7 Best Office Chair For Sciatica Reviews And Buying Guide [2021 Updated]

Are you suffering from sciatica? It must be painful and disturbing, especially when you are at work. If the present lifestyle or workplace does not allow you to walk or stand often, the best way to overcome this problem is an office chair. 

Having an office chair is the easiest way to get rid of this issue. A qualitative office chair mitigates the risk of developing lower back pains. Moreover, you don’t have to stuff your chair with supports and cushions as everything is already built-in there.

A good chair can do wonders for your posture and offer you adjustability features of seat depth, seat height, and others, which prevent strain on the muscles, bones, and nerves. And if you are already suffering from this problem, a chair with lumbar back support can work wonders. 

Let’s have a quick check of what our expert reviewers need to say about some of the best office chairs for sciatica. Also, check our buying guide and tips to have ease while buying your favorite option. 

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7 Best Office Chair For Sciatica Reviews

1. Homall Gaming Chair High Back Adjustable Swivel – Best Gaming Chair

The Homall gaming chair is a perfect pick for those who are really fond of gaming and taking power naps in between. An orthopedic and ergonomic design, it allows reclining the backrest to a comfy sleeping angle of 150 Degrees using tilt adjustment knob.

Crafted using high-density shaping foam with a finishing layer of Pu skin-friendly leather fabric imparts its great resistance to wear and tear and is best for everyday gaming.

  • Material – Leather
  • Dimensions – 19.8 x 20.5 x 47.8 inches
  • Weight Bearing Recommendation – 300lbs
  • Weight – 42.1 pounds

Why is it Unique

This is a wonderful chair with highest ratings that come with a 360-degree swivel allowing convenient movement in multiple directions. With its powerful swivel wheels, you can move freely on hardwood and carpet floors without fearing any falls.

The two supplement pillows support back and neck with additional comfort. Hence, you can spend hours of gaming without witnessing neck or back pain.

The backrest is ergonomically designed and offers additional support to the lower back while keeping the spine straight. Its steel framework makes this chair both stylish and sturdy. 

Buyer’s Experiences

A lot of buyers have mentioned the high-level of comfort they achieved with this chair. They are extremely delighted with its efficient customer service and easy replacement service for all broken parts. Though its seat does not have a waterfall design, it renders awesome support and comfort. 

Best Fit For

Using its seat adjustment functionality, users can easily multitask. The big size seat and high back ensures even a hefty personality is able to sit for hours comfortably.

Though the material is not breathable but it is soothing to sit on. The armrests, reclining, and rocking function are up-to-the-mark. 


Soft and supportive foam
3 gas lift
Supports up to 300lbs
Splendid lumbar and back support
360 degree swivel
Wide usage
Impressive reclining and rocking


The material is not breathable.

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2. Flash Furniture Desk Chair with Wheels – Best Mesh Upholstery

Next, is this amazingly designed chair proven for an ultimate pick for your business or home! A commercial-grade design, it holds an ergonomic back weaved in breathable mesh back including support to the lumbar area. As a result, it improves your body posture and offers hours of comfort of use.

  • Material – Foam leather mesh nylon steel
  • Dimensions – 25.5 x 24.5 x 41.25 inches
  • Weight Bearing Recommendation – 250 Pounds
  • Weight – 14.07 kilograms

Why is it Unique

Packed with multiple exclusivities, it comes with padded flip-up arms that make a highly versatile seating unit. You can flip down the arms to rest your elbow for hours and increase circulation and flip up the same by creating a bigger seating area with ample space for movement.

The other great thing about this chair is its pneumatic adjustment level that enables you to conveniently adjust the seat to the preferred height.

Its tilt lock mechanism makes sure you can easily tilt and rock the chair in an upright position. If you wish to adjust the chair’s backward tilt resistance, you can utilize the built-in tilt tension knob. 

Buyer’s Experiences

Most of the buyers are pleased with numerous impressive features this chair has to offer. They liked its 360 chrome footrest that reduces pressure on the legs and enhances circulation.

The heavy-duty base is another appealing aspect to them as it is supported with dual caster wheels, which enhances ease of movement and stability. 

Best Fit For

Powered with numerous elite features, it is a simple-looking yet extremely comfy chair. The heavy-duty base is perfect to withstand hefty loads. Numerous adjustment capabilities ensure users can avail of the highest comfort level using this product. 


Mid-back design with wheels
Built-in lumbar support
Swivel seat for convenient maneuvering
Padded flip-up arms
Chrome base and footrest 
Ergonomic back
Numerous adjustments


It is a simple-looking design yet highly strong.

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3. Gtraing Gaming Chair with Footrest, High Back – Best High-Back Chair for Professionals

For hardcore gamers and workaholics, this chair by Gtracing is a boon. Hours of sitting can result in numb buttocks and pain in legs.

This chair combats all these issues and encourages changes in the way you sit while offering support and relaxation. The cherry on the cake is its absolute affordability.

  • Material – bonded leather
  • Dimensions – 21.65 x 21.65 x 53.94 inches
  • Weight Bearing Recommendation – 300lbs
  • Weight – 51.9 pounds

Why is it Unique

A product full of great highlights, this chair incorporates lumbar support and additional neck pillow, which are really comfortable. The gladdest thing is that you can move the neck pillow down and up to 4 inches. Also, the seat cushion is more than you expect and provide a perfect firm sitting.

One easy way to get rid of sciatica is by keeping changing positions while you sit. Making this an obvious choice, this unit features tilt and rocking functions, which can rock up to 15 degrees for back stretching or up to 170 degrees for reclining.

Once you achieve your desirable position, you can quickly lock it. Combined with it is the pullout footrest, which allows sitting reclined, upright to a vertical position.

Buyer’s Experiences

The users boast of this super-stylish design that offers great lumbar support. They found it very comfortable and love the footrest. The pillows are comfy and the armrests are apt. A great value for money that keeps customers happy! 

Best Fit For

It is a big-size chair made with high-quality material and fabric. Despite having numerous impressive features, it has one limitation of having a weight bearing capacity of just 230 pounds. If you are not a too heavy or too tall person, you can definitely go for this creation. 


High-quality material
Ergonomic design
Elegant and modern
Thick padded seat and back
Retractable footrest
Strong metal frame


It is not a great choice for too-heavy individuals.

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4. Duramount Ergonomic Adjustable Chair with Rollerblade Wheels – Best Adjustability and Comfort

When extreme comfort with more adjustment options is what you require, then this chair has to be in your shopping cart. A uniquely designed creation, it is state-of-the-art product with more adjustability options than other chairs on the market.

No matter which way you sit, you can find the perfect seating position easily. From lumbar support, armrest, to tilt tension, backrest tilt, and seat, you can adjust every bit of it.

  • Material – mesh
  • Dimensions – 29.25 x 25.5 x 12.75 inches
  • Weight Bearing Recommendation – 330 pounds
  • Weight – 44.6 pounds

Why is it Unique

Styled with breathable mesh on the back, this ergonomic design offers support while keeping the back comfortable and cool. Circulation of cool air through the back keeps the back sweat-free and makes it convenient to sit for longer hours.

The back support is fully adjustable and offers lumbar support that goes up and down, in and out. You can sit straight or use a recline feature to tilt the backrest. Using the pneumatic controls of the chair, you can lower or raise the seat and enjoy sitting in an ergonomic position.

Buyer’s Experiences

With simple instructions available, maximum numbers of buyers were able to set it up in just a few steps. So many adjustability options let each member of their family have absolute comfort from this single product. It is a highest-quality that moves easily across the floor and boosts your work comfort to a great extent. 

Best Fit For

With multiple features and convenience to adjust them all, undoubtedly, this chair is a great pick for users of all stature, be it big or small.

The chair is very sturdy, ergonomic, and adjustable and comes with extra hardware. The most appreciable thing is the way adjustments are engineered. 


Easy to install
Highest quality
Solid back support
Breathable mesh
Numerous adjustment options


Not a much stronger base

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5. DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – Best Kneeling Chair/Alternate Seating

An excellent buy, this chair covers your back, shins, keens, and behind ensuring you never experience any health issues resulting from long hours sitting.

Offering rich back support, it is equipped with a 3-inch mesh cushion. The 4 caster wheels provide complete freedom to move.

  • Material – leather 
  • Dimensions – 26 x 21.5 x 16.75 inches
  • Weight Bearing Recommendation – 250 pounds
  • Weight – 18.92 pounds

Why is it Unique

This kneeling stool is a heavy-duty design with a strong metal base engineered to last longer. It supports medium weight and keeps your back straight in an upright position. The sleek back style is ideal for your classroom, office or home.

Every member of your family can use this chair and gain apt sitting by adjusting its height to the preferred level. You can adjust the height from 21 to 31 inches and find the perfect position. 

Buyer’s Experiences

The buyers find it more comfortable than their lazy slouching chair. It is more comfortable than a standard chair.

Being adjustable both on the knee height and seat height makes it fully customizable for tall and short people. It is a sturdy and nice design, which is simple to assemble. 

Best Fit For

No need to hunch over the desk or keyboard for hours as this posture chair lets you keep a straight position. It distributes the weight evenly on legs and buttocks, while keeping the spine aligned.

If you are looking for a compact, modern, and adjustable design that renders high comfort, you may go for this chair.


Functional and comfortable
Relieves back stress and pain
Sleek black style
Ergonomic kneeling stool
Best posture while tilted
Back support equips three-inch mesh cushion
Back support equips three-inch mesh cushion


You need to keep changing the sitting position to ensure optimal comfort. 

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6.  Office Star Pro Grid High Back Chair – Best Budget Option 

Another wonderful piece, which is worth buying is this ergonomic yet highly affordable design made of superior quality material.

It is a durable constructed engineered from sturdy and breathable interwoven mesh, which imparts both class and comfort to this unit. Offering awesome lumbar support, it fits perfectly to all sizes and shapes.

  • Material – 100% polyester
  • Dimensions – 29 x 27.88 x 42.63 inches
  • Weight bearing recommendation – 250lbs
  • Weight – 50.1 pounds

Why is it Unique

The single-touch pressurized controls let you fine-tune the seat tilt, depth, height, and arm rests to gain individual comfort level. As a result, you can sit and work for long hours without compromising on comfort. 

Pick from a high-back or mid-back option to avail of the right support for your need. Numerous ergonomic adjustments allow you to easily find the comfort zone and support productivity throughout the day.

Holding certification for low chemical emissions, it reduces your exposure to chemicals and promotes great indoor air quality. 

Buyer’s Experiences

It is a treat for the buyers and they are pleased with this chair. A great budget option, it offered them high comfort and allowed working easily for hours.

It is a totally breathable mesh with padded back and comfortable bottom. Reading the instructions makes everything about this chair simple! 

Best Fit For

It is a budgeted and multi-functional unit perfect for everyday use. The chair can be positioned to seat for reducing pressure on the thighs and buttocks. Chair is fully rotatable in both directions and offers ease of motion. Overall, it is a non-regrettable purchase. 


Pneumatic seat height adjustment
360 Degree Swivel
Seat depth adjustment
5-level multi-function control
Ergonomic support
Seat slider


Initial assembly is a little complex and time-consuming.

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7. Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair – Best Value For Money

Finally, we have this exquisite and appealing chair by Amazon Basics. A high-back executive design, it is super comfortable and engineered with brown polyurethane bonded leather holding a pewter finish.

Integrated with pneumatic controls like seat height adjustment, smooth rolling casters, and others, it is truly worth every penny.

  • Material – Bonded leather with pewter finish
  • Dimensions – 29.1 x 26.1 x 41.75 inches
  • Weight Bearing Recommendation – 275 pounds 
  • Weight – 35.7 pounds

Why is it Unique

Whether you are working at a desk or running, this high-back chair offers professional style and high level of comfort the entire day. Featuring a butterfly seat plate, you gain total comfort while sitting on it. The firm padded seating and curved contours helps you to keep back straight and comfortably aligned.

The pneumatic control level makes it very simple to adjust the seat’s angle and height. Also, there is a tilt-tension knob that adjusts the rocking motion of the chair.

It is packed in bonded leather upholstery and features a 5-point base with rolling caster wheels and 360 degree swivel capability. 

Buyer’s Experiences

This is a great value for money with sturdy base and comfy backrest. The leather material is more durable than usual office chairs, which enhances the stability and durability of the chair. The shape and angle of the seat are perfect for sitting upright. 

Best Fit For

If you have a limited budget, still, want a chair that is not just comfortable but is also loaded with ample of advanced features, this one is definitely worth considering.

An ergonomic design, it goes together quietly, quickly, and smoothly. With good quality upholstery and metalwork, it feels good. 


Padded seat
Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
Smooth rolling casters
BIFMA certified
High-quality leather upholstery


The base is not very strong. 

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What is Sciatica?

Sitting for long hours results in various health issues. One among all is sciatica, which occurs when the sciatic nerve disrupts or pinches. It leads to pain, which is felt from the buttocks, lower back, to the back of the legs and thighs. Usually, it affects only one leg.

According to health professionals, it is commonly the result of a herniated disk in the spine or because of spur on the vertebrae. The sensation ranges from mild pain, shooting sensation or burning to numbness in the various regions. 

The nerve attaching leg to the back is the longest in the human body and runs through the lower back, feet, legs, and hips. In sciatica, the nerve pain normally begins from lower spine or lumbar area and spreads through the rest of the sciatica nerve. 

  • The common symptoms of this ailment are:
  • a mild ache
  • numbness
  • severe nerve pain
  • burning sensation
  • tingling sensation
  • weakness

Prolonged sitting puts excessive pressure and stress on the spinal disk that leads to nerve issues. People suffering from this pain may keep witnessing the same for 4-6 weeks or longer without proper medication and care.

To avoid sciatica we suggest you to improve the body posture, manage weight and avoid sitting for long hours, especially in an inappropriate position. If your lifestyle or work commitments do not allow you to avoid prolonged sitting, you must select the best office chair and gain lumbar support and maintain proper posture. 

Tips To Sit Comfortably With Sciatica

Sitting comfortably with sciatica is difficult. However, there are a few tips or practices you can follow to enjoy absolute comfort and feel much better.

  1. Avoid Sitting Long Hours at a Stretch – Keep getting up and take regular breaks in every fifteen or thirty minutes. Walk a few steps; move around, so some stretches and practice targets are exercised.
  2. Keep Your Back Straight – Your buttocks and back of the chair must be in contact with the chair’s back. Keep the back straight and let your chair work for it.
  3. Adjust the Knee Position – For a few people, it is difficult to keep their knees in even position with the hips. This reduces sciatic pain to a great extent. You can lower or raise your knees slightly. Keep your feet grounded on the floor for support.
  4. Pick an Ergonomic Design – Pick a chair that is suited to your weight, height, and personal body type. Not every chair fits all!
  5. Use a Standing Desk Often – Use a standing desk to regularly change between standing and sitting positions while working to reduce pressure on your back. 
  6. Select a Seat Cushion – Don’t sit on hard surfaces for long. If your chair does not have a soft seat, buy a sciatica cushion. This reduces the pressure in your tailbone to a great extent.
  7. Don’t Cross legs – When you sit with your legs crossed, it restricts proper flow of blood to the lower regions of the body. 
  8. Buy an Ergonomic Chair – One main reason for sciatica is not having the correct office chair Make sure that you target the problem areas and offer relief. Pick an office chair that is ergonomically designed and meets your preferences and budget. 

Buying Guide

Since you will be picking an office chair to get relief from a specific problem, it is essential that you take into account all important aspects needed to target and solve the issue. Though you must consider each and every bit of it, we have highlighted some of the most imperative aspects.

1. Back Support

The office chair you pick must offer good support for the lumbar area and spinal curve to promote adequate posture and ease pressure on the nerve. 

2. Durability

Sciatica pain usually gets alleviated in 4-6 months. But if you are investing in a product, you must confirm its strength and durability. Proper posture prevents recurrence of sciatica.

3. Adjustability

A chair must feature ergonomic adjustability like tilt, height adjustments, armrests, seat depth and other adjustments to let you conveniently find the most comfy sitting position. 

4. Padding

To ensure less pressure is placed on your spine, you must pick a chair with mesh-like cover or leather upholstery. Thickly cushioned seats offer better breathability and cushioning to offer exceptional comfort. It also enhances air circulation and makes it comfy to sit for a long time. 

5. Lumbar Support

It is wise to check for lumbar and back support your chair offers. Adequate lumbar support maintains the natural spine position and offers great support to the back. However, one with reclining arrangement and adjustability is ideal.

6. Mobility

Try picking a unit with swivel base and castor wheels. The swivel base lets you rotate in multiple directions without frequently moving up. The castor wheels, on the other hand, make it easy to move the chair on all kinds of floors. 

7. Price

Don’t break your bank to buy a chair. There are ample of budget-friendly options available. You have to do a little more research and it will save you from spending tons of bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Zero Gravity Chairs Reduce Sciatica?

A1. Zero gravity chairs encourage a position, which is designed to offer minimal gravitational force on the bodies and reduce pressure. This offers us relief from neck and back pain. 
Such a position helps relieve pain and also improves the overall blood circulation in the body. Also, it releases tension from the surrounding areas.
Hence, zero gravity chairs offer great relief from this problem, but they alone are not enough. Here are some of the best office chair for neck pain.

Q2. Can Sitting on Hard Seat Cause Sciatica?

A2. The primary reason for sciatica is lower back pain. For the majority of the cases, the reason is intervertebral disc disorder. The vertebral disc is prone to degenerate with time and involves a high risk of suffering from this problem as we age. 
Besides age, work related activities and lifestyle of a person can result in this problem. People, whose job involves lifting heavy things, bearing machines, sitting on hard seats or sitting in harmful postures are a soft target to this ailment. 

Q3. What Type of Chair is best for Sciatica?

A3. Ergonomic chairs are definitely the best as they promote healthy sitting habits and good posture. But other than this, there are other types of chairs also available, which can help combat sciatica.
Ergonomic Chair – These chairs come with adjustability options and can accommodate customized settings. You can recline them, back tilt, and adjust the height, lumbar support, armrests, and headrest. You can easily tailor them in order to target your pain areas and get rid of this problem. 
Massage Chair – Such chairs are ideal for people who suffer from a lot of pain. These chairs are luxurious and therapeutic. They directly target the lumbar and spine area and alleviate pain. A few chairs also come with distinct massage functionalities, which is great for people with sciatica pain.
Gaming Chair – Especially designed to offer support for long sitting hours, these chairs prevent pain and offer great relief from soreness and aches. They can reduce lower back pain to a great extent, which is caused mainly by sitting for a long time. Most of these gaming chairs have ergonomic elements, like adjustable seat height, seat depth, retractable armrests, and tilt mechanism.
Kneeling Chair – This chair features a knee pad and an angled seat, which is ideal for active sitting. It is created in a way to relax the buttocks and spine by opening the angle between thighs and upper body. Rather than sitting for 90 Degrees, you can bend the knees at 60 – 70 degrees.
Balance Ball Chairs – You must have seen balance balls in fitness videos or gym. They are great for sitting on a curved surface. These chairs help build the core muscle strength, reduce the risk of developing heart ailments, and also offer relief from the pain.

Q4. Can sitting regularly worsen sciatica?

A4. Sitting for prolonged hours can worsen sciatica pain. It is because sitting puts a lot of pressure on glute muscles as well as sciatic nerves. When you move around, it gives the sciatic nerve a break and puts less pressure on the same allowing the blood to flow into the affected regions.  

Q5. Are massage chairs the best for sciatica?

A5. Sciatica sufferers often experience numbness and swelling of nerves and legs. For this reason, doctors suggest using massage chairs, especially if there is mild pain in the lower back. These chairs relax the back muscles of your body and offer relief to the pain. 

Q6. Does sciatica go away on its own?

A6. Usually, this problem rectifies without treatment. But if there is extreme pain, you need to seek medical assistance. 

On A Final Note

When choosing the best office chair for sciatica, you need to focus on a lot of things. But most important is your work environment and working hours. If you work in a close area, choose a chair with mesh fabric as it is breathable and boosts air circulation. For a well-ventilated space, a leather chair is an optimum choice.

Consider all the above-mentioned aspects along with weight bearing capacity so that you can perfectly fit into your chair. A chair that does not fit properly can lead to more pain and even misalignment of the spine and issue in the lumbar area.

Hence, consider all options mentioned in our post, as they are truly amazing. Create a checklist and shortlist or choose the office chair that precisely meets them all! 

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