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How Much Are Gaming Chairs? [Detailed Differences Between Low, Mid And High-Range Gaming Chairs] [2023 Updated]

A perfect gaming chair is essential while performing gameplay on the computer. When it comes to buying a gaming chair, the question that may come to your mind is, how much are gaming chairs? What should you pay for a quality gaming chair? Well, gaming chairs come in different types, quality, and features. And the price of a gaming chair is calculated based on the quality and parts of the chair. 

Most gaming chairs are available in the price range between $200 and $400. A premium builds quality chair that costs over $500 comes with more features. This article will discuss the prices of different ranges of gaming chairs so that you can get an idea of ​​how much you will have to pay when buying a standard gaming chair for a fantastic seating experience while performing your gameplay.

how much are gaming chairs? What is the Actual Cost of a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs come in a wide range of price points, from low to high. We have broken down the gamer chair price into three categories: cheap gamer chairs, mid-range gaming chairs, and high-end gaming chairs. We have described the price and features of each type of gaming chair below.

1. Cheap Gaming Chairs

The kind of gaming chairs that you often find in many online stores is the cheap gaming chairs. In general, a cheap gaming chair costs less than $200. They are well-liked because of their attractive appearance and stylish design. Cheap gaming chairs appear to be expensive chairs at first glance. Some chairs cost $100 or less.

Typical Set of Features You Will Find in Cheap Gaming Chairs

  • Weight capacity: From 220lbs to 330lbs
  • Cover material: PU leather or fabric 
  • Armrest: fixed – 3D (on rare occasions, may be changed)
  • Backrest: fixed/adjustable
  • Foam: not very high-quality sponge foam
  • Gaming chair size: small to average
  • Comfort: Head cushion and lumbar support included 
  • Price: Less than $200 

So, you can see that you may find some reasonably priced, featured gaming chairs under $200. The construction quality distinguishes a cheap chair from an expensive one. The cheap chairs employ sponge foam that is less expensive and lower-quality than high-density cold-cured foam, which flattens over time. The fact that PU leather is typically thinner and less robust than premium PU leather makes it a poor choice as well.

2. Mid-range Gaming Chairs

The construction of mid-range gaming chairs receives a significant boost. High-density cold-cured foam is used in this price category of chairs, which is substantially more long-lasting. Additionally, the thicker PU leather feels of the chairs enhance their looks and gives you a better feeling while sitting on the chair.

The mid-range pricing category gives you a pack of better features in the chairs. As competition in the gaming chair market increases, manufacturers are trying to offer as many features as possible for the same price to compete.

Typical Set of Features You Will Find in Mid-Range Gaming Chairs

  • Weight capacity:  From 220lbs. to 330lbs.
  • Cover material: PU leather or fabric
  • Armrest: 1D to 4D 
  • Backrest: Adjustable (you can adjust the backrest up to 180 degree 
  • Foam: High-density cold cure foam.
  • Comfort: Head cushion and lumbar support included
  • Gaming chair size: Small to big
  • Price: Between $200 and $450

So, you can find mid-range gaming chairs with more features than cheap chairs. High-density cold cure foam is used in mid-range chairs, ensuring enhanced seating comfort and longevity of the product. The mid-range gaming chairs are available in various price ranges, allowing you to buy the chairs per your budget.

3. High-Range Gaming Chairs

You will need to spend over $350 on an expensive gaming chair. There are numerous renowned brands that sell costly, high-quality gaming chairs. Several companies specialize in offering high-end gaming chairs in a variety of styles.

High-end gaming chairs are undoubtedly the most comfortable gaming chairs that provide you with the best sitting experience while using your computer to play games. These high-quality chairs are manufactured with the substantially greater effort by the manufacturers, often yielding visually beautiful results.

Typical Set of Features You Will Find in High-end Gaming Chairs

  • Weight capacity: From 265lbs. to 400lbs (sometimes it can exceed)
  • Cover material: PU leather, genuine leather, or fabric
  • Armrest: 3D or 4D
  • Backrest: adjustable (you can adjust the backrest up to 180 degrees)
  • Foam: High-density cold cure foam
  • Comfort: Head cushion and lumbar support included
  • Gaming chair size: medium to very big
  • Price: Over $350

High-end gaming chairs are premium chairs that offer ultimate comfort and ensure the durability of the product. The oversized chairs are typically the most expensive. The critical distinction in features is that high-end gaming chairs are considerably more likely to include 4D armrests.

Additionally, real leather chairs are available for that price, which was previously unavailable. These high-end chairs can frequently come in big sizes and designs, depending on the chair brand.

What is the Most Important Feature of a Gaming Chair?

There are four most important features of a gaming chair, which include

  • Armrest
  • Rocking-chair tilt
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Lumbar support

These features determine the superior comfort and performance of gaming chairs. The rocking chair tilt mechanism is essential for the chair’s ergonomics.

And the lumbar support should be clear to everybody. Usually, these are the characteristics we can consider while picking a gaming chair to determine whether it is decent or not. 

It is challenging to locate a chair that meets every requirement for under $100. They frequently lack a backrest angle adjustment and an armrest that can be adjusted. 

What are the Types of Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs come in different types. Here we have a brief description of four types of gaming chairs.

1. PC Gaming Chairs

A PC gaming chair would be the ideal option for PC gamers. Although there are a few noticeable changes, these chairs are similar to the typical office chairs. They include a special bucket-style seat with higher backrests and a more ergonomic construction overall.

2. Rockers

For prolonged console gaming, rockers are made in such a way that allows you to sit on the floor and cradle your body comfortably. In order to ensure that you can fully enjoy your gameplay, they frequently have speakers in the headrests.

3. Racer Chairs

Racer chairs mimic the style of automobile seats you can discover in a race car and be created especially for racing video games.

4. Pedestal Chairs

These chairs are more suitable for video game consoles. The pedestal chairs are in the same general shape and design as rockers. However, they are elevated somewhat above the ground level by a pedestal.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What is the cheapest gaming chair?

A1. Cheapets gaming chairs are considered the most affordable ones. On Amazon, you can find the most affordable gaming chair for under $100. Some cheapest chairs come in at $50. However, the majority of gaming chairs under $100 are missing the most crucial components. At this cost, a budget office chair from Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation, would be equivalent.

Q2. What is the most expensive gaming chair?

A2. The SecretLab Titan Nappa model of gaming chair is the top choice if you’re searching for an expensive gaming chair. Based on the SecretLab, rated as the most incredible gaming chair brand available, this chair category is the best for gamers. However, this gaming chair costs roughly $1,000 and is wrapped in Nappa leather. The most costly gaming chair is this one.

How Much Are Gaming Chairs? [Conclusion]

Ergonomically designed gaming chairs provide ultimate comfort. The customizable height and tilt of the chairs ensure perfect sitting posture. Plus, the breathable mesh fabric of the chairs keeps you cool during long gaming sessions. The three price categories of gaming chairs are good. 

However, the low-range gaming chairs lack some of the better features available in the mid-range and high-range chairs. High-range gaming chairs are excellent in every aspect; however, being more expensive, not everyone can afford them.

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