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Can Gaming Chairs Explode? Demystifying The Myth [August 2023]

can gaming chairs explode

With the rise in popularity of gaming chairs, many consumers have begun asking about their safety, particularly whether they can explode. In this article, we aim to dispel myths and give an accurate, straightforward response to this concern.

Understanding The Structure Of A Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs, like most office chairs, utilize a height adjustment mechanism known as a gas lift cylinder or a pneumatic adjustment lever. This cylinder is a sealed component filled with pressurized gas, allowing the chair to be easily raised or lowered according to the user’s preference.

Can Gaming Chairs Explode?

In a straightforward answer, no, gaming chairs cannot explode under normal conditions. The notion of a gaming chair explosion typically originates from concerns about the gas lift cylinder. However, the likelihood of this cylinder exploding is extremely low.

These cylinders are designed and built to withstand much greater pressure than they are ever subjected to during everyday use. They are generally safe and have to pass rigorous safety tests before being utilized in any chair.

Why Do People Think Gaming Chairs Can Explode?

The misconception that gaming chairs can explode likely arises from a few isolated incidents where chairs reportedly “exploded,” leading to injury. These incidents typically involve a malfunction or damage to the gas lift cylinder, causing it to rapidly depressurize or “burst,” sometimes violently.

However, it’s crucial to note that such incidents are incredibly rare and often involve substandard products or inappropriate usage, leading to undue stress on the cylinder.

Safety Precautions To Take

While the risk of a gaming chair explosion is extremely low, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions to ensure safety:

1. Purchase From Reputable Brands

Buy chairs from well-established brands that use high-quality materials and adhere to safety standards.

2. Regular Maintenance

Periodically inspect your chair for any wear and tear, particularly the gas lift cylinder. If you notice any damage or malfunction, consider replacing the affected part or the entire chair, if necessary.

3. Proper Usage

Use the chair as intended. Avoid activities that could potentially damage the chair, such as standing on it or using it for heavy-duty applications beyond its design parameters.

Safety Of Gas-Pressured Gaming Chairs , Is Explosion Possible?

Gas-pressured gaming chairs, also known as gaming chairs with built-in gas cylinders, are designed to provide adjustable height and tilt functionality for enhanced comfort during gaming sessions. These chairs typically utilize a gas lift mechanism that allows users to adjust the seat height by releasing or adding gas pressure.

While gas-pressured gaming chairs are generally safe when used as intended, there have been some isolated incidents of gas cylinder failures or explosions. These incidents are rare, but they highlight the importance of using gaming chairs from reputable manufacturers and following proper usage guidelines.

To minimize the risks associated with gas-pressured gaming chairs, consider the following safety precautions:

1. Quality Assurance

Purchase gaming chairs from reputable manufacturers that adhere to industry standards and safety regulations. Research the brand and read customer reviews to ensure the chair has a good track record.

2. Weight Capacity

Respect the weight limitations specified by the manufacturer. Exceeding the maximum weight capacity can put undue stress on the gas cylinder, potentially leading to failure.

3. Proper Assembly

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when assembling the chair. Ensure that all components are securely attached and that there are no loose or damaged parts.

4. Regular Inspections

Periodically inspect your gaming chair for signs of wear and tear. Check for loose screws, damaged components, or any abnormalities in the gas cylinder. If you notice any issues, discontinue use and contact the manufacturer for assistance.

5. Avoid Misuse

Do not attempt to modify or tamper with the gas cylinder or any other components of the chair. Misuse or unauthorized modifications can compromise the chair’s safety.

6. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Keep your gaming chair in a well-ventilated area and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, as this can affect the performance and safety of the gas cylinder.

It’s important to note that while the risk of a gas-pressured gaming chair exploding is low, it is not entirely impossible. By following the recommended safety guidelines and using chairs from reputable manufacturers, you can minimize the risks and enjoy your gaming chair with peace of mind.

What Could Cause A Gas Cylinder In Gaming Chair Explosion?

Gas cylinders in gaming chairs, more commonly known as pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, are used to adjust the chair’s height. While they don’t contain flammable gases (usually they are filled with air, oil, or a similar substance), they can still fail and cause accidents, although outright explosions are quite rare. Potential causes for failure could include:

1. Manufacturing Defects

Defects during manufacturing, like poor welding, can cause a cylinder to rupture under pressure.

2. Wear And Tear

Over time, the seals on the cylinder may wear out and can no longer hold the pressure. This can cause the chair to suddenly drop or fail, but it’s unlikely to result in an explosion.

3. Overloading

Applying more weight than what the cylinder is designed for can also cause it to fail. You can find some great gaming chairs for big guys in this wonderful review.

4. Physical Damage

Similar to other types of cylinders, if the gas cylinder in a gaming chair is physically damaged, it can fail.

5. Corrosion

Corrosion can also damage the cylinder, potentially causing it to rupture.

Remember, safety should always come first. If you notice any problems with the height adjustment of your gaming chair, it’s best to stop using it and contact the manufacturer or a professional for repairs or replacement.


While it’s understandable that stories of “exploding chairs” can cause alarm, it’s important to remember that these incidents are incredibly rare and often involve misuse or substandard products.

High-quality gaming chairs from reputable manufacturers are designed with safety as a top priority and pose virtually no risk of explosion. As with any product, proper usage and regular maintenance are essential for ensuring longevity and safety. So game on, with peace of mind.

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