In order to avoid throwing away good gas cylinders, this step is vital.

1. Check your Cylinder

When you sit, the cylinder will sink all the way to the bottom if you haven’t adjusted the lever. Occasionally, a lever can be too tight to the point that it presses down on the lock even if no finger is placed on it.

The screws on your gas cylinder may need to be tightened if it’s not the case. In a cylinder with loose screws, the pressure will not be able to last long.

It is likely that the lever is not working properly if the cylinder is not sinking down when you press the lever. Additionally, you should check that your cylinder head’s lock is functioning.

You can proceed to remove and replace office chair gas cylinder if it still causes you problems after testing it.

2. Removing Your Cylinder

In just a few minutes, you can remove cylinder from office chair.

To get started, remove the casters, or wheels, from your chair’s base. This is achieved by pulling each one out individually. Tap gently on the bottom of the bottles until they come off with the rubber mallet if they are stuck.

Gas cylinders do not have to be removed by removing the casters, however, it is safer to do so.

After this, you must unscrew the four bolts which you will find at the top that is attached to the mechanism below.

For a better angle with your wrench, you can flip the chair upside down. This should be done on a smooth surface to ensure you won’t scratch the cushions of the chair.

As soon as you have removed all four bolts, remove the chair’s top portion.

We will now eject the chair from the cylinder by removing its base. Here is another article on how to remove office chair base. It will help you perform this step.

Hold the cylinder upright using one of the hands. Gently tap the rubber mallet against the base with your other hand. Tap as close as you can to the cylinder around the entire base.

This way the base will come out and now you can remove the mechanism from the cylinder.

As with removing the base, the procedure of removing the mechanism from the cylinder is similar.

Turn the cylinder upside down this time, and hold it with one hand. To release the mechanism, tap your rubber mallet on it using your free hand. Make sure that you tap it very gently.

Mechanisms are generally more difficult to remove from cylinders than their bases. Applying a little heat before tapping with a rubber mallet may help loosen a mechanism if it gets stuck.

If the mechanism still won’t come out then you may take help from a special removal tool. These tools generally come with your replacement cylinder.

3. Replace Your Chair Cylinder

The last part of this task is the most difficult, which is inserting the new cylinder into the base of the chair. A cylinder that is well matched to your office chair piston should be purchased for this step.

The base must be set upright on the floor prior to assembly. Install the new cylinder in the base. Align the seat’s hole in the mechanism and then attach it to the base.

Let the mechanism fasten up by sitting in your hair. This will take some time to work properly. The chair will be now in working order. It is now your choice as to how you want to adjust the seat.

Buying Criteria To Look At Before Office Chair Cylinder Replacement

By following our guide you will be easily able to replace chair cylinder for your office chair. However, you might still not get the desired performance as there are other aspects to consider as well.

Before buying a replacement cylinder, you must figure out the size which will be suitable for your chair. You have to measure both the width and the height properly. Remember to remove piston from office chair when measuring the cylinder.

Make sure to buy a cylinder that is durable and will give you support for a longer time. Of course, you will have to spend more on it but this will reduce the hassle of replacing your cylinder frequently.

You will find a replacement cylinder in any shop which has replacement parts for the chair. You can even purchase it online but always keep the quality your first priority and the measurement should be considered.


This guide on how to remove office chair cylinder is more than enough for anyone who is looking for the best way of replacing chair cylinders. Doing these kinds of stuff by ourselves gives us a lot of self-motivation and makes us self-reliant. We longer remain at the mercy of any professional. It also saves us money and time which are some of the most valuable assets in the world.

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