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How To Prevent Feet Swelling While Sitting At Desk? [Causes, Treatments And Preventions] [2023 Updated]

Office employees have to work in the office by sitting at the desk for hours. And they are familiar with the ache of legs, back, and body due to prolonged sitting in the office chair. Almost everyone often experiences chair-prompted foot swelling due to sitting for a long time in the office chair.  

You can find a number of causes of chair-prompted foot swelling. If the height of the chair is not according to the size of the person, there may be problems with the legs, waist, and back. If the feet are not planted on the ground properly while sitting on the chair, there may be swelling in the feet. Office workers are grappling with this problem and looking for ways to get rid of it. 

So, how to prevent feet swelling while sitting at desk? Here we are going to explore the right solution to this common problem. Also, we will discuss the causes and treatment of chair-prompted swollen feet so that it can help you to improve this condition.

7 Factors That Cause Foot Swelling While Sitting At A Desk

We have explored some reasons that trigger legs swell when sitting at desk for a long time. Here are the reasons.

1. Sitting on a Chair for Long Hours 

Long periods spent sitting in an office chair can create cramping in the legs and swelling in the feet and legs.

Due to swelling in the foot, you could have discomfort or numbness. The feet must have healthy blood flow.

Your feet will naturally swell if you sit on the chair for a long time.

2. Feet Are Not Planted on the Floor Properly 

If your feet are not planted on the floor properly when sitting in a chair, or you don’t purposely plant your feet on the floor, you may experience swollen feet.

3. Fluid Deposited in Your Legs 

If you sit in an office chair for an extended time without making any movement in your legs or continue working while sitting, fluid will deposit in your legs, resulting in swelling in your feet.

4. Heart Disease

Foot edema is attributed to heart disease. Leg swellin’ can happen when the heart can’t pump blood well, when blood vessels are obstructed, or when blood clots are diverting blood back to the heart.

When blood rushes to the lower limbs and becomes clogged, foot swelling problems frequently start. When people with heart disease sit at a desk for a long time, their feet may swell.

5. Kidney Disease

Potential kidney dysfunction symptoms include foot edema. Foot and ankle edema are classic symptoms of kidney disease. The kidneys are important organs in the body that help remove surplus fluid from circulation. 

This fluid builds up inside the body when a person has impaired renal function. Walking becomes challenging when the legs or feet’s blood vessels are strained, which results in edema in the feet.

6. Pregnancy 

A pregnant woman’s feet may swell if she works for a prolonged period of time while sitting on an office chair.

For a pregnant woman, managing swollen feet during her pregnancy period may be very challenging.

Pregnancy impacts her body as well as her feet. Because of the extra baby, pregnant ladies frequently gain a little more weight, which can result in leg or foot swelling.

7. Obesity

Obesity is a significant contributor to swollen feet. For someone who is fat, their legs begin to take precedence over their body. This raises blood pressure, which causes the person’s feet to swell as a result.

Sitting on a chair for an extended period, obese people frequently deal with the issue of their feet swelling. Although swelling of the legs is not very painful, it can cause many problems in the nerves.

How To Treat Chair-Prompted Foot Swelling? 

If you have to work continuously sitting in an office chair, and due to this, your feet swell, for this, we will tell you some ways which will help in reducing your swelling.

1. Get Exercise

A reduction in foot swelling can be achieved through exercise. The feet can’t move much when you are sitting on a chair. By redistributing the accumulated fluid back to your body’s center, some simple exercises for swollen legs, such as leg extensions, ankle circles, knee lifts, and foot pumps, can help move your muscles, resulting in reduced swelling.

To acquire an improvement in the condition of feet swelling, you can get the mentioned exercises regularly.

Apart from this, sitting for a long time will increase swelling. Hence, it would be best if you took a quick walk every two hours to improve circulation.

2. Keep Your Feet Elevated

As we have already mentioned, gravity has an impact on how fluid moves throughout the body. Consequently, keeping your feet on the floor causes fluid to collect on them and causes edema in your feet. Gravity, on the other hand, forces fluid to flow back into your heart if you raise your legs above the level of your heart. 

Thus, the edema is lessened. It will assist in keeping your feet elevated if you utilize any pillow while lying down.

3. Massage your Feet

Some straightforward foot massages, such as a chop motion foot massage, can help reduce swelling in your feet. Massage your feet between three or four hours of long work.

This can reduce swelling of the feet due to sitting in a chair. Foot messaging will relax the muscles in your feet, which will reduce swelling.

4. Plan Your Diet

It is clear that your diet is vital to your bodily health. It is a surprising fact that your diet can be the cause of swelling of your feet.

Therefore, you can follow a diet low in salt but high in magnesium in case your legs are swollen from sitting on a chair continually.

Everyone, including men and women, is advised to consume no more than 10 grams of salt in their daily diet.

5. Sleep on Your Left Side 

How much pressure you will put on your nerves while sleeping depends on which side you usually sleep on.

In order to lessen the edema, it would be ideal if you chose the left side to sleep on.

Your nerves will feel less pressure in this posture since your heart will receive more blood.

6. Put Your Foot in Warm Water 

Soaking your swollen feet in warm water for 10 to 18 minutes or a footbath can be an effective remedy in the treatment of foot swelling. The lymph nodes will become more flexible in the warm water, and it will let the stagnant fluid circulate.

Foot edema can also be treated with hydrotherapy applications, such as aquatic exercise, underwater running, and aquatic massage. By reducing the effect of water on your affected area and enhancing circulation, you can lessen foot swelling.

7. Wearing Compression Socks

To avoid fluid accumulated in your feet, a pair of compression socks can be an ideal solution. It encourages blood to flow from your feet to your heart level.

It lessens the size of your feet overall that speeds up the flow of blood, and consequently improves circulation.

8. Consult a Doctor 

The remedies described above can help with your feet swelling. However, if you experience pain in your swollen feet that lasts for over 7/10 days, you should consider visiting a doctor.

Feet swelling sitting at desk may also be a sign of certain conditions, such as underlying cardiac issues. The doctors will prescribe you the right treatments to minimize the foot swelling.

How To Prevent Feet Swelling While Sitting At Desk?

Better circulation, as well as movement, is crucial to prevent swelling of the feet effectively. Here are some correct methods you can adopt to prevent your feet from swelling, which you usually experience after sitting at a desk for a long time.

1. Place Your Feet Firmly on the Ground 

It is vital to sit in the correct posture to prevent foot swelling. You must maintain a proper sitting posture to protect your feet from swelling. Check the seat height for your height to ensure that your feet are at floor level. 

If your feet are hanging down, another option is to utilize a comfortable footrest.

However, keep in mind that prolonged sitting, even with good posture, may cause your feet to swell.

That is why in between your work, you should get up from the chair and move your legs a little.

2. Avoid Sitting on the Chair for Hours

You may get so engrossed in the office work that you ignore or forget to move your legs even for a short time. But, it is not suitable at all. Your feet may become clogged with fluid as a result.

Hence, try to alter your posture every hour. Before returning to your work, get up and take a walk about. This is another effective way to prevent foot swelling.

3. Used Equipment 

Not every office chair will necessarily accommodate your height. But, if your chair is not adjustable, uncomfortable postures can cause swelling in your feet.

Therefore, you can make use of specific equipment that supports your feet in the correct position. The height-appropriate footrests are available from 1″ to 6″. 

You can choose one that is proportional to the distance between the ground and the area where you hang your feet down.

A footrest will allow you to place your feet in the correct position, reducing foot swelling. Additionally, it discourages postural fixation by promoting foot mobility.

4. Avoid Improper Feet Postures

Specific foot postures may be cozy, such as dangling feet, crossing your legs, and sitting on your feet. But, this can cause discomfort and swell in the feet.

Hence, always avoid such improper foot postures. You can sit in such poses occasionally, and it won’t be that much of a problem. But don’t make it your habit.

5. Keep Hydrated 

Sometimes dehydration can cause swelling in your feet. So, never keep your body dehydrated. To avoid swollen feet, you must stay hydrated; for this, you should consume 8 to 12 glasses of water daily.

The fluid accumulation may be brought on by salt accumulation in the human body, and excessive sodium may be eliminated by drinking more water.

Hence, while working in the office, don’t forget to keep a water bottle nearby, and whenever you feel thirsty, drink some water.

6. Consider Using Foot Pedals 

It would be great if you use a foot pedal under your desk whenever you are busy with your work for a long time. This will enable you to engage your feet and muscles during your appointment.

The benefits of foot pedals are that they will simulate cycling, which is good for blood circulation in the body. Several foot pedals are available on the market, and you can invest in a high-quality foot pedal.

7. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Always wear a comfortable dress while performing your work at the desk. Not only your attire but your shoes should also be comfortable.

Poor circulation and fluid buildup on your legs can be brought on by wearing restrictive clothing, such as tight jeans.

Studies have found that wearing tight jeans causes swelling in the feet of many people, including men and women.

8. Prevent Your Obesity 

As obesity is a cause of foot swelling, so to avoid obesity, you have to give up high-calorie food as much as possible. Limiting your intake of high-calorie foods will yield effective results in your physical condition.

9. Potential Health Effects

If you frequently experience swollen feet, you should be aware of specific medical issues. Visit your physician if you share your pain is continuing or growing worse because swollen feet can occasionally be a sign of something worse or progress to a more severe problem. 

Swelling in the lower limbs as well as feet could indicate specific other health issues, such as heart and kidney problems.

Although it isn’t always a big issue, paying attention to any warning indications your body gives you is vital.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Can sit in an office chair for a long time cause swollen feet?

A1. Yes, sitting for a long time can cause swelling in your feet. Office employees frequently develop foot edema from chair-prompted swelling brought on by long periods of sitting. The lower limbs enlarge due to the inactivity of the muscles and the accumulation of fluid.
It only takes sitting unsupported for over 2/3 hours to trigger edema in the lower limbs area. Even with proper leg support, sitting for longer than six hours might result in swelling.
For more information you can have a look on this article on making a chair more comfortable.

Q2. What not to do if you have swollen feet?

A2. It would be best if you stayed away from a few typical mistakes that might lead to swollen feet. If this issue arises, make an effort to resolve it with the appropriate methods. Ignoring your leg pain and swelling is never a good thing. With time, it will only become worse. Swollen feet may appear to be expected, but they could indicate a severe condition. 
In addition, even if it makes you feel more comfortable, crossing your legs is not a good idea. This is because when you cross your legs, one leg is under a lot of pressure while the other is relaxing.

Q3. How do I stop my feet from swelling when I sit at a desk?

A3. You can adopt several steps to stop your feet swelling when using the computer device at the office desk—wearing supportive attire and shoes that are comfy to start with. In order to improve leg circulation, make an effort to get up from the chair and move around every one or two hours.
Adjustable seat height is required for utmost comfort. Occasionally, adding an additional cushion to the chair will improve blood circulation. Drink enough plain water to ensure hydration to your body.

Q4. Are leg exercises practical for preventing swollen legs?

A4. Exercise is always good for overall health and can also remove various health issues. With regard to foot swelling, exercise can be an excellent way to prevent foot swelling. There are many foot exercises that can help you avoid swelling of your feet. 

Some specific leg exercises include leg extensions, knee lifts, ankle circles, and foot pumps. But, while exercising, you must follow the correct methods of training, then only you can expect good results. By watching tutorial videos on YouTube or other sources, you will be able to learn how to do the exercises the right way.

Final Talk: How To Prevent Feet Swelling While Sitting At Desk?

Instead of treating the problem of swollen feet, it is better to stop the swelling before it occurs. And only your health consciousness can solve this problem. Follow the measures mentioned to avoid the problem of swollen feet.

Feet swelling can be dealt with by sitting at a desk, taking breaks, using foot support equipment, and elevating your leg frequently. Apart from this, it is also critical to use a quality and comfortable office chair to avoid this kind of foot swelling problem.

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