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How To Clean A Gaming Chair? [7 Awesome Tricks Clean It Like A Pro!]

The gaming chair is an indispensable part when it comes to enjoying online gaming on the computer. Almost all gaming chairs come with excellent features that provide you the ultimate comfort while sitting on the chair and playing your favorite game on the computer. You can also adjust the backrest, armrest, seat height, etc., of high-quality gaming chairs as per your convenience. 

Like every other piece of furniture, regular cleaning of gaming chairs is necessary.

Now two questions arise,

First, What all gets inside a gaming chair?

Second, How To Clean A Gaming Chair?

Answering the first one, dust, dirt, and soil accumulate on the chair, which needs to be cleaned. Apart from this, tea, coffee, or other beverages also occasionally spill on the chair due to carelessness because people naturally drink tea, coffee, and other beverages while playing. So, it is also necessary to remove the stains of these beverages. 

Let’s read forward for the second question.

cleaning A gaming chair

This is an important question because gaming chairs are not cheap products that can be cleaned of kind cleaning. You will need special care when cleaning your expensive gaming chair. This article will guide you on what steps you should follow while cleaning your gaming chair so that you can maintain the quality and shine of your chair for a long time.

7 Useful Tips to Clean Your Gaming Chair

Here are 7 tips you can adapt to clean your favorite gaming chairs. These methods will enable you to clean your chair easily without any damage.

1. Verify the Material of Your Gaming Chair

Diverse kinds of different materials are used to make gaming chairs. Any kind of component can technically be used in gaming chair manufacturing. Still, the majority of a chair is made with one of four materials, such as PU leather, PVC leather, fabric, and mesh. The upholstery used varies greatly between brands. 

That is why you must first check the gaming chair’s material. You can adopt a smart cleaning technique for your expensive gaming chair when you can verify what material is used to manufacture the majority of your chair.

Apart from this, check your gaming chair’s armrests, wheelbase, cup holders, and other components as well. 

These components are mostly made of plastic. So, if the armrests, wheelbase, etc. are made of plastic, it will be easy for you to clean them. Some high-end gaming chairs are designed with stainless steel components, which may require you to use a different material to clean.

2. Accumulate Your Cleaning Items

Now your step will be to accumulate the chair cleaning items, including a bucket of warm water, a clean cloth, mild dish detergent, and rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn stains.

You can clean the chair by creating a solvent by mixing mild dish detergent with warm water and then dipping a clean cloth over that solvent. This will clean most of the chair’s material without damaging it. 

You’ll need to use rubbing alcohol to clean the chair if you have a deep or stubborn stain on your chair, and the water-detergent solution isn’t going to remove the stain. Apart from this, you can also use things like sponges and brushes if you want to thoroughly clean the dust and dirt from every corner of the chair. It is best to wipe the chair with a dry towel at the end of the cleaning to prevent water stains and streaks.

3. Remove Surface Dust

In this cleaning process, you don’t need to use water or any kind of cleaning solvent. If you use the gaming chair designed with PU or PVC leather, you can apply a dusting process in this case. Wipe the surface thoroughly with a duster or a microfiber towel. Static properties will stick to the dust and, with any effort, will move all the debris just above the surface.

On the other hand, in the case of fabric and mesh chairs, the cleaning method will be slightly different, as these materials tend to collect more dust and debris. Dust tends to get trapped deep in the fibers of the fabric, which is very difficult to remove. 

Hence, utilize a vacuum cleaner to clean these types of chairs. A vacuum cleaner is also the perfect solution for cleaning up pet hairs that get stuck on the chair. Using a brush to clean off tiny dust particles that even a vacuum can’t clean so well is better.

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4. Clean the Upholstery With Water or Cleaning Agent

Now, you have to step to deep clean the upholstery of the chair. It may be covered with coffee, beer, or sauce stains for weeks, requiring a lot of effort to clean up. You have many options to deeply clean upholstery, depending on whether the tag is “S,” “W,” or “S/W” on your gaming chair.

“W” means that it is allowed to clean the chair with water only, “S” means the solvent you can use in the cleaning work, and “S/W” means that the chair can be cleaned with water, a cleaning agent, or a combination of both. So, choose one of the cleaning methods according to the code.

If the stain is very stubborn, you can use soapy water several times or use a higher amount of cleaning agent on the stain. However, it will depend on the material of your gaming chair.

You can gently rub the liquid with a soft sponge on the leather and faux leather upholstery.

Avoid scrubbing too vigorously, as this can strip the color and damage the material. On the other hand, you can use intensive scrubbing on the upholstery of the cloth.

5. Give More Effort to Remove Stubborn Stains

Some stains do not come off easily. If you’re cleaning your gaming chair after a months-long gaming session, and there’s some stubborn stain on it, it won’t come off easily. Even removing stains, like old food, coffee, sweat, or beverages, can take a lot of effort.

So, you may not find it helpful to use water or solvent treatments to clean those stubborn stains.

In these situations, rubbing alcohol is a better option for removing stains. Take a cotton ball, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to it, and then rub the area on the chair where the stain is.

After that, leave that stained area with the alcohol for a few minutes. Keep in mind that the amount of alcohol is not too much, and if alcohol damages your chair, stop using alcohol in your cleaning process.

You will choose another option. You can adopt any method to clean the chair, and the only condition is that there is no damage to the chair.

6. Clean the Rest of the Gaming Chair

After cleaning the upholstery, it’s time to clean the other parts of the chair, including the armrests, wheels, and base, and the cleaning process for these parts is very easy. As mentioned above, these chair components are usually designed from plastic or any other hard material, making cleaning easy. 

So take a sponge and dip it in a block of soap and warm water solution. After that, rub the wet sponge on the hard parts, like the armrest, wheel, and base. All the dirt and dust will come out. Disinfecting the chair is also necessary, or better yet. For this, you can use solvent on those parts. 

Some high-end gaming chairs come with a stainless steel component, where the frame is designed from stainless steel, and the bottom of the plastic shell in the base is stainless steel. You can clean the stainless steel components of your gaming chair, like plastic components using warm water and mild detergent powder.

7. Disassemble and Clean the Chair

If you want to improve your cleaning process, you can disassemble the gaming chair and separate the smaller components that hold the chair together. To clean the casters, unscrew them from the wheel of the chair, and clean them using warm water and detergent. 

Opening the casters is not overly challenging. Flip the chair over and take off the casters. After that, you can clean the chair by unscrewing the wheels in the same way.

Use rubbing alcohol along with soapy water to clean off all the dirty particles from the floor on the chair. After cleaning the chair, assemble it properly. If the chair is not fitted properly, sitting on it may be a problem.

How to Get Smell Out of Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are designed for long gameplay sessions. But, unpleasant human odors are brought on by prolonged periods of non-stop gaming, and other factors might also contribute to the development of unpleasant odors in your gaming chair. Therefore, getting the smell out of the chair is crucial. Here are some easy steps you may take to get rid of bad smells from your gaming chair.

1. Identify the Smell

First, identify the sources of the gaming chair smells. Almost any area of a gaming chair might accumulate odors, so be vigilant in looking for any off-putting smells.

In general, the smell of the chair is mostly generated in the seat and upholstery areas. It may be tough for you to recognize the smell you may have contributed, so you might want to take help from your family members. Also, if your chair starts to smell after sitting then you can read this article for more information.

2. Clean the Chair

In order to get rid of the smell from your gaming chair quickly and give it a fresh look, thoroughly clean your gaming chair. Pay close attention to areas or parts where you suspect a smell may have come from when you are cleaning.

Cleaning the chair removes the smell. You can use our gaming as mentioned above chair cleaning tips for cleaning your chair.

3. Apply Home Remedies

After carefully cleaning the gaming chair, now use your preferred home solution. A gaming chair can be deodorized using a variety of do-it-yourself techniques, such as vinegar or baking soda. You can also opt for direct sunshine.

Placing an air purifier in your gaming space would be a great idea because these devices are efficient in getting rid of the particles that contribute to causing the bad smell. By installing an air purifier, all your chair smells will come out. Now, you can enjoy your seamless gaming experience on a PC while sitting in your new chair.

Some Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Gaming Chair

  • Always avoid placing your gaming chair in direct sunlight. The color of the chair will start to deteriorate, and if you often keep your chair in the direct sun, the PU leather may be damaged.
  • Pets shouldn’t be allowed to sit on your costly gaming chair. They can damage the chair with their teeth and claws.
  • Your sweat may also cause problems since sweat’s oils, and moisture might harm the chair’s PU leather. Hence, regularly clean your chair with a moist towel.
  • Use the chair correctly. Never misuse it. Chair damage caused by misuse can affect the chair as well as you.

Simple Steps to Clean a Fabric Gaming Chair

  • Make a solution of water and detergent and soak a cleaning pad in it.
  • Use the solution on the upholstery of the chair.
  • Scrub one more using the hard brush in order to eliminate the deep dirt from the chair.
  • Use a clean cloth dampened with water to remove detergent buildup from the fabric.
  • Leave your chair in the sun all day to dry it. You can also use a blow dryer in order to dry fabric.

Here is the detailed article on cleaning a cloth office chair. It might give you some extra hacks to clean the gaming chair.

Simple Steps to Deodorize Gaming Chair

  • Cover the fabric surface of your gaming chair with baking soda.
  • Use a microfiber towel or cloth to apply the baking soda to the fabric.
  • Wait 30 minutes to start baking soda.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner, and enjoy the clean scent of your gaming chair.


To extend the lifespan of your gaming chairs, you should never neglect to clean your chair. There is no fixed time to clean the chair. Whenever you feel that your chair has become dirty, clean it. Clean furniture is also good for health.

In addition, dirty furniture releases negative energy into your room and hinders your inner beauty. The methods mentioned above will be helpful for you to ensure your easy cleaning. You may also read the manufacturer’s instructions for additional assistance cleaning your gaming chair.

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