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How Long Do DXRacer Chairs Last? [6 Important Factors That Determine Durability]

The quality of even a premium chair tends to degrade over time. However, a high-quality chair from a top brand lasts longer than a cheap chair. Good maintenance of your chair will prevent the chair from deteriorating quickly. You can extend the lifespan of any chair by repairing the chair in case of its minor defects.

DXRacer is an American chair manufacturing company. The brand is world-famous for its state-of-the-art office chair and gaming chair manufacturing. This category of chairs is indeed expensive. How long do DXRacer chairs last? People may have different experiences with this question. 

This is because, as we said that the durability of any product depends to some extent on how much and how you maintain this product. In this article, we will discuss in detail how long a DXRacer chair will last so that when you invest in an expensive DXRacer chair, you can also consider its durability.

8 Factors You Should Consider

As the quality of any chair keeps on deteriorating over time. And depending on the strength of the chair, the area of ​​its signal before a deterioration may also vary. So, a number of factors you should consider when investing in a DXRacer chair.

1. Usage

The chair’s intended usage is the first consideration. Generally speaking, gaming chair warranties are valid after four years of use. However, the lifespan of the chair will become shorter the more often you use the chair for sitting. You are powerless to change the circumstance.

The DXRacer chair’s mechanism is impressive. It is made to resist a great deal of pressure and use. Even if you spend 8/10 hours of your day sitting down, it will still function well.

In contrast, chief chairs are usually made of less expensive materials that are not able to withstand the pressure, resulting in a rapid deterioration in the quality of the chair.

2. Material

PVC, PU, and other artificial leather are the most popular materials used to design gaming chairs when they are being constructed. The leather’s durability increases with age. PU Leather is a type of softer and more pleasant-to-the-touch synthetic leather. Among the primary forms of artificial leather, PU is leather that mimics genuine leather.

PVC leather is more durable and stain-resistant compared to PU leather, but PVC leather is not very smooth. This is a more robust, durable fabric that can withstand wear as well as tear better. Microfiber, another type of leather, is the finest leather. 

The superior microfibre leather is an excellent option because it is solid and silky to the touch. It gives the beauty a deeper level of depth.

The traditional mesh feels good to the touch and is really robust. You may breathe more easily while being in extreme comfort.

3. Frame

Because of their strength and endurance, gaming chairs are distinct from conventional chairs. The steel frame structures of the famous brand DX Racing gaming chairs are built with better technology, which guarantees the frame’s utmost robustness. A 1 mm increase in total frame thickness of the chair ensures more comfort and safety for the users. The chair’s metal construction also provides it the ability to withstand any type of impact, enabling it to last for several years.

4. Seat Cushion

The DXRacer chair is a good option if you want more substantial body support. This category of gaming chairs does, in fact, offer superb body support while maintaining a stylish, comfortable seat with a unique design. 

The high density, solid, and durable cold foam of the seats of DXRacer gaming chairs keep them in good condition, even after sitting in the chair for a long time. The DXRacer chair comes with a height of 160-195 cm, and the chair has a maximum load capacity of 150 kg. 

5. Armrests

Honestly, office chairs cannot compare to the versatility of DXRacer gaming chairs. Even the most affordable ones come with a few extra features. The armrests of the DXRacer can be altered by position.

On high-end chairs, the armrests can be moved in four different ways. You can modify their height and width to find your ideal setting.

In addition to movable armrests, gaming chairs include reclining backrests. Nearly all models of the chair allow you to recline while you play games or watch movies. The backrest can also be locked in a diagonal position on a few better variants.

6. Durability

A great gaming chair won’t dramatically boost your gaming performance. However, a quality gaming chair will undoubtedly enhance your gaming experience since they tend to be more stylish, comfortable, and adaptable to the needs of your body.

The gaming chairs from DXRacer are super comfortable. The right and high-quality material used in the chair and chair mechanism has made it a brand different level in producing high-quality chairs.

7. Customer Support

DXRacer is one of the leading gaming chair manufacturing companies across the globe.

The quality, style, and color of the chair make it a great chair in the gaming chairs categories. DXRacer uses premium materials and the industry’s first structure to give every user an unmatched gaming experience.

They provide excellent customer support. You can get in touch with the company website if you require assistance with order cancellation or modification, picking the best chair for you, or anything else. Their customer service is always attentive and responsive.

8. Price

There is no guarantee that an expensive chair will always perform well. In some circumstances, it might be accurate, but not in terms of the gaming chairs. The primary explanation is that a chair’s price depends on its size and feature set.

If some chair is less expensive, it typically has fewer features or is smaller than similar models. It doesn’t imply that the quality of less costly DXRacer chairs won’t be as good as the more expensive DXRacer chairs. 

Therefore, when buying a DXRacer gaming chair, you should consider the features of the chair, not just the price tag of the chair. DXRacer gaming chairs all contain a solid steel frame and high-density foam regardless of price.

The foam does change across models, but it does so primarily to hold greater weight rather than to survive longer. These chairs’ foam is designed to maintain its shape even after years of everyday use.

Specs and Durability of Materials

The chairs designed by DXRacer are expertly constructed and made of premium materials. This is most likely a result of the company’s initial product being open race car seats. They focus on quality and durability while choosing their materials and manufacturing methods. The high-quality materials utilized in DXRacer chairs include,

  • PU Leather or race car fabric covers
  • Metal base
  • Gas lift
  • Adjustable armrests and good lumbar support 
  • Mostly metal construction
  • Cold molded foam

You can quickly assemble all the components or parts of the gaming chair to make them fit together correctly. Reclining, raising the seat, and forward tilting are all somewhat fluid motions with this type of chair. 

However, there is also the possibility of parts breaking due to poor fit or friction.

1. Warranty

Most of the time, we are too focused on the price to compare the after-sale services we receive thoroughly. But, it is a crucial step when you purchase a quality and expensive chair. Other brands are less expensive, but their warranties cover fewer things and are shorter-lived compared to DXRacer chairs.

DXRacer offers two types of guarantees on its chairs. It provides a lifetime warranty of non-degradation on the metal frame of the chair and a 2-year warranty on other parts of the chair. The product’s comprehensive warranty makes the DXRacer chair worth the investment.

2. User Experience May Differ

The majority of DXRacer chairs continue to function flawlessly even after three to five years, but this is not always the case. A chair may occasionally get damaged within two years. This is because the longevity of the gaming chair depends on proper maintenance of the chair.

Following are the most typical causes of chairs failing quickly.

3. Pet’s Nails

Pet claws, such as a dog or cat, can damage the cushion or cover of your chair. So, avoid using PU/PVC covers on your gaming chair if you have pets.

This is because pets like to scratch at PU leather covers of chairs rather than fabric covers since they rip more easily.

4. Drinking

Sometimes people drink or eat while sitting on a chair. So, it is a common issue for food particles or beverages to fall on the seat of the chair while eating or drinking. Hence, in that case, using a PU or PVC cover would be a good option, as it is easier to clean than a fabric cover.

5. Sunlight

If direct sunlight falls on your chair, your chair will soon fade, and the chair seat cover will also get damaged or it will start to tear. Moreover, if your room tends to heat up quickly, the chair cover may begin to get damaged after three to four years. And if it is not possible to avoid sunlight or hit, it would be better to choose a fabric cover instead of a PU cover.

6. Buyer Experience

The sale of DXRacer chairs is extensive. Most of the customers have expressed their satisfaction with the performance of the chair. There is almost universal agreement in terms of the quality and robustness of the chair. These chairs are incredibly highly durable. For years people did not have any problem with them, and they could do their work sitting in the chair for hours. 

When DXRacer chairs malfunction, it’s typically because of normal wear and tear. Over time, colors fade.

Armrests become a little harsh after frequent use. Under normal use circumstances, these are the kinds of things you would anticipate happening to any chair. 

How Long Do DXRacer Chairs Last? 

The minimum lifespan of the DXRacer chair is 2 years. However, if you maintain your chair perfectly, you can keep your DXRacer chair durable for up to 5 years. If you can protect your chair from pet nails, scratches, cuts, and material damage from sharp objects, you can expect your expensive DXRacer chairs to be in good condition for a long time. 

Moreover, you have to avoid placing your chair in places where direct midday sunlight falls on your chair because sunlight reduces the brightness of the chairs and also damages the PU leather seat of the chair.

How Do DXRacer Chairs Support Gaming Postures?

There are specific ways in which DXRacer supports your gaming posture that enable you to experience the best gaming experience.

1. Chair Seat Cushions

DXRacer supplies you with gaming chairs with supportive seat cushions so that you won’t slump. The company employs V-shaped pillows to promote cross-legged posture in several of its chairs. Moreover, the DXRacer chair supports the lumbar spine, muscles, and pelvis of these areas.

2. Adjustable Backrest

DXRacer designs gaming chairs with an adjustable backrest. Sometimes this feature will come in handy for you. This unique feature helps to relieve your lower back pain. Additionally, DXRacer chairs have bucket-style seats for the backs, and this great feature allows for your gaming activity. Because of this technical design, your body won’t lean to the side, saving your spine and trunk muscles from unnecessary strain.

3. Adjustable Armrest

Another great feature of the gaming chairs from DXRacer is its adjustable armrest. The chair’s arms can be adjusted for height as well as for inner and outward movement. Additionally, you have six levels of adjustment for arm height. And doing so will assist you in locating your ideal position.

How To Take Care of DXRacer Gaming Chairs?

Like any product, you need to take good care of your DXRacer gaming chair to ensure that your chair lasts for a long-time in good condition. We offer 3 tips on how to take care of your expensive DXRacer gaming chair.

1. Assemble Your Chair Properly

When you order a DXRacer chair, it will be delivered to you in an unassembled state, along with an assembly manual. You must, therefore, carefully read the user manual before attempting to assemble the chair. Gathering everything correctly will enable you to move every component or part as you choose. Additionally, the improper assembly could result in broken components before the guarantee period is up.

2. Maintain Regular Cleaning

It would be best if you regularly clean your DXRacer gaming chair, and you can clean your chair using a vacuum cleaner. In case you spill something on the chair, you must clean it up soon. Proper and regular cleaning will ensure the longevity of the PU leather seat of your chair.

3. Protect Your Chair from Scratches

The user experience is improved by the high-quality materials used to make DXRacer chairs. However, the quality materials of the well-known brand DXRacer chair will quickly deteriorate if it repeatedly sustains accidental injuries, such as scratches, cutting, pet claws, etc.

Hence, in order to get the most out of your purchase, always try to prevent your kids and pets from scratching or cutting the DXRacer gaming chair.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Dxracer chair keeps sinking: how to fix it?

A1. A malfunction in the pneumatic cylinder that controls the height can cause the DXRacer chair to slide down, making it unable to maintain pressure properly. In that case, you can replace the pneumatic cylinder.
If your chair has not crossed the warranty period, you can contact DXRacer customer support. They will tell you what part of the chair you need to replace or will replace the pneumatic cylinder with a new one for free.
For more details check this article on gaming chair sinking.

Q2. Are DXRacer chairs worth it?

A2. Yes, DXRacer chairs are ergonomic, durable, and comfortable. The appealing design of the chair is another significant factor that makes this chair worth it. The gaming chairs are designed from high-quality materials with multiple features that provide a superior gaming experience. In addition, the chair also prevents lower back pain while sitting for 7/8 hours.

Q3. What is the best DXRacer chair for a perfect gaming experience?

A3. DXRacer Master, Craft Series, DXRacer Air, King Series, and Gladiator Series are the top 5 DXRacer gaming chairs that deliver the ultimate gaming experience.


DXRacer office chairs and gaming chairs are considered status symbols for their distinct style and exceptional features. If you maintain your chair excessively, the chair can last more than 5 years by crossing the warranty period.

It has been observed that many products survive more than their warranty period just because of reasonable care. Whenever you notice a defect in your chair, please don’t ignore it; try to fix it immediately. DXRacer gaming chair is really an exclusive gaming chair that is preferred among gamers.

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