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How To Build A Racing Seat For Gaming? [15 Easy Steps to DIY Racing Simulator Setup]

Who would not want to play NFS with a realistic experience? Actual sounds, dynamic graphics, big screen as well as a complete simulator would be fun right? Why not? There are other games like F1 Racing and more which you would love to play using a full racing gaming setup with racing seats for gaming.

Purchasing a complete set with seats, accessories and wheels will cost you a lot of money. In case you want to save something for other expenses, here is a complete guide that you can follow. You can look for the steps mentioned below of every rig and other accessories to know about how to build a racing seat for gaming.

How To Build A Racing Seat For Gaming? [Things That You Will Need]

Purchasing a new racing seat for gaming might be your top priority, but it is not the only thing that you need. To enjoy this game, you will also require a lot of other things. Only then you can make your gameplay experience memorable.

1. The first thing you would need is obviously two display monitors.  Lot of people may use only one, but using an additional monitor will be the best choice for having a great experience.

2. Choose a steering wheel that matches your requirements. Some wheels do come without gears. But if you want it to be more realistic, try to go for the ones with manual shift gears.

3. Next up, you can purchase a desk. If you do not have enough space to fit in two different monitors, upgrade your old one with a wider desk for multiple monitors.

4. You can now go on to buy your racing seat for gaming. Try to go for the one that matches your budget and also gives you a sporty look. Make sure you check dimensions before you buy.

5. You need to get a base for setting up the entire system. If you do not find a compatible base that goes well with your sets, grab a ply and a few carpeting accessories to build this by yourself.

Find Out Where?

It’s obvious that you won’t be able to fit in a complete set up just anywhere. You’ll require a wide space where you can fix up things. It’s not only about the gaming seat but you’ll require a lot of accessories to fit in properly.

Thus, a bit of space on your either side to set up at least two monitors and movement of seats should be your priority. Make sure that you get these arrangements done.

1. Keep space for fitting in at least two monitors. You may have to keep them beside each other.

2. Allow some space for your steering wheel and accessories to fit in. This should be in front of you.

3. Next you need to keep space for your seat. If you want to make your racing simulator seat slightly tilted, allow even more space.

4. The setup needs to take place in front of an electrical board. Make sure you set this up against a wall.

How To Make The Structure?

To set up everything you cannot let your wheel and chair sit loose. You need to have a basic structure to create a complete racing game setup. Experiencing this game in a full cockpit should be fun. It brings up a lot more to enjoy.

There are a few things like dual monitors, accessories and also seat kits that need to be cone properly. If you are just placing a chair and keeping the wheel loose, it will not look well.

1. Measure all areas of your setup. Take clear dimensions of your chair and wheel dimension from the desk to place your chair.

2. For a stable setup, you can take plywood and cut out the area required. You may not require much extra space for installing the chair.

3. Once cut out is done, you will now have to think about mounting the steering wheel. Make this mount at least 3 feet high so that you can get a clear view of your monitors.

4. Fix all loose ends and paint your base structure if necessary. You will have to make sure it sits out properly before you go on to set up the chair.

Finalizing Your Driving Hotseat

Choosing the hot seat should be your first priority. Check for dimensions first and then you can look around for available models. Unless you are willing to spend a fortune on seats, you can easily look for models that would be comfortable and also give you sporty attire to the entire driving game setup.

However, look for the ones that are padded up properly and now you can follow these steps mentioned below.

1. Place your wheel on the mounting point and all other accessories around it. You can set it up at a 45-degree angle from your thighs to make driving easier.

2. Now it is time to place your hot seat. Fix your seat on the base place and then attach screws so that it sits tightly. Make sure you have straight visions at the monitor.

3. Place your desk in front of your seat and configure two monitors with a split screen with better experience. Wire up everything and you would be good to go.

4. If you want to make some style on your wheels or accessories, you can apply decals. Even a mock roll cage could make your DIY racing simulator cockpit look amazing.

Pro Tip

Never rush up to clear the finishing touches. You may have just set up the base and wait for gum to dry up. If you have applied paint, do not turn on any cooler or fan.

Allow to dry naturally and leave it open for at least 24 hours. Once it is dried out completely, you can now proceed to attach every accessory.

We have a wonderful comparison of these two racing gaming chairs, GTRacing and DXRacer. You will get to know the latest features that are available in the market these days.

Sim racing seating position

1. Wheel Height

The first thing that you need to keep your focus on is the height of the wheel. Make sure that it attains a height which is near to the base of the neck. This could be a bit higher than the street cars, but you can engage the larger muscles according to your arm positions.

2. Distance to Wheel

The next key thing that you need to focus on is the distance to the steering wheel. The easiest way by which you can measure this is by adjusting the distance from the steering wheel to stretching your arms. You can place your hand on 9&3 positions or take the 10&2 positions for a better grip. Make sure that the shoulders are touching the seat back.

3. Distance to pedals

The distance to pedal is one thing that you will have to keep in mind. Although it is not the most important aspect to focus on, you will have to keep an eye on multiple aspects for the pedal. Make sure that it is not too far stretched and the legs are not too cramped. A good angle for disbursement will help you to attain the right results.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. How to connect gaming Racing chair to PS4?

A1. The first thing that you need to do is to use the USB cable. You need to plug the transmitter into the console. Simply power your device up.
Once done, you will have to turn on the gaming chair. Make sure that you power up the gaming chair as well. Ensure that all the controls of your gaming chair are provided with access.
You will now be able to work with the gamer chair for Playstation 4 and then you can set the channel of the transmitter. While doing this, you can make it much effective to use.

Q2. What simulator do NASCAR drivers use?

A2. NASCAR drives to take the help of iRacing which is a great simulator for use. It is set to boast with a capacity of 225000 active subscribers which will provide a great result.


Experiencing racing games with a realistic approach could be an experience of a lifetime. So why not bring it for your home? Setting up your racing seat for gaming is never a big problem if you have the right resources.

Obviously a professional guide on how to build a racing seat for gaming will help you to build your own driving chair. Remember to be accurate about measurements and about all accessories you need before you go on to install the PC racing setup for gaming.

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