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How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever? [5 Actionable Tips and Tricks]

What Is The Height Of My Chair?

Spending hours in your office chair is never fun. What could be more irritating than not matching your height and eye coordination?

Imagine working for 10 hours in work and constantly staring down and getting home back with neck pain! You can’t get more worried.

People tend to work for at least 10-12 hours in an office with constant work pressure. If you are not comfortable, it can get challenging for anyone to increase work productivity and get a decent result.

Considering there, no level available with your office chair, how can you increase the height? Don’t get confused because, this guide on How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever, will surely get your office chair height increased.

How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever? [3 Ways]

1. Clockwise And Anticlockwise Movement

Step 1:

In case there is no lever presented with your chair, the first thing you need to stand up and then take your chair to a stable surface. Try to keep it in a place where there is no inclination on the floor.

Step 2:

To manually adjust your chair, try to rotate your seat clockwise and in an anti-clockwise direction. Look for height changes in each direction, and now you can quickly make a change. You need to note down which side is for going up and down.

Step 3:

While adjusting the chair, you need to make it a little higher. Every chair comes with minimal hydraulics, which resists pressure when you try to sit down. Thus, it is better if you could slightly increase the height of your seat.

Step 4:

Keep on repeating these steps until you get the proper height. Getting to your comfortable position should be a top priority. Sit down on the chair to check the new position. Make sure that you keep on repeating the procedure until you get a proper height.

2. Under-Chair Bolt Movement

Some chairs do come with a different bolt in place of a lever, allowing you to get complete adjustments of your chair. In this chair, the bolt should be present right at the bottom, and you can make adjustments easily.

Step 1:

The first thing that you need to do is to take your chair to a stable surface. Go through the bottom of your seat, and you must locate the bolt present. Once you tend to locate this bolt, you will be able to make adjustments to your height.

Step 2:

The bolt does not work as similar to a lever, but you can make manual changes. Loosen up the bolt a little bit so that it does not fall off. You can now push your seat a bit upwards and then again tighten up the bolt.

Step 3:

Check the current height of office chair by sitting on it. If you still need to make more adjustments, repeat the procedure mentioned above to get the desired result. Once it’s in a proper position, you can tighten the bolt and make it permanent.

3. Back Height Movement

Sometimes you might need to adjust the height of your back rather than the whole chair. Back height movement becomes very important; if you want to sit straight, make slight adjustments to your sitting angle.

Many chairs will allow you to change that back, and having such options are awe-inspiring when it comes to using a chair backrest. Some backrests will allow you to do if you wish to make small adjustments.

The main idea behind this procedure is quite similar here as well. You can manually pull up the backrest to make changes.

4. Use a Foot Pedal

One of the best ways by which you can get a quick solution is by taking the help of a foot pedal. All that you need to do is to simply install a foot pedal in the hydraulics of your chair and it will help you to adjust the height accordingly.

5. Wooden Piece

Another simple and easy way by which you can adjust the height of the chair is to find the wooden piece. Usually your office chair comes with a wooden piece right at the bottom or the back of the chair and you can adjust the height. You will have to find this wooden piece and then apply it.

6. Extension Cord

If you do not have direct access to the lever, you can take the help of an extension cord. You need to find a sturdy place first and then you need to replace the stand of your chair using an alternative. You can use an electrical cord to forcefully bring it down or raise the height.

How To Make Office Chair Higher Which is Old and Non-Pneumatic?

1. What To Do For Damaged/Missing Office Chair Lever?

Step 1:

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the height that you need to adjust. If you are standing aside, you can place your chair against a wall and take a sticker to mark your wall. You can remove the sticker later.

Step 2:

Go through the mechanism of your chair and inspect every adjustment, and know-how you will make changes in the height. Without love, you should be able to loosen up your bolt and adjust the height.

Step 3:

Once you loosen up the bolt, you will not be able to turn your chair. By turning in one direction, you will be able to make manage changes easily. Control the height with easy management, and you will be able to control the changes.

  • Purchasing a Makeshift Adjustment Lever

Purchasing a Makeshift Adjustment Lever is another procedure by which you can make manual changes. If it misses out on an original lever, you can purchase one and attach it below. To install this, you might have to flip your chair and make the adjustment done easily. You can now push your level to make height adjustments.

  • Opting For a Lever Replacement

If you want a permanent solution, a better way to do it is by having a replacement lever. Take out your old lever and go to your chair furniture tore. If you do not find a replacement, take the old one as a sample and purchase one from your local market.

2. How to Raise Chair Height For Non-Adjustable Office Chairs?

  • The best option would be to purchase seat cushions. Place an extra seat cushion with a similar height to your requirements and then sit on this.
  • If your desk is shorter than your chair or arms, buy some desk elevation blocks. You can make adjustments on the base to raise the height of your desk.
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Here is a discussion which might help you for any other questions you may have. You can also mention any other concerns in the comments below.

How to lower office chair without lever?

If there is no pneumatic lever you might have an old office chair. You can follow these steps below to get the right height.

1. Start by measuring the right height which you need. You can measure the distance from the floor to the middle of the knee while you stand up. You can now measure the distance of the chair from the floor.

2. Flip the chair and then try to find a small lock that is placed on the cylinder which locks the height. Usually, this can be a small screw just at the base of the chair.

3. Take out the screw and then you can press the base of the chair to get the right height. Apply some pressure to attain this.

How to determine a good chair height?

You can follow these steps mentioned below to get the good height.

The first thing that you need to do is to take measurements. Start by measuring your height and the height of the seat. Note it down and then you can follow it up with different metric like backrest height, armrest height, seat depth and the seat width.

Once you are done with this, you will have to consider the height of the desk in the workspace. Measurements are always important before you go on to consider the height of the space. It is much easier to work with the pneumatic levers.

Dis-advantages of non-ideal seat height

Not having the right seat high may leave a big impact on the ergonomics of your body and also the current status of your posture while working. A bad posture of work will directly affect your ergonomics and also the balance of your body.

It is very important to have the right seat adjustment because a non-fitting seat may urge you to work with the head tilted a bit forward and also causing problems in your blood circulation. If the chair is too high, it may tire your body easily.

How To Make Chairs Taller? [Conclusion]

A proper eye and screen co-ordination will always be necessary if you wish to get a good working environment. Staying in front of the computer screen for 50 hours in a week is always stressful.

If you do not sit properly and with a shorter or a big height, it should become more difficult for you to work. Finding your correct height should be important and a top priority when it comes to working more.

You can apply these tips mentioned above in this guide on How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever to get the correct height for your chair.

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