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How To Disassemble Gaming Chair? [Easy Step-By-Step Guide][2023]

How to disassemble gaming chair?

Occasionally due to several reasons, you may need to disassemble your gaming chair; if you are not entirely familiar with the procedure of dismantling a gaming chair, it may be difficult for you to accomplish this task.

Well, this guide will help you to disassemble your gaming chair. The techniques for how to disassemble gaming chair are pretty straightforward.

how to disassemble gaming chair? [6 Simple Steps]

1. Prepare The Tools

Your first step will be to prepare the tools you will need to disassemble the gaming chair, which includes a small hammer, a small screwdriver, and a piece of wood.

If your gaming chair is going to be used for a long time, you will need some oil to disassemble the chair components. Then, keep the chair in a clean place to begin the task of chair disassembling.

2. Use Oil

Now, apply a small amount of oil to the upper part of the chair connecting the base and the gaming chair seat, and then gently tap on that part with a hammer. Do not tap too hard, and it may damage the chair.

I just need to loosen the combination a bit. The advantage of oiling is that it doesn’t require much effort while disassembling the chair and will save you time.

3. Fix The Base

Fix the base of the chair correctly, and move the seat of the gaming chair up and down so that the chair joint can be easily torn after pulling up.

4. Unplug The Cords And Cables

If you want to disassemble your gaming chair for cleaning purposes, you should unplug the cords and cables from the chair.

By doing this, you’ll be able to prevent accidentally harming any of the sensitive parts of your gaming chair.

5. Disassemble The Armrests & Backrest Of The Chair

Most chairs have screws on the backrest and armrests at the bottom, which keep them attached to the chair.

So, unscrew all these screws to disassemble the gaming chair’s armrests and backrests from their positions.

6. Remove The 5-Star Base

You’ll need a small hammer, a piece of wood, and someone’s help in order to remove the 5-star base. When you place the piece of wood on top of the gas lift, the other person will hold the chair upside down while pressing on the 5-star base.

Now, hit the wood with a hammer. Be careful not to hit the gas lift directly with any part. Keep hammering the wood on the gas lift, the 5-star will release the pressure inside the base, and the base will separate.


This process may be challenging for you if you are disassembling your gaming chair for the first time. However, following the instructions for how to disassemble gaming chair will make your job easier. Make sure that all parts of the chair are secure after disassembling so that there will be no problems with assembling the gaming chair later.

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