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Gaming Chair Keeps Sinking: Easy Prevention And Fix [2023]

If you spend a lot of dollars buying your long-expected gaming chair, and a year and a half or two years later, your gaming chair keeps sinking, it’s really annoying. This is a common but serious issue that bothers many people. When it comes to office chairs or gaming chairs, comfortable seating is the most important aspect of the chair. Uncomfortable sitting or any issue with your chair will impact your productivity. 

If your gaming chair keeps going down while you sit, you will not be able to focus on your gameplay; as a result, you will not get the ultimate playing experience. Hence, it is crucial to resolve this issue, but first, you need to address the reasons for the sinking of the chair. This article, gaming chair keeps sinking, will be the right guide for you. Because here, we’ll explore the causes of gaming chair sinking and show you how you can fix this problem.

Why Does Your Gaming Chair Keeps Sinking?

The height adjustment cylinder that is found on the end of an ergonomic chair is typically the source of chair sinking issues. Both a gaming chair and an office chair fall under this category. The height adjustment cylinder may result in both chair variations sinking. Only pneumatic or hydraulic pumps, which are found under the chair’s seat, can be used to adjust the chair’s height.

A pneumatic cylinder, however, is only present in gaming chairs. This is the focal location where the chair sinking issue occurs, giving you the feeling that your chair is sinking. New chairs are also susceptible to this issue, in addition to old chairs. You will experience your chair sinking rather than rising in this scenario.

Surely you saw a cylinder under the seat of your gaming chair. This is the cylinder that a pneumatic pump or a hydraulic pump uses to store nitrogen gas or an incompressible liquid, respectively. The sinking of the gaming chair is connected to a pneumatic pump; however, this method of height adjustment is quicker.

Since the pump is the only component, you can fix it yourself. After repairing the chair, you can use your old chair once more and sit for longer periods of time while playing or working on your PC. Your expensive gaming chair doesn’t need replacement.

how to fix gaming chair going down?

You have become aware of the root cause of the chair sinking issue, so now it is time to get rid of this sinking problem. There are a few unique methods you’ll need to take to fix your gaming chair that sinks. We have listed the techniques below which will help you in solving your chair sinking problem.

1. Oil The Components

Oiling the components is the simplest solution to the chair sinking issue, where the gaming chair automatically sinks.

This is because the lever frequently has a problem where there is too much friction, and it prevents you from adjusting the height. Hence, lubricating the lever will help in treating the chair’s sinking.

2. Utilize a Hose Clamp

You must have noticed a ring secured the hose pipes. In order to prevent your gaming chair from lowering below a specific height, you can use that clamp. Fastening the gaming chair to the desired height might help prevent sinking because it is frequently observed that the chair keeps descending at a particular height.

You will need to take the plastic body off the metal cylinder underneath your chair in order to complete this step. Then, according to your needs, adjust the height, and finally, hose clamp it. Duct tape will be helpful to secure it in place.

3. Use a PVC Pipe

You also have the option of using PVC pipe to fix the chair’s sinking issue. Get a PVC pipe that is just a little bit bigger in diameter than the metal cylinder on your gaming chair. The length of the pipe must then be adjusted to match the space between the seat base and the wheelbase.

After that, you must make a slit lengthwise in the pipe so that it may be kept around the metal cylinder. Your chair sinking issue will be resolved if the pipes are fixed around the height adjustment cylinder of your gaming chair. Upon completion of the procedure, you should confirm that your chair is no longer sinking.

4. Change the Pneumatic Cylinder

If you do not find the chair, as mentioned earlier sinking procedures to be suitable, or the above methods do not work, then replacing the pneumatic cylinder may be a last resort. If your chair is very old, it’s also more likely that using a hose clamp and PVC pipe won’t fix the chair sinking problem. Because the pneumatic cylinder gets damaged if it is too old, hence, it’s best to change the cylinder.

When Should You Buy a New Chair?

The average life of a gaming chair is considered to be three to five years, so after that, you need to change your gaming chair. If you are a true gamer and prefer to buy a new chair instead of making any repairs, it depends on your personal choice and entirely on your budget, as gaming chairs are very expensive

A number of issues can occur with gaming chairs over time, such as damage to a critical part of the chair, sinking of the chair, or leaning forward of the chair.

These problems can be fixed by making some changes in the setting or by adopting other methods. In short, you can go with your gaming chair for up to 4 years; after that, you can consider buying a new one.


The technique for fixing a sinking chair is very simple; however, the process may seem daunting to some people. So, they are advised to take the help of an expert who belongs to the repairing works of furniture.

Before getting involved in the process of fixing your gaming chair, you should investigate the reasons behind why does your gaming chair keeps sinking and then start your work. Follow the instructions thoroughly during chair repair to protect your gaming chair mechanism from the impact of your work.

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