How To Raise A Desk 3 Inches? [4 Handy and Affordable Solutions in 2021]

how to raise a desk 3 inches

Sitting comfortably while working on your chair matters a lot! While working with any PC or screen, you must keep your eyes and head straight.

If it is lower, you may feel tremendous pain in your neck. This is why extending your desk height could be an easy solution.

If you wish to raise your desk’s height by at least 3 inches, there are many ways by which you can do it.

No need to panic at all. We’ve got you covered. The guide below on How To Raise A Desk 3 Inches will surely help you to get amazing results. You can quickly try out the options mentioned here below.

How To Raise A Desk 3 Inches? [4 Easy Ways]

If you want to add height to table legs, there are multiple ways by which you can get it done. However, it would help if you were specific about taking proper care while raising your bed. Here are some possible ways by which you can help you in raising desk height by at least 3 inches.

1. Use Desk Riser Blocks

Bed or desk risers are basically small accessories that come along as an easy solution to raise your desk levels.

They are small accessories that are manufactured of wood or metal and can easily support your desk’s weight while rising. Comparing large blocks of wood or metal, this product is an amazing buy for you.

How to use it?

  • To use risers, you will have to find one that has a height of 3 inches. Be specific with your measurements and get one.
  • You can now get down to the base of your desk and slightly lift the table as comfortable.
  • You can now slide in your desk riser underneath the table.  Repeat the procedure for all legs of your desk.

2. Use A Layer Of Wood

If you are not getting the right height of your comfort levels, you can always take the help of manually adjusting your height. A layer of wood or a small portion of a stable brick could help you give a decent height.

Of course, by doing this, you will be giving your desk a permanent lift, and it will also be helpful in case your floor is slightly inclined.

How to use it?

  • To use layers of wood, pile them up and make them a height of 3 inches. You can now affix glue to the pile of wood to make it look like a single piece.
  • Choose one leg to start with and then lift one leg. You can now place your pile of wood just below the desk.
  • Check for any adjustments required because of stability and remove necessary piles.

3. Use Bun Feet

Bun feet are great options for a wooden desk as they can easily lift your desk. These accessories are basically 3-4 inches in height and can be found in any nearby store. Bun feet have a flat base, and it looks completely like a bun.

This is why it can always provide added stability to the product. Moreover, you must keep in mind that you need to buy four bun feet if your desk has four legs.

How to use it?

  • You can manually adjust the height of your desk by placing them on your bun.
  • Measure the perimeters of your desk and keep your bun feet around this.
  • Lift every leg and push the bun feet just under these legs.
  • Once you are done, you will now be able to adjust the height according to inclination manually.

4. Get Wooden Extension

Wooden extensions are a great way to adjust your desk height and get going manually. They tend to be like small pieces of wood that you can attach to the device and make it stand out.

A Wooden extension sits attached to the legs of your desk and helps to increase the height manually. But make sure that you have adequate pieces of wood in it with all legs.

How to use it?

  • Gather at least 4 pieces of wood, which is a minimum of 3 inches in height. You can get them from any local store or any online store.
  • Go down to the legs of your desk, and from the base, start making holes. You may have to turn your desk upside down for this.
  • While making the holes, make sure that they are at least 0.25 inches deep, and you can get to place nails. Use a hammer to attach these extensions below.
  • Take the help of a screwdriver to make sure that the nails sit tight. You will be able to operate with an extended height now comfortably.

How to Make a Table Taller? [Conclusion]

There are multiple ways by which you can quickly raise desk height. If you are still facing a problem while installing a few extenders, consider replacing the legs. Buy new legs that are at least 3 inches taller than that of this desk.

So, this was our take on How To Raise A Desk 3 Inches. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Here is a discussion to solve your further queries.

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