How To Connect XRocker To PS4? [3 Easy Ways to Connect the X Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair]

how to connect xrocker to ps4

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to get your own rocking gaming chair and drive the fastest car? Sounds interesting right?

A good rocking chair can always set the tune for an amazing experience to play games. Even if you are playing back at home, a rocking chair makes you feel like you are surrounded by reverie.

What can be better than having X Rocker gamer chair for PS4 at your home?

This amazing rocking gaming chair is one of a kind. To be fair, it’s almost a dream for many and if you’re having one at your home, what’s stopping you to configure this amazing device with your PS4.

Here is a quick guide on how to connect XRocker to PS4 which you can easily follow up to know more.

Solution 1: Connecting X Rocker Sound Rocker To Audio Cables

Step 1: Connect Male To Female Jack

Look at the audio cables presented over here. You may find male jack end which is usually green in color. Such audio cables are shorter in length and you need to place this end to the input jack of your X Rocker transmitter.

Step 2: Attach To Audio Source

Once you are done by placing the male end, you will now have to place the other end of audio cables. This part should be attached to the audio source. If you are using a PS4, there should be an audio output jack.

Step 3: Alter Band Frequency

Only connecting your audio jack will not do much help. To configure it properly, you will have to tune in the band frequency. Adjust them with an equaliser that will help you to get a proper sound enhancer. You can check the connected audio source for audio results.

Step 4: Connect Your Transmitter

To receive proper audio quality, it is important that you keep everything properly updated. You can directly connect your transmitter and then your chair. Make sure that the transmitter sits in properly and you get a decent sound quality.

Solution 2: Connecting X Rocker Via RCA Cable

Step 1: Gather Everything

To start your connectivity, you need to first check out the cables thoroughly. Look for all ends of your A/V cable and you will be able to figure out the correct end for joining. Plug out all cable previously connected from the audio output.

Step 2: Connect To Barrel Adapters

Once you have gone through the entire RCA cable, it is now time to plug in the adapter. Follow up with red and white ends of the cable and connect them to the B3 node of your adapters. This connection must be with a female to female end. They are usually single tubes in nature.

Step 3: Connect B6 Cable

Now it is time for you to pick up the B6 cable. It is responsible for transmitting 4K HD video from source to your destination. A lot of people also call this cable HDMI. Connect the B6 cable to the open end of B3 cables.

Step 4: Turn On Transmitter

To make it easier the connection of your B6 cable should be directly made with the green make end with the transmitter. Make sure that there are no more loose ends and now you are free to go. Turn on the transmitter once you are done.

Step 5:

Your connection is now ready and your XRocker gaming chair is now connected with audio and video cables properly. You can now turn on the chair and experience a different dynamics of gaming.

Solution 3: Connecting X Rocker To PS4

Step 1: Get An HDMI Cable

The one thing that helps people most with easy connectivity is with an HDMI cable. You need to start off the procedure by using an HDMI. Make sure that the cable is at least 2-3 meters long.

Step 2: Connect The Ends

Connect one end of your HDMI cable to your PS4 or any gaming console. You can now connect other ends of the cable to your X Rocker PS4 gaming chair as well. This should be enough to complete the configuration.

If you do not see an immediate configuration, give it some time. The drivers may need to get updated and this will take some time as well.

Is X Rocker Compatible With PS4?

Yes they are and you won’t have to worry much about them at all. At certain times, you may feel some technical glitches, but if you establish proper connectivity, it will not be compatible. X Rocker is a properly manufactured gaming chair that comes with amazing features and connectivity.

They are compatible not only with PS4 but with other gaming consoles available as well. You can either configure it with the help of an HDMI cable or with multiple other audio and AV cables as well.

For more great options for gaming chairs for PS4 we have an in-depth review for you. You can find the ideal one for you.

Is The X Rocker Gaming Chair Bluetooth?

A lot of people do get confused. Yes the X Rocker gaming chair comes with both wireless and wired options. For wireless configuration, you can get the support from Bluetooth 2.1. Although PS$ and other gaming devices may come with a higher updated version of using Bluetooth. The only possible way by getting connected is either by upgrading your Bluetooth version, which is almost difficult or by connecting it through wired options.

Are X Rocker Chairs Good?

When it comes down to rocking gaming chairs, you will always require a device that provides you an amazing gaming experience. With amazing sound drivers and features, playstation 4 gaming chair X Rocker, seem to be an amazing catch for everyone. Ofcourse, they are decent enough to use and you can get almost everything in the price that you are paying for. High bass sounds with stereotype effects make it even better to play games with X Rocker chairs.


Connecting your X Rocker gaming chair to PS4 is never difficult if you have the right tools and set them up properly. Remember, not to stretch out cables as they may tear apart.

So buying longer cables is the ideal way. If it’s too long, you can swirl up a part of the cable and place it aside.

You can try any of the methods mentioned in the above guide on how to connect XRocker to PS4 and get yourself set to play amazing games.

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