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Herman Miller Aeron Adjustments: A Complete How-To Guide [2023 Updated]

Thinking about making adjustments to the newly purchased Herman Miller Aeron? This chair offers excessive lumbar support and a great backrest. However, you might have to adjust slightly according to the body structure and height.

The best part is that Herman Miller Aeron offers multiple adjustments, allowing you to make changes in almost every part of the chair. Here is a complete tutorial which you can follow to make herman miller aeron adjustments.

10 Types Of Herman Miller Aeron Adjustments

1. Seat Height Adjustment

To get the correct height adjustment, you can take the help of the lever

The steps to raise the height of your chair are straight forward. All you need to do is take the chair’s weight. Now you can lift the lever, which will raise chair height.

If you want to lower the height of your seat, you can do it simply by lifting the lever. Make sure you are seated, and it weights the seat. It would help if you kept your feet flat on the floor to make it easier.

2. Tilt Tension Adjustment

The tilt adjustment can be made more accessible if you focus on the long stem on the chair’s right side. There should be a knob under the chair that allows you to change the tilt tension.

To increase the tension, you need to turn the knob forward. You will spot a + sign for the indication, which will provide the correct adjustment result.

If you wish to decrease the tension, then all you need to do is turn the knob backwards. You need to turn towards the – sign.

3. Arm Height Adjustment

One of the most important things you may do is to adapt to changes in the arm height adjustment of the Aeron chair. If you wish to raise or lower the arm, you will have to spot the lever located right at the base of the arm support.

Be seated, and now you can lift up the lever to unlock. You can now hold the base of the arm support, which will raise or lower the lever and then lock it out.

4. Arm Angle Adjustment

The Arm Angle can be quickly done through the front of each arm pad. You can do this by using simple steps to make changes. You may find the adjustment tilt available on the front end of the arm.

Get a hold of the arm pad right from the front end. You can now pivot it left or right to make necessary changes and adjustments. You can gasp the front end of the pad to make the perfect adjustments.`

If you want to gain maximum comfort, you can make some type of contact with the armpad. Make sure that you do not lift your shoulders at all.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that making adjustments in the arm angle will help you to get support for different levels and types of works and shifts in posture. You can swing the chair arms inwards while using the keyboard.

5. Arm Depth Adjustment

The Arm Depth Adjustment is a big thing you must consider while making any depth adjustments. You should reach out to the front of each armpit.

All you need to do is move the arm pads forward and backwards. Slide the arm gauge in your desired direction for the right results.

6. Posture Fit SL Adjustment

One of the essential features of having Herman Miller Aeron is that you can use the posture fit adjustment. The chair comes with a knob on the left or the right side towards the back of the chair.

You can remain seated and turn the knob forward if you want to engage the posture adjustment. This will allow you to find the perfect support which will fit the right way.

If you want to disengage the posture, you must turn the knob backwards. Remain seated, and then keep turning it back till you find the correct posture which is available.

7. Lumbar Height Adjustment

Making adjustments in the lumbar height is that you can get the best results. If you want to change the lumbar height, you need to look for the adjustable strap right at the back.

To change the height, you must apply equal pressure on each end of the support. Adjustments to lower or raise it to the desired position will be for you.

8. Forward Tilt Adjustment

Adjustment of the chair forward tilt is another thing you can consider. To do this, you will have to start by spotting the outside knob on the left side of the chair.

If you want to position the chair in the forward direction, you need to lean back, which will help you to rotate the knob forward.

If you want to get back to the horizontal position, you first need to rotate the lever back all the way, which will help you get the right results.

9. Tilt Limiter Adjustment

To make changes to the Herman Miller Aeron tilt limiter, look for the inside knob on the left side!

When you want to limit the tilt range, you need to limit the tilt range to limit recline to a preferred position.

Another way to release the tilt limiter is to rotate the knob back. You can follow the steps which will engage the tilt limiter to a reclined position.

10. Footrest Height Adjustment

Another unique feature of the Herman Miller Aeron is the ability to alter the footrest height. The circular support below the seat should be present, allowing you to adjust appropriately.

If you wish to change the height, you can get to hold the base and turn the footrest. This will allow you to change the height accordingly.

Now you will have to raise or lower the lumbar according to your desired height. The next thing that you need to do is to turn the footrest clockwise to lock position.

Herman Miller is slightly expensive than other chairs. So, the question that comes to our mind is that Is Herman Miller really worth it? But, don’t worry we have got you covered.


The Herman Miller Aeron comes with simple installation, allowing you to get multiple accessories and the proper adjustments available. Making Herman Miller Aeron Adjustments is not a difficult task.

However, you need to ensure that the manual and guide are proper. Make sure that the knobs and buttons are not too loose because it will affect the chair’s balance and posture.

We have compared Herman Miller Aeron to Herman Miller Embody. Do, check out the interesting differences.

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