How To Clean A Cloth Office Chair? [5 Easy Steps to Your Dirty Office Chair Cleaning]

How To Clean A Cloth Office Chair

A clean and hygienic environment has become a trademark for 2022. Sanitisation’s and proper cleaning of your work space allows you to feel safe and comfortable. It creates a fresh ambience for you to work and to perform better.

Just like your office floor should be kept clean, the office chair fabric should also remain clean and safe to use. Millions of people all over the world are catching various diseases because of staying in unfriendly ambience. That’s why, it’s important to keep washing your office chair cloth at a regular interval.

However, simply placing it in a washing machine won’t do. You need to take proper care of cloth as well by reading instructions and following them. So, here we bring to you a detailed article on how to clean a cloth office chair. Let’s Begin!

Understanding The Basics Of Wash Instructions

When you start to wash an office chair cloth, it’s important to know about washing instructions. There may be a different cloth on your office chair and a different cloth on the next one. Each material has different properties and you need to understand these instructions carefully.

cleaning codes

Look for a label attached to this cloth and you can find some initials mentioned here indicating W, S, WS, X or C. Each of them signifies different methods of cleaning.

Here, W should mean that you can use simple water based cleaning options. S means water free solvents and WS stands out for dry cleaning products.

On the other hand, when it shows up X, it means that you most give this fabric to a professional cleaner. Again, C stands for requirements of crypton.

Using crypton as a cleaner should be done by a professional or by using a protective measure. However, most common fabrics come with either W or S cleaning instructions.

A List Of Things That You Might Need

Cleaning your office chair cloth is not a difficult thing to ask for. However it only helps you when you know about the correct procedures and you have all the equipment. Here are a few things that you may need to clean up your office chair.

1. Start with a duster. A dry duster comes to be very handy as you will need to wipe off dry debris and dirt from the chair fabric.

2. A vacuum cleaner is another handy device to use. With powerful suction options, it will help you to clean up the dirt that is stuck on the fabric. You can clean it up in a jiffy.

3. Use two individual clothes. Having two clothes will help you to use one as wet cleaning and one for dry cleaning. You can use either of them to clean casters and plastic components of your chair.

4. You must carry a dishwashing soap. Mix it well with water so that you can get to clean the surface of the office chair cloth easily. You may require a fair amount of soap to clean multiple clothes.

5. If you see stains on a cloth, you will require removing it. For this, you will have to take help of a scrubber as well as a stain remover. Do some research to buy one which will be compatible with your fabric!

6. Last but not the least, you need a tub filled with lukewarm water. Here you may have to mix the dish sap and then soak in your cloth. Go through a complete analysis of cleaning instructions before you soak it in the tub.

How To Clean A Cloth Office Chair?

Cleaning an office chair involves a lot of steps and procedures. Before you start out to clean the cloth or your office chair, you need to understand multiple steps to follow. Here are a few steps that you must always keep in mind before cleaning.

1. The first thing that you need to do is to pick out the chair and bring it to a place where you can get enough space to work with. Take out the cloth and locate all traces of dirt on the cloth. Wipe of the dry dirt to a bin.

2. The next thing is to turn on the vacuum cleaner and then go through the chair to dust the dry dirt. Give time to cleaning your chair and never do it in a hurry. Remember that if you do not remove dirt from joints, they will stick to your chair cloth again. Of Course you would not want this to happen with a washed cloth.

3. Now it is time to wash your clothes. Before you go on to wash, read the label present on your cloth. It should have instructions to clean.

If not, look for letters that represent cleaning like W, S or WS. You can now proceed to clean the fiber cloth.

4. If you get instructions for wet cleaning, add lukewarm water to a small tub and then apply some liquid soap to it. Mix up the soap well and now you can soak the towel here. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes and you can now go on to wash your cloth.

5. While cleaning, spot the stains and then apply a solution. Rub through the stains properly and repeat the procedure until it completely cleans up. If it is not cleaning up, try using a stain remover separately to clean the stains.

6. Once cleaning is done, you will have to now dry it up. If it is compatible with exposure to sunlight, the best would be to hang it up in a certain space where it receives sunlight.

Wait until it completely finishes up drying. You can now apply some organic fragrance on the cloth to make it appear fresh and ready to use.

How to Clean Office Chair Fabric? [Ways To Clean Multiple Types Of Fabric]

Your chair might have multiple types of fabric. The procedure for cleaning your office chair for plastic material and leather material may be different than others! It is important to know which product you should use for the type of cloth you have.

1. How To Clean Mesh Chairs?

Mesh chairs are basically designed to provide you with an ergonomic structure. Mesh back cover allows air to pass though the chair so that your body temperature always remains normal.

This is why dirt may get stuck on air pockets all around the chair.

If you have a mesh office chair, you can simply clean it with the help of dish soap and also some lukewarm water. Using a decent amount of soap will never damage the fabric. Make sure to rinse the mesh back properly.

2. Plastic Chair

Plastic chairs are made up of poly-propylene. They bring additional stability to your chair. Although plastic chairs look very attractive, they might not be so ergonomic at all. Cleaning a plastic chair is always easy and it does not allow heavy stain collection.

You can go for the same dish soap and water in case of a plastic office chair. However, remember to wipe the wet water thoroughly before sitting on the chair. Use a blower to dry it up completely.

3. Leather Chair

Leather chairs appear to be exclusive in nature. They bring up a classic look to your office desk. Premium leather chairs will always be expensive. Maintenance for such chairs should be ideal.

Things are a bit different in case of a leather fabric. They can easily absorb oil, but applying direct water will always get difficult.

Try going for simple oil based stain removers to make it look clean. You can also spray leather shiner once it dries up to bring the old glace back again.

4. Vinyl Cleaning: How to Clean Vinyl Chairs?

Vinyl is basically a printed fabric that is stitched onto your office chair. There are two types of vinyl available which includes standard vinyl and the other one is healthcare grade vinyl.

Standard vinyl cleaning can be done like the same procedure of mesh back cleaning. For healthcare grade vinyl, maintenance is fairly easy.

It is mainly because they are resistant to stain and sulphide. Still if you have an excessive amount of stain, you can always take help of bleach solution and wipe it off. The best part is, even if you use any cleaning solution, it will also go well, gently scrub on the difficult stains and it will be removed easily.

5. Crypton Fabric Cleaning

Crypton fabric is highly expensive because it is completely resistant to dirt. The properties of this material does not allow dirt to stick onto this surface.

If you receive simple stain marks on this device, you can always go for a solution by mixing enzyme detergent with water. Use a damp cloth to rub on this surface and you will be able to clean it.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. How to get rid of smell?

A1. If you want to get rid of smell, you can take the help of deodorizers on the market. This will gradually reduce the smell. If this method does not work for you, you can try it with a bit of shaking on your fabric. Make sure to clean it properly which will reduce the smell.

Q2. How to get blood out of office chair?

A2. If you want to take out blood stains, the most effective thing to get a hold of will be hydrogen peroxide. Apply a small portion of the peroxide directly on the stain. This will gradually make the red stain disappear. You may have to re-apply the same element for removal of darkest stains.

Q3. How to clean Steel case leap chair?

A3. To get the best results, you will have to mix 1 part of clear detergent with almost 16 parts of the bottle in spray. You will now have to spray on the soft surface which will provide you a great result until damp. Let it sit for a few minutes and get a great result.

Q4. How to get body fluid stains out cloth seats?

A4. If you need to remove the body fluid stains, the best way to do it is by using enzyme detergent. The one thing that you need to do is to use a cotton towel with damp cloth and provide a mixture of detergent and cold water.


Chair cleaning and cloth cleaning always requires special attention. You need to follow different instructions for different types of fabric as well.  To remove stains, take help of specific liquid that complements the fabric. On top of this, you can follow cleaning instructions to set it properly. 

Do not overuse a solution and try to go for organic substances to remove stains. This will always give a complete solution to cleaning cloth chairs of your office. Research well before buying the right cleaner according to the fabric you are using.

So, this was it from our side on how to clean a cloth office chair. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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