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DXRacer VS Secretlab Gaming Chair: Which One Should I Choose? [Comprehensive Comparison 2023]

The aches and cramps of hours of gaming are hard to overlook, and although the title would attempt to have you accept a game chair will help your situation, it is actually that exact inverse. Except if you attempt to dominate your match by distracting your rivals with a flashy game chair contraption, these increasingly popular chairs are masters of trickiness.

Ranked as perhaps the most noteworthy thing returned on the market, several reasons feature why this may be the case. Both DXRacer and Secretlab are tough competitors in the market, and they are both here to give out a difficult challenge.

Similarities Between DX Racer And Secretlab

1. Comfort

Regarding comfort, these chairs are intended to fit the gamers’ body shape to give the correct sort of stance when one sits on one of them. Their pads are made of top-notch materials, for example, adaptable padding, and the covers are made out of lattice to make them breathable.

They are offered either with or without pedestals. The greater part of these is armchairs that offer more solace to gamers.

2. Durability

Durability is also a typical feature with the majority of gaming chairs. One reason is the material with which they are being made. Another is the shape and their plans. When a gamer sits on one of these chairs, he never needs to move around the chair to make himself comfortable.

Therefore, the chair will last quite a while. The other reason for the durability is that when one of these chairs isn’t being used, there is a chance to stow it away until it gets necessary to utilize it again.

3. Similar Looks

Gaming chairs are attractively wrapped up. The majority of them are offered in attractive tones. Padding also has been done to make them attractive. The shapes also give them great looks. The two ones with and without pedestals are intended to make them look pleasant.

Many of the more costly chairs are padded with faux leather to create a rich look. All these factors contribute to giving the great looks these chairs have. When you consider all these basic properties gaming chairs offer, it isn’t difficult to sort out the advantages of getting one for yourself if you are a genuine gamer. In case you have children, it is a smart thought to get one for them.

4. Ergonomic Benefits

You can say farewell to your butt pain when you utilize the blast computer game chair. With a comfortable body, it is difficult to get uncomfortable and need to quit playing. However, the greatest of all is the fact that your butt doesn’t have to hurt anymore.

Since you don’t have butt pain, you can relax. At some point, you can even relax for a long time with the computer game chair. The plan allows for maximum solace, and each gamer knows that solace and relaxation are number one for long computer game meetings.

5. Height Adjustment Feature

Leading would be the seat statures adjustability of the ergonomic office chair. Each person has different body statures and also working space needs.

Having an adjustable seat stature will allow you to adjust, so your feet contact the ground, or you will actually want to reach your work area. The stature can be adjusted with a pneumatic system or turns system.

Next is the seat profundity adjustability. It is done but either adjusting the backrest forward or backward and also by a sliding seat pan.

The short seat profundity allows more diminutive individuals to each the backrest, while deeper ones will be more comfortable to taller individuals.

6. Armrests

Another is the backrest angle adjustability in an ergonomic office chair. You adjust the backrest angle to allow you to lean back at different angles. Changing the angle will allow you to transfer a portion of the load from the lower back to the upper back.

Armrests of the ergonomic office chair, like the name logos, uphold your arms so you would release some load off your shoulders. Stature adjustable armrests allow you to adjust to the tallness as not to make it too low where you need to droop one side to reach it or excessively high until it squeezes your shoulder.

You can also adjust the armrests not to upset you when you are composing or actions that require a great deal of arms development.

Dxracer VS Secretlab [Key Differences]

Created out of human-made and hard substances, there is anything but natural substance about them, and it adds up when you are gaming. A game chair is also impractical about the cost.

Spending an excess of cash on an overrated piece of garbage isn’t ideal for unassuming gamers. Knowing the difference between these two devices are equally important for you as well.

1. Build Quality

DX Racer

The DXRacer gaming chair comes with decent construction and also robust build quality as well. The DX gaming chair indeed feels to be slightly heavy in terms of weight. It comes with a 275 lbs weight capacity which is great to use.

Apart from this, the product comes with a 5-star metal base which seemed to give a robust construction to the device. A 4-inch thick cold foam allows you to keep the device safe to use.


The Secretlab gaming chair is another amazing device to have. When it comes to the maximum capacity, the Secretlab is almost similar to the DXRacer model. However, the capacity here is slightly higher. It comes with a complete strength of 290 lbs which seems to be a comfortable choice.

Apart from this, the product comes with a metal or aluminum-based body, which keeps the product to be durable enough. It comes along with high-quality cold foam, which can be used as padding.

Winner: Secretlab

2. Comfort Level

DX Racer

We all know that the DXR Racing gaming chair comes with a premium grade of finish, which also comes with a decent body and structure. This is why the levels of comfort for DXR Racing chair are slightly higher.

This device comes with improved height adjustment options that allow you to get better movement. This device also allows you to adjust the backrest according to your requirements.


On the other hand, the Secretlab comes with cold-cured foam present with the set. The backrest is also heavily padded, which makes the chair to be much useful for regular usage.

The product comes along with a gel-infused foam around the enc pillow. Because of this, you will be able to use the device for long working hours. It is quite soft and also comfortable to use for long hours as well.

Winner: Dx Racer

DXRacer Drifting Chair, Large, Black and Red5
  • 【Ergonomic Design】: This gaming chair features a 90°~135° reclining backrest, allowing you to...
  • 【Ultimate Comfort】: Designed for long hours of gaming or work, this chair is equipped with...

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Secretlab VS DXRacer: Aesthetics and Upholstery

DX Racer

The DXR gaming chair comes along with multiple color and choice options of fabrics. It features the classic seat look, which is also coming along with backrest options. It holds the design of the luxury sports car.


The Secretlab comes along with an anti-gaming approach. It has a corporate-looking design that goes well in any situation. The Secret lab gaming chairs are also developed with better aesthetics as well.

Winner: Dx Racer

DXRacer Drifting Chair, Large, Black and Red5
  • 【Ergonomic Design】: This gaming chair features a 90°~135° reclining backrest, allowing you to...
  • 【Ultimate Comfort】: Designed for long hours of gaming or work, this chair is equipped with...

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Gaming Chair Buying Guide

1. Style and Type

Everybody cherishes a decent gaming chair. It is a piece of outfitting that gives you a combination of fun, solace, and style all in one.

You can browse different styles, plans, tones, sizes, and employments. It is perhaps the most versatile piece of fixture inside or outside a house.

2. Fabric

This soft, delicate, and enjoyable innovation is a ceaseless fashion pattern and solace throughout the long term.

The steadily increasing demand in the market motivates manufacturers to grow new novel and serious things ceaselessly. Anyone will want to get their own gaming chair to appreciate.

Compact and comfortable chair chairs are usually made of leather or vinyl covering material loaded up with polystyrene beads are known as the most well-known fillings utilized nowadays.

This type is perfect for gaming and working on your PC.

3. Construction

Relaxing types are made with fine leather surfaces absolutely directly for getting lazy, reading a book, or having some espresso and relaxing.

They come in different looks and tones to accommodate your parlor area. Comfortable chairs are also made to fit two individuals and are generally known for couples.

They come in an immense heart-shaped chair and much more heartwarming plans. Love seat or sofa set are made in long sizes that fit many individuals while taking pleasure with the mitigating feeling.

4. Price

Now that you know a couple of ideal decisions available settle on what type of chair you want.

They make great playthings and comfortable nap beds for the youngsters. It is considered the most established solution for hyperactive as well as exhausted youngsters.

Here we have compared DXRacer and GTRacing Gaming Chair. Do check it out. It will give you another chair to compare and then you can buy the ideal one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Type of Gaming Chair should you get?

A1. The idea of these exciting chairs have advanced throughout the years from toys to an absolute necessity have household item at home.
It is also known as the most affordable and upscale fittings to decorate in your living areas. There are massive determinations available in the market anywhere.

Q2. Is it good to buy a Gaming Chair for children?

A2. When making your determination, it is important to consider where you most want to utilize it, which configuration will match your home decorations, for whom you will get it for, great quality, and cost.
Throughout the long term, kids gaming chair has been popular. Presently it very well may be picked in different fun shapes and characters that the young ones love.

Q3. Do these gaming chairs come up with any health benefits?

A3. Any person purchasing a game chair expects to discover something comfortable to the game.
If you think you are harming now, perhaps a couple of hours on a stiff plastic chair of awkward shape will make you think twice. You know what they say, “it can always be more regrettable.” Try it out if you don’t accept.
Here are a few benefits of using gaming chairs you might not know.

Q4. What is the Best ergonomic gaming chair under 100$?

A4. You may find a number of gaming chairs that are easily available. However, finding an ergonomic one will take a lot of time. You might have to consider even looking at multiple other factors which will help you in getting the right result. Here are some of the pocket-friendly gaming chairs that are available under $100.
·      Homall Gaming Chair
·      Furmax High-Back Gaming Chair
·      Furmax Leather Gaming Chair
·      Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair
·      Cadcah Gaming Chair
·      Neo Chair Office Chair

Q5. How to connect bluetooth gaming chair to xbox one?

A5. Playing with your XBox One could be a great option. If you gaming chair comes with speakers, you can even pair it up with the console to use this. To get it established properly, you will have to use the USB cable which will help you to plug the transmitter.
Make sure that they are properly connected to the console. You can now power it up. Once it is done, you will have to power up the console as well. Make sure that both of them are set to the same transmitter range. You can now connect both of them easily.
For more step by step details check this post on connecting gaming chair to Xbox One.

Q6. Where are Secretlab chairs made?

A6. Secretlab is a well reputed brand when it comes to gaming chairs and ergonomics. Headquartered in the country of Singapore, it is one of the biggest brands when it comes to gaming chairs. However, the manufacturing hub is located alongside Braddell Road, Singapore.

Q7. Where are DXRacer chairs made in general?

A7. DXRacer is a top brand when it comes to manufacturing of gaming chairs. Through distribution, DXRacer is available worldwide while providing high grade manufacturing service and is distributed all over the world.
The R &D unit of DXRacer is based from Michigan, USA. However, there are manufacturing units spread all across the world.

Q8. What are some Chairs comparable to Secretlab?

A8. Secretlab is a great chair to have in your home. However, some of them might be high in prices which is why, having a good alternative is very important to use. Some chairs alternative to Secretlab is mentioned below:
·      DXRacer Master Series
·      GTRACING Ace Series M1
·      GTRACING Ace Series L3
·      Herman Miller Aeron
·      AndaSeat T-Pro 2

Q9. Do DXRacer chairs come with pillows?

A9. DXRacer chairs come with amazing comfort and ergonomics which is spread throughout. However, DXRacer is one brand that offers the best ergonomics. However, not all models come with pillows on the headrest. There are some models which offer pillows from DXRacer. We have some DX racer gaming chairs reviewed in this in-depth post.


Every individual who is into gaming must know that there are better answers to improving your game and your aches than turning to one of these contraptions. Both DXRacer and Secretlab come along with an amazing response and a decent buildup.

It is always difficult to choose between them. Secretlab could be a better option if you are looking for a low price product. With premium features, Dxracer chairs wins this race.

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