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How Much Does A Gaming Chair Weigh? [The Detailed Answer 2023]

How much does a gaming chair weigh?

If you are going to buy a gaming chair for the first time, you may have this question. The gaming chair’s weight is a vital aspect to consider. This is because the gaming chair often has to be moved around, and in such a situation, if the chair is too heavy, it can be troublesome to move it.

Purchasing an expensive gaming chair can give you an incredible experience as gaming chairs are considered in the classy furniture category. But, if the chair is too heavy, it will cause many issues later. There are many factors behind the heavy weight of some gaming chairs, and not every gaming chair has the same weight.  

Several exceptional features are added to the chair to improve further the performance of some high-end gaming chairs, which are responsible for heavy chairs. In this article, we will discuss the weight of gaming chairs, as well as explore the reasons responsible for heavy gaming chairs.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Gaming Chair? 

A gaming chair typically weighs between 45 and 50 pounds. Certain types of gaming chairs, however, might weigh up to 60 pounds. The majority of gaming chairs on the market weigh between 40 and 50 pounds. A few office chairs only weigh around 40 pounds. Some of the best manufacturers whose gaming chairs are lightweight and entertain around the average weight include Von Racer, GTRacing, and GTPlayer.

However, there are a few alternatives, such as the AKRacing Core Series and Master Series, whose chairs are robust and weigh more than 60 pounds. It’s tough to carry a chair that weighs more than 60 pounds. Several factors cause the overweight of a gaming chair.

how much does a gaming chair weigh?[Factors That Impact The Weight Of A Gaming Chair]

Some gaming chairs are heavy-duty but also heavy, weighing in at around 60/70 pounds, which puts out far beyond the average weight of a chair. So let’s see what factor works behind the gaming chair being overweight.

1. Larger Structure 

There are three standard categories of gaming chair sizes, which are vital in determining the chair’s weight. Some chairs have a backrest and a narrow seat to assist short individuals. And this type of chair has less weight. Here are a few good options of small gaming chairs reviewed.

The second gaming chair is targeted at teenagers and has a slim appearance with a high backrest to suit tall people.

Heavy-duty gaming chairs, which are made specifically for those who weigh more than 300 pounds, are the third category. The chair gains weight as a result of its wide appearance and massive frame size. That is why the larger structure contributes significantly to the chair’s weight increase.

2. Excessive Padding 

Although the padding is necessary for more comfortable seating, padding also contributes to the weight of a chair. And the framework is increased in size from the normal to accommodate that additional padding.

Most gaming chairs have 3 inches or more of padding. However, some high-end gaming chairs include padding that extends beyond 4 inches, giving the chair a substantial thickness.

3. Tall Backrest 

A gaming chair’s backrest, which covers one-third of the chair’s weight, is a crucial component. Additionally, the importance of the backrest is increased in chairs with long, thick backrests. An expensive gaming chair’s backrest is also made weighty by the thick padding that covers the backrest.

Regular backrests measure about 70 cm in length, whereas more large backrests typically have 95 cm or above measurements. This is how the weight of the traditional gaming chair and the expensive gaming chair change significantly as a result of the backrest design.

4. Materials And Upholstery

It’s crucial to consider the sorts of materials used in product manufacturing when calculating the final weight. Whether some upholstery is light or primarily heavy depends on the materials used. For instance, leather weighs more than fabric. As a result, leather-covered gaming chairs are typically more severe than fabric-covered chairs.

On the other hand, the weight is also influenced by the materials employed in the framework. Steel or metal is used to make structures, and metal is heavier than steel. This is how gaming chairs with metal frames are more severe than chairs with steel frames in some contemporary seats.

5. Thick Cushions

For improved support, almost all gaming chairs include headrests and lumbar cushions, which affect the weight of the chair.

These thick cushions typically contain memory foam, which doesn’t compress much, and, thus, covers a portion of the chair’s weight.

6. Extra Footrest 

The gaming chair with foot rests are an excellent design option to give the feet additional support and relaxation when working or playing games. The installation of a footrest under the chair is a perfect solution for individuals to fit in the chair, whose feet do not sit properly on the ground due to low height.

However, this footrest is also responsible for making your chair heavy to some extent. The footrest is also a kind of seat under the seat of your chair that adds extra weight to the chair.

Why Are Expensive Gaming Chairs Heavy Weight?

The root cause behind the expensive gaming chair being overweight is the over-function of the chair. They are designed with several innovative features to improve the performance of high-end chairs as much as possible.

These expensive gaming chair manufacturers also have a high budget, so they create every part of the chair very well with improved techniques to provide users with a superior gaming chair sitting experience, which affects the weight of the chair. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Lightweight Gaming Chair? 

The main benefit of a lightweight gaming chair is that it is easy to assemble and carry. Also, moving from here to there in your home is pretty straightforward. If you need to shift your gaming chair somewhere else, in the case of a lightweight gaming chair, there is no such problem. Here are some more benefits of gaming chair explained.


Each gaming chair comes with its own weight capacity to suit the needs of users of different sizes. Typically, gaming chairs are concentrated in a weight range of 250 to 300 pounds. So, while buying a gaming chair, it is necessary to consider the chair’s weight limit and buy a chair matching your weight and the chair’s weight capacity. If you exceed the chair’s weight limit, it will affect its durability, which can break the chair due to too much pressure on the chair.

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