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Does Gaming Chair Help Back Pain? [The Detailed Answer]

Does gaming chair help back pain? In a word, yes. Gaming chair – the name sounds like it’s designed just for gamers, but it’s not. A gaming chair is a good alternative for working on the computer for a long time.

The built-in mechanism of the gaming chair can remove the chair-induced issues. An ergonomic gaming chair is more effective at preventing back pain than a traditional office chair.

People suffering from lower back pain are recommended for using ergonomic gaming chairs instead of using less subdued gaming chairs or cheaper office chairs.

There are a number of strong reasons to choose a gaming chair for your office work at the desk for a long time, and we will talk about the benefits of a gaming chair in the treatment of lower back pain in this article. 

does gaming chair help back pain? are gaming chairs good for back pain?

Gaming chairs are very effective for your back pain. The build quality of an inexpensive office chair is not as helpful in removing chair-induced issues, such as back pain. In this case, a gaming chair is a good option to sit for prolonged hours while doing your office work.

The typical design elements of gaming chairs, such as the chair’s high backrest and neck pillows, all help to give your back the most support while promoting excellent posture.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is usually caused by incorrect sitting posture and not having proper back support in your chair. For men and women affected by lower back pain issues, the wrong sitting posture often makes the condition worse. But, the ergonomic gaming chair prevents this problem from arising. 

The gaming chair is designed following correct back support principles to support neutral postures while seated. This category chair is very helpful for placing the spine and surrounding muscles in the best alignment possible. Gaming chairs thereby prevent lower back strain. That is why gaming chairs are considered more effective for treating lower back pain than budget office chairs.

Can Gaming Chairs Cause Back Pain?

Typically, back pain is not caused by gaming chairs. Back discomfort is a concern that is taken into consideration when designing gaming chairs, and the modern design of the chair can effectively relieve back pain. However, there are still some aspects of the gaming chairs that you should take into account, such as chair height and lumbar support. 

The proportions of the gaming chair should fit your body properly, as an improperly sized chair may sharpen issues like sciatica pain, back discomfort, and shoulder pain. Overall, a gaming chair that is ergonomic reduces back strain.

Do Gaming Chairs Hurt Your Back?

Most of today’s gaming chairs come with good back support that doesn’t hurt your back. You can do your office work continuously for 7/8 hours by sitting on a chair in proper posture. You will not feel any discomfort.

However, prolonged sitting is not acceptable. So, you should get up from the chair and walk for a while to give your body some rest in between your work. This practice will help you avoid chair-induced back pain.

What Design Features of a Gaming Chair Help Your Back Pain?

1. A High Backrest

Usually gaming chairs are designed with a  high back that completely supports your head, neck, and shoulders in addition to your entire back. It enables your spine to extend the full length of your back.

In contrast to the lower back support that many office chairs are made to provide, a tall backrest in a gaming chair is ideal if you have back pain because it supports the entire column when you’re seated.

2. Robust Backrest Recline

Most gaming chairs have this unique feature, which makes them ideal for backbends that are strong. You can find this feature in a gaming chair you buy for $100, which allows the backrest of the chair to tilt back and rotate up to 135 degrees. On the other hand, inexpensive office chairs often have a mid-backrest that leans back only 10 to 15 degrees. 

According to one study, a chair should be sturdy enough to allow one to lie down in order to ease the strain on the spinal cord. 

Almost all gaming chairs come with a back-friendly recline angle. Regarding this feature concerning office chairs, only more expensive office chairs offer it.

3. Neck Pillow

If you go to a furniture store, you can see that the majority of gaming chairs have an external neck pillow. This pillow is good enough to support your neck. This pillow is quite useful if you need to lean while working. Your upper back and shoulders will rest thanks to the external pillow.

In addition, because the neck pillows of the gaming are all designed to be height adjustable, they perfectly conform to the curve of your cervical spine. This enables you to arch your back while preserving neutral posture and your spine’s natural position.

4. Lumbar Support Pillow

For better lower back support, almost all gaming chairs are equipped with an external lumbar pillow. Depending on the range of the chair, this outer lumbar cushion may be more or less good in some chairs. However, all gaming chairs have this special feature to support your lower back effectively. Human spines naturally curve inward in the bottom section.

Long periods of time spent sitting in a chair can fatigue the muscles that maintain the spine’s alignment, and result in you leaning forward when leaning in your chair. However, when the lumbar region becomes tenser and tenser, back discomfort may result.

A lumbar support’s function is to lessen the strain on these muscles and your lower back. Additionally, the pillow removes the space between your lower back and the backrest, so that you may work without leaning down.

What Makes Gaming Chairs Different from Standard Office Chairs?

The design of modern gaming chairs mainly follows the structure of racing car seats, which are designed with a special focus on sitting comfort. Gaming chairs are much better for your back than regular office chairs.

There are some differences in the construction and features of the office chairs and gaming chairs, which separate these two chairs from each other.  The table below shows the differences in the backrest, headrest, lumbar support, etc. between gaming chairs and office chairs.

        Office Chair         Gaming Chair 
Backrest Wing not available Often comes with wing
HeadrestNot available, or exists as a separate part Fixed Headrest 
Seat PanFlat seat that is not very comfortableComfortable bucket seat 
DesignMuted colors and simple look Attractive colors and aesthetics
Lumbar SupportFixed and adjustable lumbar supportDetachable pillow for better lumber support 
ArmrestsUsually 2DUsually 3D 
Backrest ReclineDoesn’t support high reclineHigh level of recline

What You Should Look for in a Gaming Chair for Your Back?

There are a few aspects you should consider when you intend to invest in a gaming chair so that the chair can fit you while preventing back pain and leg pain issues.

1. Backrest Height

A typical gaming chair’s backrest height is between 30″ and 33″, making it suited for those with average heights of between 5′ 3″ and 6′ 3″. Therefore, while purchasing a chair, ensure that its height corresponds to the length of your upper body.

2. Seat Dimensions

It’s necessary to evaluate the gaming chair’s seat depth. Ensure that the backrest of the chair can be flush with your lower back, and the distance between the edge of the seat and the end of the thighs is 1 or 2 inches. Circulation to the back of your thighs may be cut off if the seat pan is excessively long or too short. In turn, this can link to sciatica. 

If you are a 5′ 3″ individual, you should choose a gaming chairs for short guys and a chair seat with a seat depth of 18″ or less. On the other hand, if you’re a big and tall person who is 6′ 5″, a seat depth of 20.5″ or higher is better for you.

3. Seat Height

Chair seat comes in a variety of heights from 18″ to 24”. And, the chair’s seat height needs to be adjusted in such a way that your feet may totally contact the ground while your knees are bent 90 degrees. On its shortest setting, a seat that is overly lengthy might cause pressure under your thighs since your feet may protrude from the floor.

On its highest setting, a seat that is too tiny for your feet causes you to lengthen your legs or bend your knees, which strains your hips and thighs. Hence, always select a chair seat height that is appropriate for your height.

4. Seat Angle Lock

By enabling users to operate in a fully reclined position, gaming chairs with seat angle locks can be highly beneficial for back discomfort. Whenever you tilt the backrest of the gaming chairs that have this feature, the angle of the seat will be locked. Some high-end gaming chairs have seat angle locks, which make it easy to work with your back arched.

5. 3D to 4D Arms

You may be surprised to know that the armrest of the chair can also cause back pain, but there is a connection between back pain with the armrests. Human hands are about 10% of the human overall body weight. So, for proper resting of the hands, it is very important to have perfect armrests. 

In terms of gaming chairs, 3D or 4D armrests are crucial because they are able to support your arms in a better position and relieve shoulder strain. Less weight on your upper body ensures less pressure on the back. Since your upper body also reclines when you recline, length-adjustable armrests are especially helpful for supporting the weight of your arms.

5 Benefits of Good Sitting Postures 

  • Good sitting posture lowers the tension in the neck which leads to headaches.
  • Good posture reduces joint stress.
  • It helps to inhale more oxygen by opening up the chest cavity.
  • Good posture improves your digestion.
  • An aligned body makes the muscles work efficiently and enables you to give more focus to your work.

For more gaming chairs benefits you check this post, sharing details about the advantages of gaming chairs.

does gaming chair help back pain? [Conclusion] 

Modern technology gaming chairs have “wings” on the backrests, which are literally decorative, and are similar to those found in racing car seats. However, in order to ensure that your back has enough space when you sit if you are a large individual, search for a backrest without wings. 

To avoid back pain, you should only utilize ergonomic or high-quality gaming chairs. Using low-quality gaming chairs can make your back hurt because they don’t offer adequate back support, which can cause your spine to become out of alignment.

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