7 Best Gaming Chair Under 300$ Reviews and Buying Guide [2022 Updated]

Want a new gaming chair and that too within a budget of 300$? You are lucky as you have a plethora of choices to consider!

For ultimate gaming experience and absolute comfort, a gaming chair is definitely an important investment. And the good thing is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get it. There is good quality, robustly engineered, and solid gaming chairs available for just 300$.

And from where you can find these? Right from this post! After a detailed market research and considering experiences of hundreds and thousands of buyers across the world, we have shortlisted these best gaming chair under 300$ just for you.

Check our compilation along with a buying guide and important factors to consider for picking up the best ergonomic chair for gaming easily.

7 Best Gaming Chairs Under 300$ Reviews

1. Gtracing Chair with Footrest Racing Pu Leather – Best High Back Chair

Designed specifically for the video game lovers, the Gtracing Gaming Chair is an all-exclusive creation loaded with innumerable spectacular features. It perfectly fits any body shape and offers you the most comfy support.

Unique ergonomic design with lumbar and head pillows renders adjustable support. Enjoyable rocking functionality, 360 Degrees Swivel, and more other functions make this chair truly wonderful!

Why is it Unique

With a weight holding capacity of up to 300lbs, this chair is engineered with style and using high-quality Pu leather material. As a result, it holds great resistance to fade and is very simple to clean. You can pick among red, blue, and white colors to have a perfect fit to your existing game setup.

The ergonomic design with sturdy metal frame promotes lasting comfort. Thick padded seats and back come with retractable footrest, which make this chair deliver comfort to the next level.

Buying this chair is an excellent deal as you can use it for not just gaming purposes, but also for other applications like studying and working. Its modern and elegant look will add a touch of contemporary appearance to your space.

Buyer’s Experiences

This chair is available at a competitive price and offers really good lumbar support. The armrests are rigid and nice. The best part of this unit for most of the buyers is its reclining support. In this ergonomic gaming chair with footrest, footrest and neck support pillow are placed very well.

Ideal Fit For

A perfect choice for all gamers, this chair comes with a superb height range, which makes it the best fit for tall gamers. It comes with easy assembly. Though a few pieces are a little heavy, this is what that imparts durability to this piece. Go for it if you are a tall gamer looking for extreme comfort and sophistication.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Retractable footrest
  • Adjustable height and armrest
  • Bonded leather material involves low maintenance
  • Bigger back height
  • Rocking functionality
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Strong metal frame construction


  • It is an excellent design but not suitable for all night gaming sessions.

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2. Depointer Life Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Best Recliner Chair

Next, we have a multi-functional design with multiple adjustments. Adjustable headrest and lumbar support offer additional comfort while the ottoman seat design ensures your legs stay completely relaxed or fully retractable.

This gaming chair comes with 90-135 degrees adjustable backrest, which is fully adjustable to offer maximum comfort to the back. Its 360 degree swivel function offers complete freedom for performing all kinds of activities.

Why is it Unique

With numerous adjustable functionalities, this chair ensures you gain absolute efficiency while doing office work as well as gaming. The sides and bottom of the seat come with adjusters for convenient adjustment of the height and backrest angle for optimum conditions. It is equipped with lumbar and headrest support that offer great strength to the waist and neck for an all-day comfortable gaming.

The seat is equipped with cup holders on both the sides that precisely meet the different lifestyle and make the use simpler. The chair features a strong metal base for mobility and stability. The maximum weight loading capacity is 275 pounds and for relaxation adjusts the footrest support and legs.

Buyer’s Experiences

Super awesome looking! Highly comfortable units with double cup holders offer additional convenience. It holds 365 degrees swivel and is an ideal choice for all-day gaming sessions. The chair is amazing and easily assembles.

Ideal Fit For

This chair is an ideal choice for those who want a fully-functional reclining unit. It comes with extra padding and made using PU leather, which holds resistance to fading and is easy to clean. The 90-135 degrees adjustable backrest can be adjusted to various levels to meet absolute comfort.


  • Lumbar and headrest support
  • Convenient adjustment
  • Double side pockets from the chair sides
  • Stable and solid construction
  • Multifunctional design
  • Extra high backrest saves spinal and neck strains


  • The chair is great but the footrest is not up-to-the mark.

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3. FANTASYLAB Big and Tall 400lbs Massage Memory Foam – Best Adjustability Functions

Now you can avail of an upgraded gaming experience with the ergonomically engineered racing gaming chair. One of the most comfortable chair for gaming, it features lumbar support, memory foam padding, and a headrest pillow.

The wide armrests and rocking high back properly fits to the body curve to offer unmatched comfort. The detachable padded headrest and high backrest lumbar cushions support the spine and neck.

Why is it Unique

With the ease of adjusting various parts of the gaming chair, it precisely fits the height and type of the body. In particular, you can adjust the body’s height of the chair and tilt the backrest, armrests, and the back pressure. The armrest is adjustable to 3 dimensions, down and up, back and forth, and rotation. All practical mechanisms allow easy control and readjustment.

Constructed with metal frame and explosion proof gas spring of high standards, it ensures high security and robust frame with smooth rolling casters. This makes the overall structure truly superb. It can bear a weight holding capacity of 400lbs that makes this chair a wonderful choice.

Buyer’s Experiences

It is a high quality gaming chair that never malfunctions, break or bend. It is durable, stable, and sturdy and made with a heavy-duty metal base, which makes it a great choice for the users. It is easy to install and comes with a lumbar support pillow. The foam pillow is highly comfortable.

Ideal Fit For

It is an exceptionally huge gaming chair, which is part of its style and charm. The chair dimensions are big and it looks excellent behind the office desk as well as in front of consoles and computers. The swivel chair is a perfect choice for those who want more comfort while gaming or at work.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Memory foam padding
  • Headrest pillow and Lumbar support
  • High backrest and detachable padded headrest
  • Integrated metal frame
  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • Explosion proof gas spring
  • Smooth rolling casters make a superb stable structure


  • Some of the parts are plastic made.

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4. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair – Best 3D Support Design

For those looking for a décor-friendly, contemporary, and adjustable gaming chair this one with 3D support design is the best choice. Equipped with superficial basics, it is a modern design with numerous ergo-enhancements that makes it easy to play or work.

It hugs your back completely and aligns the spine thereby reducing pain and compression. Its exclusive system brings balanced energy to the body reducing fatigue from working or gaming long hours.

Why is it Unique

This mesh chair will never leave grill imprints on your body as it is made with breathable material offering optimal flow of air to avoid sticking and sweating. Its softness offers comfort to the body, the durability ensures you gain lasting support.

Styled with dual castors, it offers great strength and stability. The strong base makes it a heavy-duty design perfect to withstand up to 275lbs weight.

Packaged with an additional set of Blade castors, it is an ideal choice for hardwood floors and leaves no marks. You can relax, settle back, and tilt completely as it can be tilted up to 135 degrees to maintain the ergonomic fit or to lounge back. The strong iron base makes it a heavy-duty design perfect for adults up to 275lbs.

Buyer’s Experiences

It is an amazing companion for the buyers who want to work or play in the perfect position. It allows simple lounge backs and lets you tilt in a relaxing position to reduce neck and back pain. The caster wheels allow smooth gliding. Available in 4 different colors, the buyers are able to pick their preferred choice.

Ideal Fit For

This chair can add a huge difference to your everyday routine. It eliminates all back issues. The additional lumbar pad offers support to the lower back area. Perfect for small to medium height individuals, it can help you sit comfortably for as long as 10 hours.


  • Roller blade wheels allow smooth gliding
  • Easy and simple construction of the chair
  • Comfortable and durable design
  • Super lounge tilt
  • Robust 5 point aluminum base
  • Modern 3D ergonomic design
  • Heavy-duty metal frame imparts greater strength and stability
  • Breathable ElastoMesh material allows airflow


  • The chair arms are made of plastic rather than metal.
  • Less support to the lower back due to lower curvature.

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5. Auto Full Pink PU Leather Gaming Chair – Best Supporting Gears

Available with pretty rabbit ears in lovely pink color, this gaming chair by AutoFull is ideal for all female or teenage gamers who do not want to compromise on comfort, quality, and durability.

Equipped with a lumbar cushion and headrest to support the waist and neck, it is a photogenic buddy to pink color lovers. The rabbit ears are detachable and you can place it on your head for a unique attractive look.

Why is it Unique

Offering multi-functionality, this chair offers 360 Degrees swivel and holds a back that can be locked at any angle between 90 – 155 Degrees. The adjustable armrest, height, seat, head pillow, and lumbar pillow ensure you are able to easily find the most comfortable position.

The body-hugging design fits to the natural curvature of the user’s back. The detachable lumbar cushion and additional high backrest ensures you don’t experience fatigue or back pain for long time working or gaming. Constructed using explosion-proof gas spring and metal frame, it holds a sturdy foundation that withstands up to 300lbs.

Buyer’s Experiences

With an unbelievable assembly, it is a good looking chair with great features. The armrests are unique and covered with foam. The white and pink color is highly attractive while the chair reclines to 155 Degrees and can be locked at any angle. The sturdy nylon base lowers to the ground and imparts strength to the overall design.

Ideal Fit For

People less than 330lbs can go for this chair. It is super comfortable and holds a wide seat. Anyone who loves pink and gaming would love this chair. It is equipped with numerous features and looks amazing in every setup. The leather is absolutely fresh and the armrests are super soft.


  • 360 Degree swivel
  • 90-155 degrees reclining
  • Adjustable head pillow and lumbar support
  • Wide and adjustable seat
  • Memory foam and PU leather construction
  • Body-hugging design
  • Too high backrest


  • Very good piece for price but the pink color may not be a preferred choice for everyone.

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6. RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Chair – Best Value for Money

Playing like a legend is a dream come true with the Fortnite Gaming chair. Upholstered in black and outfit colors, it character accents, which deliver an immersive experience as per your outfit choice.

Kicking up feet or laying back, everything will be possible with this wonderfully designed piece.

Why is it Unique

A race car design, this chair offers comfort and luxury, which makes it perfect for intense gaming sessions, long workdays, or leaderboards. It features a high back with detailed padding and a headrest that ensures you can comfortably game all day long. The ergonomic design is equipped with an extendable footrest to let you kick back easily.

Featuring stain resistance material covering, the gaming chair ensures long-wearing and extended use. You can recline between 90-155 Degrees and lock at your preferred position. The padded, soft armrests pivot with the chair as it reclines fully to 360 degrees of swivel rotation with dynamic movement.

Buyer’s Experiences

This chair looks great and has accurate colors. The fabric feels amazing and has little textures, which makes the chair look more expensive.

The construction quality is superb and holds a metal base and plastic wheel base. In all, it is an attractive creation with unbeatable construction quality.

Ideal fit for

It is a fairly comfortable design with smooth reclining. The leg rest is adjustable and the design is hand-crafted for perfect fit and accuracy. It is very easy to assemble and feels great.


  • Multiple angle lock lets you select the best angle
  • Lift and tilt levers
  • 275lbs weight holding capacity
  • Great build quality
  • Easy assembling
  • Feels and looks great


  • The padding on armrests is a little loose.

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7. AK Racing Core Series EX Gaming Chair – Best Overall

If you want to have it all, you must then pick this chair. Featuring minimal seating essentials, it is an excellent performer that meets all your requirements and makes sure you gain high comfort while performing your favorite activity.

Why is it Unique

Enhanced with powder-coated and reinforcement belts, this chair is painted using anti-corrosive material, and hence, holds great resistance to damages caused by external weather conditions. The frame of the chair undergoes 11 points quality controls that impart great longevity to the same.

The 100% cold pressed foam padding is meticulously selected to offer outstanding performance and long-term comfort. It sources the same great quality upholstery materials as superior manufacturers. The polyester upholstery is durable and breathable.

It is an extra-durable design in black color with red highlights, which give it a distinct appeal. The patented armrest design is made of special foam mix, offering support and cushioning to the wrists and arms. The best part is that you can adjust in three distinct directions – forth and back, down and up, and rotate to both sides.

Buyer’s Experiences

It is an ergonomically adjustable chair offering great comfort level. It allows easy adjustment of back angle, arm rests, height, and the seat. Decent pricing and high-quality makes it a fruitful purchase.

Ideal Fit For

It is an appealing design packed with numerous great features. The adjustable lumbar support and headrest offers great comfort and superior ergonomics offer exceptional functionality, which make this a wonderful gaming gear for all professional gamers.


  • Adjustable rocking functionality
  • 3D armrests adjustable
  • Fabric cover on back and front
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Robust metal frame
  • High-density cold foam padding
  • Great durability and comfort


  • A little bit costly.

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Do Gaming Chairs Make A Difference?

A huge difference is made by gaming chairs by sporting the wellness and health of the users. The major advantages of using a gaming chair are as follows:

1. Enhanced Posture

Sitting on a gaming chair expands the muscles. A proper posture is achievable with the efficient ergonomics of the chair. It is a great investment for those who sit full-time. The cushion padding offers full-time load bearing capacity.

2. Consistent Comfort

The quality of life improves drastically with a gaming chair. Sitting properly leads to improved body circulation, enhanced spatial and body awareness, raised energy levels, and better productivity at work.

3. Proper Eye Level

For efficient modern-day gaming, it is necessary to have comfortable eye level. The gaming chairs are equipped with gas-powered lifts. You can lower or rise as preferred. Combine with the support pillows and recline features, you are able to maintain a proper eye level to the screen top. In that case you don’t have to move your neck and have to move only the eyes.

4. Better Energy Levels

The muscles get tired when you sit for long periods with improper posture. This is a problem because you require healthy muscles to maintain body balance. This way, you never experience shoulder pain, back strain, or neck issues. Also, the chair supports the muscles that eliminate strain, offering more energy.

5. Immersive Computing

Finally, gaming chairs offer an enhanced computing experience. Adequate sitting keeps the body comfortable, aligned, and makes it easy to focus on the screen.

Why Are Gaming Chairs Better Than An Office Chair?

If you compare gaming chairs with office chairs, the answer is simple, gaming chairs are better. It is because they support proper body posture. Sitting on a standard office chair pushes the spine to hold up the torso, arms, and head against gravity. As a result, the back strains and turns into a curvy slouch. With every hour spent, this slouch becomes more prominent and it becomes the normal position for the body.

Ergonomically created gaming chairs rectify such problems. Rather than holding spine and body against gravity, these chairs ensure you have comfortable seating. The backrest with lumbar and neck cushion is thickly padded. There are reclining, armrest and height adjustments offering precise positioning.

The support offered by gaming chairs can make a great difference for people who spend long hours in front of a screen like professional gamers. With proper posture, the body experiences wellness, productivity and vitality.

10 Most Important Factors to Consider for Picking the Best Gaming Chair Under 300$

Before you purchase the best gaming chairs for pc, there are numerous features to consider. This ensures that you get the most comfortable gaming chair for your personal needs and size.

1. Seat Dimensions

The seat dimension is an essential feature to consider for picking a gaming chair. The width size needs to fit the size of thighs and bottoms to gain complete comfort. A too tight chair gets squished between the wings and arms on the chair sides, making it difficult to sit for long hours.

Also check the seat’s length. People with a short height can fit in a chair of any length ensuring they can bend the knees over an edge. Taller people need more space, and hence, they will slide forward reducing the comfort level and more.

2. Backrest Height

This is another vital feature to consider as it gives support to the shoulder, neck, and back during gaming sessions. A standard office chair leads to slouching over that triggers pain in all areas, especially if you use them on a daily basis.

Make sure you pick a chair with a higher backrest and have an ergonomic design. This molds the shape of the back ensuring you sit upright all times. This prevents the back from curving forward that helps enhance the posture rather than allowing your back to curve and causing huge pain.

Gaming chairs correct the spine shape and reduce health issues, which could otherwise lead to severe health problems.

3. Height Adjustment

Another feature to look in for the gaming chair is the height adjustment functionality. The panel for adjusting height is located under the seat. You can use the lever to lower or raise it as required to fit your legs length.

The more range the chair has, the easier it is to fit into the lifestyle. Avoid picking a chair that is too high or too short as it will reduce your comfort level.

4. Capacity

Not only the height, but also the weight of gamers varies. It is therefore essential to pick a chair that is engineered to fit your particular size. A few chairs are engineered for the smaller members, while others have a maximum weight holding capacity of up to 200 – 350 pounds.

5. Upholstery Material

When considering a chair, do check the upholstery material for the best gaming time. The fabric you choose must be durable, easy to clean and hold resistance to fading and tear.

The PU leather is an efficient material that looks great and is easy to clean with a simple damp cloth. Moreover, the fabric must be breathable and comfortable to sit.

6. Reclining Functionality

When you sit at the desk on type on a computer, the chair must be upright supporting so that you maintain proper spinal position. The chair must have a reclining function of 90 – 155 degrees so that it can offer a maximum level of comfort for watching a movie, reading, gaming, or relaxing.

7. Massager or Lumbar Support Pillows

Your chair must either offer you a massager or must come with lumbar support pillows. These are important to alleviate neck and back related issues. With various kinds of lumbar support pillows, you can adjust the comfort needed and place them as per your requirements.

8. Comfort

This is another essential factor to consider when planning to buy the best chairs for gaming. Along with a range of features, your chair must be absolutely comfortable to sit on. Features such as thick padding, ergonomics, footrest, and adjustability all enhance the overall comfort level rendered by a chair.

You can check some best gaming chair with footrest in this interesting and in-depth review.

9. Design

The material along with the design ensures whether your chair will last longer or not. It must be made of high-quality material, which enhances the durability and aesthetics. It is best to pick a breathable material as it feels comfy during extreme climatic conditions. As far as the design is concerned, it must be fully adjustable.

10. Other Features

Last but not the least, pick a chair that comes with multiple adjustable features. This will help you customize the comfort level as per your requirements. Avoid picking a chair, which costs more and comes with limited functionalities.

After reading this review if you are thinking to consider some low budget options. Then you can check this amazing review on the best gaming chairs under 100$.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do chairs under 300$ need more assembly time? Do they require any special tools?

A1. The assembly time for a chair varies depending on the kind of chair you purchase. A few models need to adjust the base or arms, while others hold complex assembly. It rarely takes longer than 30 minutes to assemble any chair even when numerous pieces need to be attached. The only thing you need is proper tools as it will help you snap pieces in place.

Q2. Is it possible to remove the armrests if required?

A2. Yes, you can remove the chair’s armrests without compromising on the chair’s support. This can be done by unscrewing the bolts. However, removing armrests will affect your personal comfort level. Make sure you do not damage the armrests or chair while removing or attaching them.

Q3. Is it worth buying an ergonomic chair?

A3. For those who spend a lot of time sitting for gaming or work, an ergonomic chair is an ideal buy. It maintains proper body posture, physical health and keeps the stress levels low. It is a worthy long-term investment.

Q4. Why are ergonomic chairs expensive?

A4. A few ergonomic chairs cost more as they allow multiple adjustments. The numerous adjustments a chair has, the more expensive it is. Expensive office chairs allow us to freely adjust the chair’s height, tension, back, depth, and lumbar functionality.

Q5. Are mesh chairs better?

A5. Mesh gaming chairs are best as they offer proper support to the body. They are adjustable and hold body hugging design and maintain good posture without hurting the back or neck. The chairs can be adjusted according to the personal comfort level.

Q6. Are gaming chairs really good for the back?

A6. Yes, gaming chairs are excellent for back. They can completely eliminate the back pain and keep the spine in the correct position while sitting. Hence, these chairs relieve stress and make it comfortable to sit for long hours.


A right gaming chair is essential equipment for serious gamers. Only a proper chair can keep them fully immersed and comfortable during the entire gaming session. Moreover, you can use your gaming chair for not only the purpose of gaming but also for performing various kinds of activities like working, office work, studying, napping, and others.

Hence, make a wise choice by considering all pros and cons and pick a chair that meets most of your requirements. Sure, you can make an elite choice!

This was all from our side on the best gaming chair under 300$. Do let us know in the comments below the one you finally bought.

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