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How To Put Wheels On A Chair? [5 Great Fixes To Get Your Chair Moving]

Having wheels or casters is crucial for a mobile office chair. The common plastic wheels that many chairs have are prone to breaking after a few days. Besides, they tend to scratch on wooden floors.

In this case, replacing your chair wheels or casters with a quality wheelset is the only solution. But, is it possible to replace the wheels of the chair? Yes, these days, modern rolling office chairs are customizable.

You can easily remove the chair wheels and attach new caster wheels as you like. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions that will enable you to replace your cheap wheels without much effort.

How To Put Wheels On A Chair? [5 Tips]

1. Remove One Of The Chair Wheels

To install new wheels in your rolling office chair, first, you have to remove a spin on the chair. The work of removing the wheel is not so complicated that you won’t be able to perform it. You may need simple tools. Most modern rolling chairs do not require any tool for wheel removal.

The size, as well as the type of the caster stem of office chairs, are almost the same. More than 80% of the office chairs produced today have what is known as a “grip ring caster stem” This kind of chair has a metal stem that has a divided ring towards the top that looks like the letter “C.” The branch is locked onto the chair base’s socket thanks to the grip ring’s ability to contract and extend.

Follow the step-by-step guide to remove a wheel:

  • Turn your rolling chair on the floor for easy access to the wheels.
  • Next, firmly pull a caster wheel from the chair’s base. For a good grip, a cloth or a glove might be used.
  • Use a flat blade screwdriver if you are having trouble removing the chair wheel with just your hands.
  • If even the screwdriver is not working, you can apply a WD-40 formula on the caster stem to remove the caster stuck. Leave the casters like this for a few hours, then try again.

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2. Verify The Exact Size As Well As Type Of The Caster Stem

After removing one of the caster wheels from the chair base, check the caster type and size. As we said, more than 80% of office chairs are designed using the same style and size of caster stem, and among the stem, grip ring stem type is commonly used in the office chair caster wheels.

Follow the tips to check caster stem type:

  • The caster stem is available as a stemless caster, threaded stem, grip neck stem, and grip ring stem. Search the provided options of caster stem images on the internet or elsewhere. Check out photos of different caster stems, and see which stem type matches your caster stem.
  • See the different caster stem photos and your caster stem on which caster stem type your branch matches.
  • I Hope your caster stem type will be a grip ring stem. So now, measure your grip ring stem’s size (length & diameter). You can use tape or calipers to measure the branch.

3. Choose New Chair Wheels

When choosing a new set of caster wheels for chairs, match the type as well as the accurate size of your old chair caster stem with the one you just removed. There are even better alternatives to the caster wheels, even though most office chairs have the same black plastic, dual-wheel design.

So, select high-quality caster wheels to replace the wheels. These wheels will not break quickly and will roll easily on the floor. Purchase a robust single-wheel design of casters for chairs that may be used on any surface in order to accomplish this. Rubbing wheels on the wooden bottom does not leave scratch marks.

You will discover many top-rated all-around caster wheels in the market. Pick the best set of wheels. Consider a few things at the time of purchasing casters.

  • Your caster wheels should be suitable for all types of flooring.
  • The steel frame of the wheels should have a maximum load capacity.
  • Ensures smooth rolling and swivel movement
  • Must be durable for years of use
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4. Remove Remaining Chair Wheels

Once you have selected your new office chair wheels, remove the remaining casters from the base of your chair using the same process you used to remove the first caster. Now, dragging the rest of the casters will be easier.

5. Put Your New Chair Wheels

The final step is to put new wheels on your rolling office chair. Push the caster stem into the chair base socket properly and attach the new caster wheels by turning them clockwise.

This time you wear gloves too. If you’re having trouble getting the wheels in place even though the stem size fits over the base of the chair, there’s one thing you can do.

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Apply a little amount of WD-40 jelly or similar formula to your grip ring stem. The grip ring stem should next be shrunk using pliers. So, the wheel replacement work on your office chair is done.

These 5 ways must have sorted you on how to put wheels on a chair. Now, let’s move on to adding caster wheels to your desk chair.

How To Install Caster Wheels To Make A Desk Chair Easier To Move?

Having wheels on furniture, such as tables and chairs, makes it very convenient to move them. But, usually, wooden chairs and tables do not have casters.

You might have thought, if your desk chair had caster wheels, it would be very supportive for moving.

However, it is possible to add casters to chair to make them easier to move. Here we provide the correct methods to add wheels to chair.

  • First, the materials you need to attach the caster wheels to your desk chair are a set of swivel casters with a post and sleeve (casters size, depending on your chair’s legs), masking tape, and a hammer, and a glove.
  • To add casters to any chair, the width of the legs of the chair must be able to support a 1-1/2″ deep hole. Make sure of it.
  • The holes in the legs need to be about 1-1/2″ deep to fit the length of the sleeve and post appropriately.
  • Now it’s time to select the wheels. You can opt for plastic wheels or rubber wheels with a copper finish as per your choice.
  • Make sure your wheels can roll smoothly on the floor and even on the carpet.
  • Next, take a masking tape and mark the depth on the drill bit and the drill holes under the legs of your chair.
  • Disconnect the caster’s sleeve from the post. Here, you will first have to install the sleeve into the hole and hammer the wood to fit it properly. You will notice that the teeth of the sleeve will grab the wood.
  • Finally, install the caster wheels on the legs of your wooden chair.
  • For protection against them falling out, you should ensure the wheels click into the sleeve. If needed, you can consider using Epoxy to anchor the caster post in the hole.

Likewise, if you wish, you can make it easy to move by putting wheels on all the chairs in your house.


To get more help with putting wheels on your chairs, you can watch tutorial videos on YouTube or elsewhere. This will be better. Wheeling on the chair is not that difficult, you just have to use the right technique. After the wheels are installed, it is necessary to check that all the wheels remain at the same height, so they can sit properly on the ground. Hope, you have understood the correct methods of wheeling on the chair by reading our article, how to put wheels on a chair.

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