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Copyright And DMCA

Policies for Infringement, Trademarks, DMCA and Copyrights. 

Updates and information about gaming and office chairs are available on our website. Our users have contributed the data and posts. The site complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“the Act” or “DMCA”) and therefore does not impede the common technical safeguards employed by copyright owners to safeguard their content.

Additionally, the website has put in place mechanisms for accepting written complaints of alleged infringements and for handling such claims in conformity with the Act under 17 U.S.C. Section 512 (c).

By submitting an email to the site’s domain owners or via the contact form on this website to disclose any DCMA requests, all complaints of violation must be posted to this site in form of a complaint letter that abides by the necessities below and is supplied to our specified agent to obtain notification of infringement claims.

Additionally, the following details must be provided with any formal notice of any libellous or unlawful action that infringes a copyright, trademark, patent or another intellectual property right:

  • A written or electronic signature from someone with the authority to act for (1) the asserted right’s only owner or (2) the person being slandered.
  • Identifying the allegedly infringed work or, in the case of numerous allegedly infringed works present on a single website, a sample list of those pieces. Please provide a list of any contents that are libellous or violate a third party’s patent right, right of the registered trademark owner or other proprietary rights of the right holder.
  • Identifying the allegedly illegal, the object of the infringing act, or defamatory material that needs to be taken down or access to it be denied, as well as data that is fairly adequate to allow us to find the material.
  • Data that is at least adequate to allow us to get in touch with you, including your address, phone number, email I’d etc…
  • A declaration that you genuinely believe the use of the item in the way you are complaining about is not permitted by the owner of any copyrights or other intellectual rights, or by operation of law or by their agents. 
  • a declaration that the details in the communication are true, and on oath, a declaration that you have the power to act on behalf of the person who was allegedly wronged or the proprietor of an intellectual property right which is purportedly being violated.
  • Please give us up to a week to respond to your email. Please take note that sending your complaint through email to other parties, including our Internet Service Provider, won’t speed up the process and may cause a reply to be slowed down because the complaint wasn’t submitted correctly.

 Our copyright policy in short

We put a lot of effort into reporting the news, but we also recognise and value the effort made by others. We value and consider the ownership rights of copyright holders seriously, and we will respond quickly to any copyright issue that is brought to our attention.

If you discover any copyright issues with any of our news stories, feel free to email us at admin at or use the contact form available on the website. We guarantee to respond promptly and effectively to every issue that is reported.