How to Remove Office Chair Base? Office Chair Base Replacement | Amazing DIY [2021]

How to Remove Office Chair Base

Your office chair faces extreme conditions during its lifetime and needs fixes and replacements of parts from time to time. Changing your base and cylinder is also a part of maintaining your chair.

Many people however don’t know exactly how to remove office chair base?

Today in this quick guide, we will show you ways of removing your office chair base and then replacing it with a fresh one. This procedure is not very hard and can be done by any office worker.

Tools Required

You don’t require any fancy or high-priced tools for this. All you need is:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • A hammer with a rubber head
  • New base/cylinder

Follow these Steps

1. Put Some Newspapers on the Floor

Lubricants such as grease are found in the base of an office chair. Your floor can become dirty from the lubricant. You can prevent the floor from becoming dirty by covering it with newspaper or cloth. Grease might accumulate on the floor if you do not put newspaper on it. Newspapers can help you stop that.

If you don’t wish to do this, you can skip it. You probably won’t. Layout some newspapers on the ground to start.

As an alternative to using newspapers, it is also possible to put on some old clothes as well.

2. Turn your Chair Up-side Down

After covering your surface with a newspaper or cloth, place your chair upside down on it.

The chair’s base will get more visibility and be easier to access. Our next step is to move forward.

3. Find The Holding Clip

The next step is to locate the holding clip once the chair has been turned upside down. At the center of the base, most office chairs have this clip.

Hence, it will probably be found at the very center of the base.

4. Now Remove It

The holding clip must be removed after being located. Needles-nosed pliers can be used to remove that.

The flathead screwdriver will also work in the absence of pliers. Take off the clip by bending it slightly.

You’ll need to be careful as you remove the holding clip and when you’re done, move on to the next step.

5. Also Remove the Washer

The next step is very straightforward. Remove the washer in the base around the piston and then only the piston needs to be removed.

It will be easy to pull off the washer from the top of the base.

6. Pull the Out the Base

We have reached the end of the process. To remove the base, you need to turn it counter-clockwise, then pull it out simultaneously as you remove the washer.

During this process, the gas cylinder and base will separate in one piece.

Within the base, a gas cylinder is placed. Pay attention to grease coatings, too.

How To Remove Office Chair Base?

1. Again lay the Chair on its Back

Like the previous method, if you do not want your floor to be dirty, you can use a newspaper.

After that, flip the chair over or lay it on its back.

2. Then hit its Edges

Whenever you have finished the first step, you need to start hitting the perimeter at the end.

If the base doesn’t come off or the cylinder doesn’t separate from the base, you must keep hitting it.

By doing so, the clip will snap, causing the cylinder to fall apart. If it doesn’t work now then you can check out this article on how to remove office chair cylinder.

3. Now remove the Wheels

Your old base’s wheels must be removed in this step. They can be easily removed. By hand, remove each wheel one at a time.

Do not worry about removing the wheel if it is difficult for you. This seems difficult but actually, it’s not.

4. Attach the Wheels to the New Base

As soon as the wheels have been removed successfully, the new base is ready to be attached. Wheels can be easily attached to new bases.

The casters need only be aligned with the socket on the chair and pressure applied.

If you can’t get the casters to attach, try lightly greasing the chair and then screwing in the casters.

5. Attach the New Base

Push down on the chair’s Cylinder, then line it up with the new base. If your chair is not stable, make sure to make it stable.

It is important to sit on the chair to inspect the stability and to make certain the chair is firmly fixed with the new base.

Benefits of having a Good Office Chair

The average businessman or employee who works in a cubicle would be shocked to find out how much time they spend in their office chair.

In the course of a year, they would have worked over 1900 hours at 40 hours per week.

In any event, what’s not difficult to see is that someone spends a large part of their lives in an office. That’s why it is very necessary to have a good office chair.

Apart from preventing back strain, a good chair can also provide a whole range of additional benefits.

Sitting on an uncomfortable office chair for hours on end can result in fatigue and discomfort. However, a comfortable and supportive office chair will prevent fatigue and end-all discomfort.

A more positive work environment is created when employees are comfortable, as comfortable employees provide a higher level of output and productivity.

Ultimately, a comfortable office chair will significantly reduce the number of time employees spend on breaks due to discomfort.

Final Words

Solving any problem ourselves gives us a great sense of satisfaction. You no longer are dependent on any professional. This should help you in replacing/removing the base of your office chair. Share your DIY experiences in the comments below.

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