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How To Clean Desk Mat? [11 Easy Ways to Clean Your Desk Mats]

We use our computers for hours for office or business work and personal needs. Our hands keep moving on the keyboard and mouse. And we lay our hands on the desk mat while we type. Hence, the keyboard and the desk mat on which the keyboard is placed are equally dirty with dust, soil, and oil. Dust present in the air also makes our devices and desk mats dirty. 

You all put effort into cleaning your keyboard, but how do you clean your desk mat? The desk mat is usually cleaned with a microfiber cloth, mild detergent powder or mat cleaner, and a gentle brush. However, there is a specific method to clean the mat.

If you don’t follow the correct cleaning method, it will affect the quality and appearance of your desk mat. So this article, How to Clean Desk Mat, will guide you through the proper method to clean your desk, which is simple.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean Your Desk Mat?

First, we will discuss why we should clean our desk mat for its regular maintenance. A computer desk mat is usually damaged because we frequently lay our arms on the carpet, work on the computer, and use the mouse.

This gradually gathers grime, dust, sweat, and even bacteria from our arms on the mat. In addition, we have a habit of drinking tea or coffee while working, and we usually keep our tea cups or coffee mugs on the mat. So, that’s one additional reason to get our desk mats dirty.

These factors cause our desk mats to develop stains or spots, oil, dust, and food crumbs with time. If we don’t maintain regular cleaning of our desk mat, it will damage soon, and also, using a dirty desk mat is not good for our health. Therefore, you should clean your desk mat when it is dirty.

Is It Good To Wash A Desk Mat? 

Desk mats are allowed to be cleaned by running the mats under water. No issues there. However, all desk mats cannot be washed as usual. Desk mats come in a variety of styles. A special category of RGB desk mats has an electric element. You cannot use water to clean this mat since water would damage it.

Similarly, desk mats made of leather as well as suede materials are not allowed to be washed. You can wipe the leather mat down with a cleaner.

If the water or moisture is left on any leather product for longer, it may naturally crack the leather.

Hence, we can conclude that for the mats that are allowed to be washed, we can clean them with water, and for others, we need to apply specific cleaning methods.

Types Of Desk Mats 

It is important to know the types of desk mats and to apply cleaning methods to a specific desk mat accordingly. In general, there are two types of desk mats – hard desk mats and soft desk mats. We are giving a brief description of both types so that you can get familiar with the features and uses of these desk mats.

A. Hard Desk Mats

Hard desk mats are available in metal or plastic materials and come without cushioning. They look very pretty and are durable, and due to their characteristics, they are users’ choice. However, video gamers like to use hard desk mats as the surface of these mats is very smooth. This type of mat is simple to clean up. 

B. Soft Desk Mats

Soft desk mats are available in leather, fabric, and suede materials. They come with a rubber fabric cushion, which gives a soft feel. They are generally considered to be of use for their ergonomic advantages and better hand support. 

With regards to cleanliness, soft desk mats are a bit harder to clean. Due to the softness feature, soft desk mats are not suitable for computer gaming performance as they tend to cause friction, which slows down the gameplay on the computer.

How To Clean Desk Mat? [5 Types Of Desk Mats]

Desk mats are manufactured with various materials and features. So, you cannot apply the same tools and cleaning techniques to every carpet. In that case, you need separate accessories and cleaning agents. Here we will detail the methods of cleaning different materials with different cleaning agents and tools.

A. How to Clean Soft Desk Mats?

1. Cleaning soft desk mats using detergent powder:

You can clean your soft desk mat by hand using a mild detergent powder following the steps. Make sure you are gentle with the carpet when cleaning.

  1. Pour clean water into a tub. You can choose cold or warm water, but avoid using hot water for cleaning because it may spoil the mat’s fibers.
  2. Fill the water with the cleaning agents of mild detergent powder.
  3. Soak your desk mat in cold or warm water, then take a soft brush and brush off the dust and dirt.
  4. This requirement may come with soaking your desk mat in detergent water before cleaning it if you find it is stained.
  5. Then wash the mat thoroughly and air dry it instead of sunlight for about 24 hours.
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2. Cleaning soft desk mats using baking soda:

Baking soda can be considered a mild abrasive that you can use to clean your soft desk mat.

It works as a professional polyester cleaning agent and effectively removes stains.

  1. Any loose cloth should be rolled off with a lint roller.
  2. Put clean, warm water in your bathroom sink. You can also opt for a bathtub.
  3. Dip the desk mat in the sink or bathtub after adding a little baking soda.
  4. Give it 15/20 minutes to soak. Several times, replace the water.
  5. Rinse your mat properly, and then wipe the mat with a fresh towel.
  6. Reapply the lint roller brush for the final cleaning of the mat.
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3. Cleaning soft desk mats using dish soap:

Dish soap is a great option for eliminating the dust and grime that builds up within the strands of the mat. Use the following steps.

  1. In that case, it would be best to use warm water for soaking the sponge and your mat.
  2. Using a sponge dampened with a small amount of dish soap, clean your mat gently.
  3. Scrub the desk mat until all soap has been removed.
  4. If any stains appear, repeat the cleaning process. Then dry your mat by placing it in a dry and clean cloth.
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4. Cleaning soft desk mats by washing machine:

Along with hand washing, you can also choose to machine wash for cleaning your soft desk mat.

But, in this case, you should use cold water instead of hot or warm water for mat cleaning, as the friction and heat combined can damage the rubber backing of your desk mat.

Follow the simple steps to clean soft desk mats when you consider a washing machine for cleaning desk mat.

  1. Activate the device and put your desk mat inside the washing machine.
  2. Apply a gentle detergent powder. Start the washer on the usual old cycle.
  3. Once the cleaning process is done, dry your mat.
  4. You must avoid drying your mat. in the bright sunlight. This may cause your desk mat to discolor. 
  5. Make sure you dry your mat properly for 24 hours as water seeps through the rubber backing.

B. How to Clean Hard Desk Mats?

1. Cleaning hard desk mats with water:

Follow the steps-by-steps methods to clean the hard disk mat by hand using only water. 

  1. Take a dry clean cloth and wipe off the dust on the mat.
  2. The desk mat should be cleaned by dipping a microfiber towel in freshwater.
  3. Then, dry your hard mat with another dry cloth.
2. Cleaning hard desk mats with rubbing alcohol:

Running alcohol is another effective cleaning agent on hard desk mats to eliminate yellow fades. Follow the tips given below.

  1. Mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a microfiber fabric.
  2. You can also spray alcohol on your piece of cloth.
  3. Use circular motions to clean the hard mat.
  4. Then take a dry microfiber cloth, and dry the desk mat thoroughly.
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3. Cleaning hard desk mats with sprays:

Cleaning spray is a good option for cleaning plastic hard desk mats. Follow the given tips.

  1. Spray cleaning sprays on your mat, then wipe down the area using a microfiber towel.
  2. Additionally, in order to eliminate bacteria, you can utilize a disinfectant wipe agent. Next, air dry your desk mat.
  3. Vinyl desk mats, a kind of hard desk mat, can be cleaned with a mild cleanser.

C. How to Clean Leather and Suede Desk Mats?

Pay due attention when you want to clean your leather desk mats. Note that they shouldn’t be placed in a machine. When leather absorbs water, the water swiftly combines with the oil particles present in it. The oils and water particles present in the leather material will evaporate when it dries, making the leather frail. 

Your leather mat may become streaked, stained, and discolored as a result of the water harm. Water may change the color of the suede mat as well.

If you maintain the leather as well as suede mats properly, you can keep them looking like a new product.

1. Cleaning leather desk mat with soap:

Follow the steps below for cleaning leather desk mats with soap properly:

  1. Use mild soap and water to create a good soup solution.
  2. Your leather mat should be cleaned with this solution using a microfiber towel.
  3. Wipe the leather mat dry using circular strokes.
  4. A soft-bristled brush can be considered for cleaning.
  5. If your leather desk mats come with sewn edges, try not to clean too vigorously as this can lead to the possibility of tearing the stitches.
  6. Then, the mat should be rinsed and allowed to air dry.
2. Cleaning leather and suede desk mat with vinegar:
  • Equal proportions of vinegar liquid and water should be combined.
  • A microfiber towel should be dipped into the mixture.
  • Utilize a microfiber towel to clean your mat.
  • Allow it to air dry for a fixed time.

D. How to Clean RGB Desk Mats?

RGB desk mats are designed with electronic components, and that is why you should keep this type of mat away from contact with moisture and water.

Good techniques may be used to clean RGB carpets while ensuring safety.

  1. First, disconnect the RGB desk mat.
  2. Grab a gentle sponge and soak it in clean water.
  3. Wipe the mat with a sponge and mild soap bar.
  4. Keep in mind not to approach the edges of the mat.
  5. Scrub the soapy water off with a fresh cloth.
  6. Then, dry your desk mat with a dry piece of cloth. Please keep it air dry in a dark place for 24 hours.

E. How to Clean White Desk Mats?

The white desk mat requires more care as a little dust, and dirt gets easily visible on this mat. In contrast, the dust and dirt accumulated on the dark floor are not easily visible.

Therefore, you need to use the right cleaning agents and processes to clean white desk mats, preventing their color transfer and dullness. Follow the given steps.

  1. Select the above mentioned cleaning techniques after determining the material the white desk mat is made of.
  2. In order to clean the mat, you can use any option from bleach, soap, or dish soap bar.
  3. Avoid cleaning your mat with colored towels since the color can transfer.
  4. Make sure that your desk mat shouldn’t cleaned with abrasive agents.
  5. You can consider baking soda to remove stains from your white Desk mats.
  6. Use leather milk on your carpet to prevent the color of your white desk mat from fading.

8 Simple Tips to Keep Your Desk Mats Clean

  • Regularly maintain your desk mat cleaning.
  • When you discover that your mat starts to look dirty or dusty, rapidly scrub the dust off with a paper towel.
  • Never spill any liquids and food particles on your mat.
  • Never spill any liquid on your mats, such as tea, coffee, and other beverages.
  • In case you have to set your beverage down on the mat quickly, you may alternatively utilize a coaster.
  • Your pets, such as dogs or cats, shouldn’t be allowed near the computer desk. Your pets’ pointed nails readily scratch your quality desk mat.
  • Before starting your desk mat cleaning, you can remove any loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Ensure your desk mat has a cloth cover to avoid liquids or stains.

How to Clean Metropolis Deskmate?

  • After dusting your metropolis desk mat with cloth, rinse it with water.
  • Use an up-and-down motion to scrub it with a quality cleanser and a soft brush.
  • Repeat the process while rotating from the left to right side.
  • Rinse again using only water to get rid of all the dirt.
  • Allow it to drip dry for around 16 or 20 minutes.
  • Some desk mats are allowed for machine washing; nevertheless, hand washing is preferable.

How to Clean Godspeed Desk Mat?

Godspeed desk mat is easy to wash or clean up. You can clean this type of desk mat with a washing machine. Set your washing machine on the cold and medium spin, and put your carpet in the machine. Once the cleaning process is done, allow your desk mat to air dry. 

Note, never think of using your washing machine dryer. Hand cleaning is another option. Soak a sponge in the detergent solution, and rub it across your mat until all the dirt is gone. Then, wash your carpet with plain water.

How To Remove Stains From Soft Desk Mats?

Food and any Liquid Stains:

  • Dish soap bar and water are combined to create a soap solution 
  • Soak a fresh microfiber cloth in water, then scrub the stain mark in a round motion.
  • Use a wet cloth to clean it, then leave it for air dry.

Tea and Coffee Stains:

  • Take a dry piece of cloth, dip it in a stain remover, and rub it on the desk mat 
  • Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

How To Remove Stains From Hard Desk Mats?

Ink Dye Stain:

  • In the alcohol liquid, soak a cotton ball.
  • Then, scrub the ball on your desk mat in a round motion.

Mineral Stains on Glass Desk Mats:

  • In a big container, combine water and distilled white vinegar liquid.
  • Scratch the stain with a microfiber towel after applying the vinegar solution.

Dirt Stain:

  • Grab a baby wipe and scrub the paint on your desk mat.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. How often do I clean a desk mat?

A1. To ensure the life extension of your quality desk mat, you must clean the product occasionally. Darker desk mat materials will not be unclean, but they can accumulate oil and dirt with time. Therefore, to ensure your desk mat is always clean, do regular cleaning every two months. On the other hand, if your desk mat is made of leather or suede material, clean it minimum. Clean them after every three months.

Q2. How to sanitize my desk mats?

A2. In addition to cleanliness, your desk mat must be bacteria and germ-free. In order to rid your mat of bacteria, you need to sanitize your desk mats properly. You can sanitize your desk mat 
with wipes, such as Lysol cleaning wipes. Use the sanitizer on your mat, clean it, and then leave it for air dry.

Q3. Can I put the desk mat on the dryer?

A3. It is never advisable to put a desk mat on the dryer. This is because the high temperature damages the rubber backing of the carpet. 180° C is the minimum melting point of rubber. It may thus swiftly dissolve. Hence, always avoid the dryer, and opt for natural air to dry your desk mat.


No matter how high-quality your desk mat is. If you don’t clean it when it gets dirty, it will worsen and fade in a few days. So, always wash your mat. Be careful cleaning your carpet, and use the right cleaning agents, equipment, and method. This will make your mat last longer and maintain its look. I hope our guide answered your question, how to clean desk mat.

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