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7 Best Gaming Chair Manufacturers In The Market [Find The One For You]

These days, many top gaming chair brands in the market offer their top-notch products with unique features and functionality. Each gaming chair brand has some or other features that differentiate one brand from another. Gaming chair manufacturers keep modifying their products to give maximum convenience to the users. 

Selecting the best manufacturer out of all these gaming chair manufacturers can be a bit tough for any person, where every brand claims the superiority of their products. Hence, to help you out, we are presenting the list of the best gaming chair manufacturers whose products will deliver the best performance to meet your needs.

7 Best Gaming Chair Manufacturers 

1. DXRacer

DXRacer is a leading gaming chair brand and one of the oldest gaming chair manufacturers.

The brand is renowned for offering a diverse range of traditional, high-quality gaming chairs.

The company uses standard quality material in the manufacture of the products, due to which DXRacer chairs are incredibly durable. 

The gaming chair of this brand has immense popularity in the market. The DX Racer chair for gaming is designed keeping in mind all body sizes.

Its wide range of chairs includes the most popular Tank Series and Racing Series. All DXRacer chairs come in an ergonomic design, which ensures maximum ergonomic benefits.

2. Secretlab

Secretlab is an outstanding Singaporean furniture company that is counted among the top gaming chair manufacturers.

It provides high-quality gaming chairs that are manufactured using high-quality materials.

The Secretlab gaming chair is number 1 in terms of style, comfort, and appealing look. Regarding product durability, Secretlab is known as a long-lasting product manufacturer. 

Its gaming chairs are uniquely designed to reduce fatigue and provide better relaxation to the spinal muscles during prolonged sitting.

However, the gaming chair of this famous brand is a bit expensive. Secretlab furniture company was awarded several awards for manufacturing superior gaming chairs.

3. AKRacing

Like the DXRacer, AKRacing began as a maker of automotive sports seats before branching into the gaming chair market. This is another superior brand of gaming chairs.

For the chairs to last a long time, high-quality materials are used in manufacturing. The extensive warranty offered by AKRacing on its gaming chairs shows how confident the company is in the superiority of its furniture.

Compared to the DXRacer gaming chairs, some gaming chairs of the AKRacing brand are a little more reasonable, but they also offer a few high-end choices, the most expensive of which is the Onyx series. All the AKRacing chairs have high backs and armrests in a classic style, which is an attraction to gamers and a selling point.

4. Noblechairs

Noblechairs is a well-known European manufacturer of gaming chairs best recognized for building high-end racing-inspired gaming chairs.

This high-end brand has created chairs utilized by numerous eSports teams. Noblechairs makes “electric-eccentric” chairs with the requirements of the consumers in mind.

The look of its chairs is exquisite as they are made using high-level experts, ultra-fine styles, and designs. The distinctive look and style of Noblechairs chairs make it different from other brands.

Most of their chairs include fine detailing. Gamers might choose the Noblechairs brand if they desire high-tech chairs with a striking appearance.

5. Vertagear

Vertagear is a new brand that is slowly making its way into the market by manufacturing its luxurious, high-tech, and next-level gaming chairs.

The mission of this brand is to produce exclusive gaming chairs in a different style from the existing brands to make them stand out as a premium brand.

The company is constantly working to “level up” and expand its current selection of gaming chairs. 

This gaming chair manufacturer is always attempting to release gaming chair models with new and intriguing characteristics. The vision of this top manufacturer is to extend its global gaming chair business.

The PL4500, the first wirelessly controlled LED gaming chair in the world, was just released by Vertagear. It has fantastic, ground-breaking features, like audio syncing, PC, and phone integration, among others.

6. X Rocker

While other gaming chair manufacturers primarily concentrate on PC gaming chairs, this is a slightly distinct type of brand that caters to console gamers.

The X Rocker brand does not usually produce standard racing-style PC gaming chairs. They make curved, L-shaped gaming chairs for Xbox as well as PS4 gamers chairs. They have a comprehensive collection of gaming chairs in various sizes. 

Their high-end selection includes everything from pedestal rockers to gaming chairs that resemble sofas. This brand is considered a distinct brand due to the high-tech characteristics of its products.

You’ll find features like USB ports, which let you charge your controllers from the armrests, cupholders, audio integration, and more in many of their chairs.

7. Anda Seat

Anda Seat is a renowned brand in terms of comfort and ergonomics of gaming chairs, which prioritizes these two aspects in chair manufacturing.

Their high build quality gaming chairs with impressive features and appealing look are trendy, earning both their position and profit by marketing in 30 different countries of the world. 

This brand currently offers eight different lines of gaming chairs to meet the diverse needs of different types of internet gamers. Anda Seat is proving its expertise in manufacturing premium chairs, chair mats, gaming desks, footrests, etc.


The 7 best gaming chair manufacturers mentioned above have earned a lot of reputation in the gaming chair market. Due to the high-end features, people prefer the products of these brands.

In the manufacture of gaming chairs, the utmost focus is given to every aspect related to the comfort and requirement of the gamers. You can choose any brand to purchase a hi-tech gaming chair that ensures your ultimate gaming experience every time.

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