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DIY Gaming Chair: How To Create Your Own Gaming Chair? [8 Practical DIY Projects]

A quality gaming chair is the first and foremost requirement of a true gamer. There are innumerable gaming chairs available in the market from various top brands to meet the needs of gamers. But, it would be wonderful if you could make your gaming chair! There is no doubt that the technique of making DIY gaming chairs is not pretty easy, but you can make it nonetheless. 

All you need is hard work, dedication, and overall creativity and enthusiasm to make your gaming chair for your gameplay on the computer. The process of making your own gaming chair can take several hours or even an entire day, so you’ll need to go through the process with patience. Here is a list of 8 gaming chair DIY projects that will definitely help you to be successful in your gaming chair building.

8 DIY Gaming Chair Projects 

1. How To Make A Homemade Upcycled Gaming Chair?

This is a straightforward DIY gaming chair. With an old seat, you can manage it. In the process of making this DIY game chair, first, remove the plastic seat from its metal base. Then remove the upper metal that supports the seat and leave the chair’s wheel in place.

You’ll need a wheel made from a car tire, mount it on the chair’s wheel and fasten the metal holding the seat through the center hole. Fix it in your chair after that. Your gaming chair is built.

2. How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair With A Car Seat?

Buy a car seat from a junkyard or remove one of your damaged or unused car seats. Make sure your 5-star base is also ready, for which you can use an old office chair or gaming chair.

Old car leather can be damaged, in which case you can use new leather or give it a new look by brushing the leather and painting it with vinyl paint. And finally, install the seat on the base of the chair.

3. How To Build A Gaming Chair With A Table?

This unusual gaming chair comes with a table, making your gameplay more convenient. Using a car seat, you can build this unique DIY gamer chair. Take a car seat with a full-frame assembly and build an elevated chair base out of wood.

Keep the chair on the base and secure it with bolts around its four corners to the wood and chair using L-brackets. Build a table that is appropriate for your height and chair measurement so they match.

4. How To Make A Game Chair From A Regular Office Chair?

Pick a standard office chair, remove the cushion to reveal the structure because changes may be needed, and remove the armrest. Install a wooden framework for the backrest. In order to design it more comfortably, utilize foam to cover the wood.

Once everything is ready, affix the wooden seat back to its frame. Check the fitting properly, and then cover it with leather. Place the leather in its place with the help of staples.

5. How To Make A Gaming Chair From A Plastic Chair?

You can also make a pretty gaming chair out of a plastic chair. You have to understand how it works. Take a plastic chair, then eliminate the metal from the back of a roller backpack, and then use it to raise the plastic chair’s backrest. 

Build your headrest out of foam, and then cover the side backrest with fabric or another material. Then utilize a piece of foam that has been wrapped in fabric to make a comfortable chair seat. Put a pillow on the seat to support your back. You’re done; now enjoy your DIY chair.

6. How To Build A Pacman Gaming Chair?

If you have carpentry skills, it will be helpful to build this lovely craft; otherwise, you have the option to hire a professional.

You must use hardwood and wooden boards in the DIY chair design process. Create an erection on your chair where you will be sitting to serve as the base. 

Cover up the side openings with plywood or boards, and then utilize a CNC device to carve out the desired forms on the boards. When all the planks are in place, fasten everything with screws and paint. Prior to mounting the cushion, speakers and subwoofers can be installed. Your DIY gaming chair making is complete.

7. How To Build A Gaming Chair?

You have to put in enough effort as it is a complicated process. To create the precise size of the chair:

  1. Arrange two to three wooden planks on your nine-inch plank.
  2. Mark the area on the plank.
  3. Cut the wood into the given shape by shaping it with a jigsaw. 

Next, sand the wood, stain it, and coat it with gloss polyurethane. Cover the cut-out hardwood seat pieces with 1/2-inch foam, using staples.

Wrap the seat pieces, which are a little, in Vmoto’s Auto-Motive grade vinyl. Lastly, nail a thin piece of stained plywood the same color as the back seat piece. 

Drill three holes in a 14-inch flat steel bar, paint them and set them apart on your wooden frame. In the last process, drill through the wood at the midpoint of each hole.

You might consider adding a blue LED light at the bottom to improve everything from the rear drill seat components to each steel bar. Your unique gaming chair is done.

8. How To Make Gaming Chair With A Racing Car Seat?

A racing car seat is a great option for a DIY custom gaming chair project. So, you can make your own gaming chair from a racing car seat, which works very well. In this process, you will need a scrap office chair.

So, clean the racing car seat thoroughly, then remove the cushions from the scrap chair to get a frame to fit the seat. 

Drill a hole of the precise size in the area under the racing car seat, then properly affix the seat to the frame. Drive in screws to hold the seat tightly to the frame. Your chair construction process is over.

How To Build Your Computer Gaming Chair? [Step-By-Step Instructions]

Step 1:

Your first step would be to collect a car seat from the junkyard. Regarding what type of car you should choose for the seat, we would say you should select the seat of a premium car. Before buying a seat as per your requirement from the junkyard, don’t forget to check its comfort by sitting on it.

Step 2: 

In the next step, you need to connect the seat you bought from the junkyard to the 5-star base. You can remove or detach the 5-star base from an old or new gaming chair. Make sure your 5-star base is capable of lifting heavy loads. Since the car seat is heavy, it needs a strong base to support it.

If you can’t fit the base directly to the car seat, you’ll have to drill a few holes in the car seat structure, and then you’ll be able to fit the seat into the base. As most car seats have quite strong and heavy metal bases, you may need to cut them out before you can pierce them. This will make your gaming chair more lightweight, comfortable, and suitable to fit into your base.

Step 3:

If you want to keep things unified in terms of design, you can customize the seat you bought from the junkyard. If the seat looks faded, you can paint it. When choosing a paint color, make sure that it matches the base color.

You can use vinyl paint with a brush to paint your leather seat. The painting will transform your chair into a fresh-looking product. At the end of the process, attach your painted seat to the 5-star base.


Special attention should be paid to sitting comfort while making your gaming chair. Your DIY gaming chair will be ideal if it supports sitting for 4/5 hours long during your online gaming sessions on the computer.

Make sure your chair supports good posture. Right postures are crucial to prevent back and neck pain. By following our above-mentioned DIY gaming chair tips, you can try to satisfy the excitement of building a gaming chair of your own for once.

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