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How Tall Is A Standard Desk? What Is Standard Desk Height? [2023 Updated]

How tall is a standard desk? Everyone wants to know who needs to work long hours sitting at a desk. For perfect posture, the desk’s height should be adjustable so that the person will feel comfortable sitting on that desk.

Most offices provide standard-size desks for their employees, but humans are not a standard size. 

So, the standard size desk may not be suitable for every person. Many people look for tall desks, while many people prefer short-height desks that suit their short height. However, it would be best if you always choose an ergonomic desk of the correct size. 

A correct desk height ergonomic desk supports your proper sitting posture Well, in this article, we will tell what the actual height of the desk should be, which will help you do your work comfortably with the right sitting posture.

What Is The Average Desk Height?

You must have certainly noticed in your office or any furniture shop that all the desks are the same size. The industry standard for office desk height is 29″. But, this standard or average height can be the standard for people whose height is 6 feet. 

According to the US government agency, National Center for Health Statistics, this standard height is much taller than the typical American’s height, making it uncomfortable for people under 6 feet to do their office work while dealing with high desks. According to this US Govt. agency, the height of the typical American woman is 5 feet 3.7 inches, whereas the ordinary American man stands at 5 feet 9.2 inches.

Therefore, in the United States, the majority of people have a standard size office desk that is too tall for them. In contrast, people who are 6 feet or more require a considerably taller desk at their working place, and they luckily get the desks in their office according to their height.

How Tall Is A Standard Desk? What Is The Correct Office Desk And Standing Desk Height?

So it is clear that only a small section of the American people, the 1%, which includes men and women who are 6 feet tall, close to, or over, can sit conveniently at the office desks and do their work. The rest, 99% of people are bound to sit at the desk incorrectly or in the wrong posture, which eventually hurts their back and legs.

Correct Seated Desk Height

In general, a person about 6 feet in height will be able to work at a desk that is 29 inches high. However, it depends on the individual, and what seems comfortable to them, as we’ve already stated. 

When selecting a desk, you are advised to strive to stay within a range of 1 to 2 inches of your total height. As a general rule, you must accept or reject a 0.4 inches desk from the standard of 29 desk inches for each inch you are either taller or shorter than 6 feet. 

Correct Standing Desk Height

It is preferable to get an ergonomic standing desk that can be adjusted when you purchase a comfortable standing desk. You may have complete control over your adjustable desk and can raise the height of the desk when needed. Even though fixed standing desks like those from Varidesk come with 47 inches, there is no real industry standard standing desk available for offices.

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In order to assist you in locating the ideal office desk for your height, we have included a detailed chart below.

You will find here every detail which helps you to know the right height of your office desk and standing desk as per your height.

And if you want to purchase a desk for your home, you can decide which height desk is best for you.

Person’s Height
Seated Desk Height
    Standing Desk Height
5 ft
5 ft 1 inch
5 ft 2 inches
5 ft 3 inches25.442.8
5 ft 4 inches25.843.2
5 ft 5 inches26.243.6
5 ft 6 inches26.644
5 ft 7 inches2744.4
 5 ft 8 inches27.444.8
5 ft 9 inches27.845.2
5 ft 10 inches28.245.6
5 ft 11 inches28.646
6 ft29.446.8
6 ft 2 inches29.847.2
6 ft 3 inches30.247.6 
6 ft 4 inches30.648
6 ft 5 inches3148.4
6 ft 6 inches31.548.9

What Is The Correct Chair Height?

The ideal chair height is frequently disregarded. The general rule is that, with your feet flat on the floor, your hips and knees must be close to a 90-degree angle.

You will feel more comfortable sitting on the chair in this position and less pressure on the joint area. We have given the correct chair height based on different measurements of individuals.

Person’s Height
Chair Height
Chair Height
5 ft16.2153
5 ft 1 inch16.4 155.5
5 ft 2 inches16.7158
5 ft 3 inches16.9160.5
5 ft 4 inches17.2163
5 ft 5 inches17.5165.5
5 ft 6 inches17.7168
5 ft 7 inches18170.5
5 ft 8 inches 18.3173
5 ft 9 inches18.5   175.5
5 ft 10 inches18.8 178
5 ft 11 inches19180.5
6 ft19.3  183
6 ft 1 inch19.5185.5
6 ft 2 inches19.8188
6 ft 3 inches20.1190.5
6 ft 4 inches20.4193
6 ft 5 inches20.7195.5

How To Find The Right Desk Dimensions? How To Measure A Desk?

Certain aspects of a desk, such as style, height, and purpose of use, will enable you to find the right desk dimensions. Let’s look at it.

A. Style

Two different height measurements commonly appear on desk dimensions. The first is the distance from the tabletop to the ground, and the other is the height of your desk, which may vary if a bookcase is affixed to the unit. 

Models with this extra room are perfect for decreasing clutter and making a regal and traditional aesthetic statement. Though they have restricted positioning possibilities, desks designed with storage also occupy more space in your room.

B. Height

A desk’s height is another critical aspect you must consider while purchasing a desk. A slight desk height variation may significantly impact your sitting comfort. So, before choosing any desk height needs to be tested to see if it is comfortable and adjustable for you.

Place your arms at the sides while sitting in the posture you often employ for office work.

You should be able to put your hand’s palm down on the desk while maintaining a 90° angle between your elbows and your torso to make sure that this is an ideal desk height for you.

In case the desk height won’t raise after a level. Here are a few ways to increase the desk height.

C. Purpose of Use

A few desk designs might be the ideal fit for your office desk, based on what purpose you intend to use the desk for.

Let me explain!

Standing desks are suitable for those who must extend items on a vast area of the desk or perform their work with heavy articles.

In contrast, seated desks are best for close-up work, such as typing or drawing something on the computer screen.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. How to choose a chair with good ergonomics?

A1. Your desk and your chair must function as one associative unit because they are two aspects of it. A chair with adjustable seat height and adjustable back support will offer the most optimization options. By sitting in a chair, you can examine whether the chair is ergonomic. 
When you sit in a chair, your body needs to make a straight angle with your legs, which must range from 90° to 110°. Your knees’ backs shouldn’t touch the seat’s end part.

Q2. What is the standard/ average size of a desk?

A2. The desk’s length, height, and depth are standard desk dimensions. The portion of your desk, when seated at the desk, is parallel to the body and has a length equal to its width. Due to the seating comfort and health issues, these desk qualities are crucial.
While sitting at your desk, you wish to maintain proper posture, but simultaneously, you don’t want a desk that takes up much space in your office or computer room.

Q3. How to determine proper desk height? 

A3. The best computer desk must be comfortable to sit at, which enables you to keep a good position on your desk. 
It must not be low enough that you have to squat and hunch over to access your computer keyboard, but it also must not be high enough to put undue stress on your eyes, back, neck, etc. It should be properly balanced. Your arms need to be parallel to the ground, and your feet must be allowed to plant properly on your office floor.


When you buy a desk for your home office, always consider ergonomic desks that are height adjustable. Also, instead of sitting for long periods at the desk, you can raise the size of the desk and do your work by standing for some time. 

Most importantly, avoid sitting at a desk for a long time; it can cause problems in your feet, back, and legs. A quality desk is essential for durability and sitting comfort, but it is also important to select the right desk height.

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