7 Best Gaming Chair For Xbox One Reviews And Buying Guide [2022 Updated]

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Gaming is part of life for some people. When your love is for Xbox One, then it is crucial that you invest in perfect gaming gear. One being, a comfortable, feature-rich, and durable gaming chair. 

Who does not like to play for hours on their Xbox One? You see, it does not only provide entertainment and relaxation but is like a ritual for gaming enthusiasts. We know how crazy gamers become with the launch of a new gaming title. But you need to keep your gaming room set for ideal experience.

After all, it is an expensive gaming console and your anomalous possession. So, when playing with your gaming console, it is vital that you use a top-notch gaming chair for Xbox One. Once you purchase this type of chair you’ll witness its benefits with better gaming experience.

A gaming chair is not your run-of-the-mill chair. We are not talking about any office chair here. These chairs come with exceptional features and ergonomic capabilities. The need to keep getting up every hour to stretch your body, getting frustrated, is no longer necessary after investing in it.

A gaming chair ensures that you are positioned rightly, and your body is not stressed. Despite playing several hours, gamers do not get fatigued. The reason for that being, they are using an extraordinaire gaming chair. 

Having said that, you will be left flabbergasted with the number of options you have at your disposal online. If you are looking for an ideal gaming chair, go through our list of the best gaming chair for Xbox One that we compiled just for you. 

7 Best Gaming Chair For Xbox One Reviews

As a gamer, your idea of the best gaming chair compatible with Xbox One might be different from others. Some of you might look at the price, while others might consider the features like looks, weight, and durability. 

We understand that, and that is why we have come up with a list of 7 best Xbox One gaming chairs. In this review, you will come across different kinds of gaming chairs. Like we have mentioned before, everybody looks for particular functionalities; hence we have segregated the list based on the distinct features of these exclusive chairs. 

They are superb gaming chairs that can meet your preference and requirement. For the convenience of our readers, we will discuss every feature in-detail to help you find your best model. We can guarantee that you will find your dream gaming chair in this list.

Keep reading now! 

1. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Black Leather Foldable Video Gaming Chair with Pedestal Base and Headrest for Adult, Teen, and Kid Gamers – High Tech Audio and Wireless Capacity – Ergonomic Back Support – Our Top Pick

Our crème de la crème would be the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1. We consider the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series as one of the best Xbox One compatible gaming chairs. You will be delighted to know that X Rocker is a brand known for a value for money. 

They have always managed to produce sublime products. Most of their top-end chairs are slightly expensive none the less but come with phenomenal features. 

Its design is slick and curvy—just ideal for carrying close to 300 pounds effortlessly. The leather design gives it an elegant appearance. Besides, the cushion placed on the chair is highly comfy because it offers you adequate back support. 

The speakers come with a subwoofer, which is capable of providing you excellent music experience. You are given complete sound immersion as you play the games. Those who prefer using headphones can satisfy their need by using the ports on the gaming chair. 

Besides, it has tilt features, comfortable armrests, and swivel abilities. Hence, the product leaves no stone unturned in providing utmost comfort to users. It is priced at less than $270, which makes it affordable for average gamers and users. 

Why is it unique?

We loved the pedestal feature on this gaming chair. If you look around, you may not find many chairs having this feature. The pedestal gives you ample flexibility when you sit, move around, and get up. 

Besides, it is ideal for tall gamers or users who are above 6’1″ and weigh more than 300 pounds. You would like to pick it for the comfort factor that this stylish and incredibly elegant chair offers.

Buyer’s Experiences

According to many healthy users, the X Rocker 51296 Pro Series effortlessly took their entire body weight. It also lets tall people play their favorite Xbox game for a long time, without getting tired. Besides, the audio quality of the chair is extraordinary.  

Users highly recommend this Xbox gaming chair, and we agree with them on that note.

Best Fit For

You do not have to be a fan of X Rocker chairs to own this item. The X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 is an all-purpose chair. You do not have to use the leather designed chair only for gaming purposes. But you can use it to watch movies, do your work, listen to music, and just about relaxing on a lazy Saturday afternoon. 


  • An ergonomic design
  • Sleek and slender to look at
  • Affordable price
  • Exceptional audio substance
  • Can easily withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds


  • Does not come with the audio extractor.

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2. Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount Green – Best Gaming Experience

The Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair is another exceptional Xbox One racing chair. If you always wanted to sit like a racing driver and experience the same thrill and spill while playing, then here is your best option. 

The X Rocker gaming chair gives you the best user experience. Gamers who are particular about car racing games may find it their ideal choice. 

This gaming chair can be seamlessly mounted on a frame. You can add other gaming consoles on it for added-advantage. It could function as a steering wheel, gear shifter, and pedals. Expert gamers have claimed there is no other gaming chair like this in the market that gives you the same feel and experience as a real F1 car. 

Despite the large frame, the gaming chair is pretty lightweight and offers you the right support. Seats are comfortable, and the material used is of good quality to offer you a hassle-free gaming session. The posture is ideal for sitting for several hours without stress on your muscles. 

The Xbox gamer chair is made of durable textile material. We loved the green color that looks stunning and will match your gaming room’s aesthetics.

It is priced less than $400, which makes it slightly expensive when compared to other gaming chairs in the market. However, if budget is not a constraint and you want to enjoy the racing games to the fullest, don’t look beyond.

Why is it unique?

The seating of the gaming simulator is top-notch. The seat offers just users the flow of adrenaline in their body as any car racer experiences. You can enjoy your gaming session seamlessly. Besides, gamers can easily install items from other popular brands like Logitech and the like. 

Buyer’s Experiences

Buyers are highly impressed with the customer support and warranty of replacing faulty parts for free even after 2 years. The parts will be delivered to your home free of charge. 

Apart from this, this advanced chair is loved for an immersive gaming experience it offers without compromising with comfort factor.

Best Fit For

You do not have to be a professional car racer or F1 driver to get a similar experience. Own this amazing gamer chair for Xbox One and have the real like racing adventure while playing games on this chair. It comes with a flawless design and can easily accommodate individuals who are more than 6′ and weigh 350 pounds.  


  • Ergonomic design gaming seat
  • Immersive gaming experience
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Compatible with several other gaming consoles
  • Excellent customer support


  • The setup can be a slightly tricky process.

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3. Yogibo Max 6-Foot Beanbag Chair, Bean Bag Couch with a Washable Outer Cover, Customer Favorite Cozy Sofa for Gaming, Reading, and Relaxing, Filled with Soft Micro-Beads, Blue – Best In Comfort

Yes, you read it right. We are taking a different route to present you a unique gaming chair. Though, many may not want to call it a chair because it has a shape of bean bag chair. 

However, since the kind of comfort and aesthetic it can provide you while playing with your Xbox One it can be called a perfect selection. You would be surprised to find out that gamers prefer using bean bags as they are flexible. Also, there is much more when it comes to functionalities. 

The beanbag can easily hold individuals who are above 6′. Unlike a chair that comes with a particular shape and posture, this one depends on your body shape and features. So, turn and twist easily as the game demands while sitting on this chair. 

For those who are on the shorter side and even kids would find this beanbag extremely useful. The material is soft, and the vibrant colors are pleasing to the eyes. As it is lightweight, you can move it around to any room too. 

The cover is made up of shrink-less material. It implies if you want to wash the cover, you can remove it and easily wash it in your washing machine. 

Does it come with any drawbacks? It does. If you are particular about the ergonomic features, then you cannot find it suitable because it is a bean bag with no back or lumbar support. 

However, if you prefer to play the games in a fully chilled out and lying position, then this is a good option. 

Why is it unique?

The near-frictionless micro-beads used as filler in this chair allow it to take your body shape effortlessly. You can be slim, tall, short, or heavy – it is suitable for all. The seat case is sturdy and long-lasting too. 

Buyer’s Experiences

Buyers are highly impressed with the flexibility that it provides while playing the games on their Xbox. Also, the buyer loves the fact that it can be easily carried around the house effortlessly to play wherever they like. 

Best Fit For

The gaming chair is suitable for almost all activities, including playing with your Xbox One, reading books, watching movies, listening to music, and so on. You can even take a short nap on it in between your gaming session.

Mostly teenagers and generation Z prefer to play on this chair while having a fun night with friends.


  • User-friendly product
  • Flexible for one and all
  • Available in 9 attractive colors
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The gaming chair can easily take your body shape


  • Lacks ergonomic features

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4. DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/NE Office Gaming Chair – Best For Any Environmnet

DX Racer is a value for money brand because of the feature-rich gaming chairs it offers. They come with notable features like lumbar support, sizeable back support, and 4D armrests that are popular among users. 

So, is the case with this phenomenal DX Racer Tank Series office gaming chair that is loaded with exceptional features. The green and black color combination gives it an elegant look. The gaming chair blends with any environment seamlessly. 

The design is ergonomic and comfortable to sit for tall gamers. It also comes with an adequate lumbar cushion and headrest to play conveniently. 

The seat is made from breathable PU material, which helps you to sit for extended hours. It is priced less than $600, which can hurt your pocket. But every good thing comes with a price. When you are looking for a good quality product and setting a luxurious gaming room then you may consider going with this gaming chair.   

Why is it unique?

The gaming chair can withstand weights of more than 400 pounds effortlessly. So, do not doubt the sturdiness of this gaming chair. It can hold you easily for those long gaming sessions. 

It comes with a robust build and construction. The lumbar support was one of the best we have seen in Xbox One gamer chairs. You can play games for 4 straight hours without having any stress on their body. 

Buyer’s Experiences

It comes as no surprise that several professional gamers have owned this chair. The buyers find it easy to assemble as it takes only around 15 minutes to set up. The buyers are also satisfied with the fact that they can sit for long hours without any pain in the body. 

Best Fit For

The gaming chair is a superb option for those who are tall and heavy. However, that does not mean medium size build; gamers should not try it out. This chair is suitable for home environment, thanks to its sleek and elegant design.

If you would to see some more options for the best Dxracer chair. Then we have got you covered.


  • Extremely comfortable to sit for lengthy hours
  • Comes with a headrest and lumbar support
  • Seat material is breathable
  • An additional backrest supports the spine area
  • Has adjustable 4D arms
  • Get lifetime warranty on the frame and 2 years on the parts.


  • Very expensive gaming chair

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5. Pulaski Larson Power Recliner with USB and STO, Black – Best Durability

If you are somebody who prefers a recliner model, then we have got the one for you. Pulaski Power Recliner with USB and STO comes with outstanding features. It is similar to the luxury chairs you find in movie theaters where you can literally take a nap on. 

We found the chair ideal for gaming time on your Xbox One because the chair comes with superior features that are not found in most of the gaming chairs in the market. Thanks to the design of the gaming chair, your body is positioned firmly when playing games. Also, you have the ultimate cushioning present on the chair. 

You can easily set it up within a minute and comfortably play games using your Xbox One. Besides, it comes with ample storage features on both the right and left armrests. There is a tray where you can place your snacks, books or anything you want. The power recliner is a model that offers ideal comfort as well as luxury feel to the user. 

The gaming chair also comes with built-in USBs and a power plug. Thus, you can power your gaming console and get going. 

We found the chair to be quite heavy, which can make it a hassle to move around.  Also, the chair is expensive because it is loaded with features. But, if you want a leather covered chair with a premium look, this is your go-to option. 

Why is it unique?

The Pulaski Power Recliner is the epitome of comfort. When you are looking for a durable and comfortable gaming recliner, then this is it. The chair comes with ample cushioning, a cup holder, and a quality tray to place snacks or books on it. What else do you need? 

Buyer’s Experiences

Buyers mostly like this amazing chair because of the power recliner feature on it. Many users find the chair to be extremely functional with features like various organization features and plug-ins for gaming. 

They also claim that the chair can easily last for more than 2 years without any wear and tear.

Best Fit For

The Pulaski Power Recliner is ideal for gamers who are tall. We find this gaming chair second to none in terms of convenience. It has a monstrous appearance with amazing features that make it a luxury gaming chair. 


  • A multi-purpose chair
  • Comes with a cup holder and tray
  • Premium material leather gives a knightly look
  • The armrests on the chair are massive and functional
  • Durable product that last years


  • Massive and moving it around can be a hassle
  • Expensive chair

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6. X Rocker Triple Flip 2.1 Sound Recliner with Storage Compartment – Foldable Gaming Chair, Home Theater Seating with 2 Speakers and 4″ Subwoofer – Gray, 0717901 – Best Gaming Chair

This one is designed especially for Xbox One gamers. It is a feature-rich chair that comes with everything a gamer could desire while playing. We found the looks appealing; the gray color looks elegant. Unlike most of the X Rocker gaming chairs, this one has a calm look. 

The edges are straight with square design. On the whole, you may think you are getting a traditional armchair. But it is a case, the chair is actually a modern twist to conventional chair design. 

It is robust and offers outstanding sound experience due to the subwoofer mounted at the rear. Besides, the audio force modulation technology provides you with incredible gaming effects. 

You can fold the backside of the recliner for compact storage. The one game chair compatible with xbox one and most of the other gaming consoles and devices. You really cannot ask for more. This is a one of a kind gaming chair that you would love to have in your living room or bedroom. 

Why is it unique?

The gaming chair is embedded with intense capabilities. The X Rocker 0717901 is compatible with most gaming consoles and devices. Besides, you can use it for listening to music as its in-built subwoofers provide you with phenomenal audio quality. 

Buyer’s Experiences

The X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms is highly recommended by professional gamers worldwide. The chair is a delight to use because of the comfort, durability, and audio quality it offers. Users also admitted that this gaming chair can easily take their weight. 

Best Fit For

This preternatural gaming chair is most suitable for tall and heavy individuals. It can easily bear your weight as well as adapt to your body shape seamlessly. 


  • A robust built quality
  • Comes with speakers for outstanding sound effects
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Have storage space
  • Get Allen wrench with chair for simple installation


  • Armrest becomes uncomfortable during prolonged usage

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7. RESPAWN 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner, Reclining Gaming Chair, in Gray RSP 900 GRY – Best Rocking Gaming Chair

The RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Rocker Rocking Gaming Chair, Gray, is perhaps another best console gaming chair for Xbox One gamers. Now, what is all the fuss about the rocking gaming chair? We will begin with the design of the rocking gaming chair. 

When you want to sit on a chair that provides you with the ultimate feel and excitement, then it is this. The gaming chair is made from wood, leather, and metal, offering it a sturdy and comfortable construction. 

Further, it has a headrest pillow and padding for sufficient comfort and feels. You can relax, reclining 118 degrees to enjoy gaming time while laying back. Also, the chair can hold more than 300 pounds and offers you the best gaming experience. 

It comes with a cup-holder on the left area.  So you can enjoy your favorite drink while playing the games. Besides, the side pouch can be removed if you want. 

Above all, this gaming chair still falls in the affordable range. Also, you can purchase the gaming chair in any color suiting your home decor out of the 7 available color variants. 

Why is it unique?

The RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Rocker Rocking Gaming Chair looks and feels sturdy. It provides you with the ultimate comfort during gaming due to its padded cushions and 118 degrees reclining features. Hence, you can adjust the gaming chair according to your needs and height. 

Also, the leg rest can be easily set up and pushed down as compared to other gaming chairs The assembly is also smooth and easy. 

Buyer’s Experiences

Gamers buy this rocking gaming chair as the assembling is easy thanks to the instructions that are given with it. It takes less than 15 minutes and the design of the gaming chair is mind-blowing. 

Buyers also enjoyed a whole night of gaming sessions on this chair without any fatigue. One can sit on it for more than 5 hours, without any body pain. 

Best Fit For

The RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Rocker Rocking Gaming Chair is not just suitable for gamers, but also readers and movie watchers. The rocking gaming chair can be placed in the living area or your separate gaming room. 


  • Adequate padding for optimum comfort
  • Removable side pouch and cup holder
  • Robust appearance and built
  • Easily withstand 300 pounds
  • Fabric is durable
  • Assembling is not time-consuming


  • Leg rest is loose

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Buying Guide For A Gaming Chair For Xbox One

The list was designed for gamers of all ages and preferences. But before you jump to the conclusion understand all the factors you need to consider while buying the gaming chair. A gaming chair without the proper features and qualities will only make your experience worse. No gamers will like it.

So, here are a few things that we thought the ideal gaming chair for Xbox One should consist of. 

1. Ergonomic design

This is the most crucial factor before you decide to purchase a Xbox game chair. Having ergonomic design ensures that your posture is right when playing. You do not want to risk your health by putting strain on your body or muscles. 

The chair must have ergonomic features like back and lumbar support along with adequate padding on it. This helps you to sit on it for extended hours during gaming sessions. Besides, additional parts like a headrest and 4D armrests give your hands a comfortable position while playing. 

2. Compatibility

The gaming chair should be compatible with most gaming consoles and devices. You need to ensure that the chair works perfectly well with the Xbox One and other extra consoles. It must also have sufficient ports and basic entertainment features like audio speakers with subwoofers embedded on it. 

These features enhance your gaming sessions and give you a realistic feel of the game as you play them. 

3. Portable

Gaming chairs are furniture that you would want to be able to move around your home effortlessly. Most of the gaming chairs, apart from recliners, are portable and lightweight. They usually weigh less than 100 pounds and you can move them around easily. 

4. Height adjustment 

The height adjustment is another crucial factor to note. Some gamers can be taller than 6’, while others can be short at 5’5”. Depending on your height, you will want to choose and adjust the height of the gaming chair for optimum comfort. 

5. Pricing 

The chair must meet your budget needs. There are some gaming chairs in the list above that are of reasonable price range. However, a few gaming chairs or power recliners can be expensive. But, if you take a look at their features and comfort factor, the pricing is definitely justified. Ultimately, this is going to be your call. 

Most of the top-end chairs come with most of the features coupled with them. 

Gaming Chair For Xbox One Size Guide

Your priority while buying a gaming chair should be that it blends with your height. However, choosing a gaming chair with the right height for Xbox One can be tricky. Follow our size guide.

If you are short, let’s say around 5’5” tall, then you will need a chair that enables you to sit comfortably on it. In this case, we feel that a beanbag or a RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Rocker gaming chair can help you out. 

Likewise, if you are heavy and tall, i.e., above 6’ and are looking for a gaming chair, then the power recliner would be a good choice to accommodate you. For tall people, the X Rocker gaming chair with height adjustment should also suffice. 

Benefits Of Using A Gaming Chair For Xbox One 

Firstly, we must understand that console and PC gaming are two entirely different things. In PC gaming, you tend to reach forward most of the time. Besides, you need a desk to place your arms when gaming or working with your PC or laptop. Gaming consoles, on the other hand, require you to sit further away from the monitor. 

It provides you with the best gaming experience. For this, having the right chair will enhance your gaming performance. Not to mention, if your gaming chair is able to vibrate and allow you to enjoy realistic action moves like the protagonist in your game, then it is definitely a bonus.

Let’s dig in detail how these types of chairs benefit gamers.

1. Provides Right Posture 

A good gaming chair for Xbox One offers you with the right posture to sit and play games for extended hours. It is an essential part if you play for a longer time. Whether you are gaming or not, it is crucial that your body posture is maintained. 

Thus, these chairs enable you to sit for several hours continuously, without any stress on their body. Besides, it helps you concentrate on your game and play well. It becomes a necessity when you are a professional gamer who needs to sit for a prolonged period of time. 

2. Better blood circulation 

Maintaining the right posture helps in the blood circulation in the body. This is possible only if your thigh area is comfortable and your feet firmly touch the floor. Thus, buying the gaming chair with the ideal height and the feet position will ensure proper blood circulation in your body. 

3. Makes gaming more exciting

High-quality and immersive games these days absorb players in its world. Whether you are a professional gamer or somebody who plays for fun, you will want to cherish those moments by having the utmost fun and enjoyment at that moment. However, it is possible only when you are seated on a gaming chair that suits your body shape and weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the main difference between an ordinary office chair and a gaming chair?

A1. The main difference between office chairs and gaming chairs is their design and functioning. The office chair does not have thick padding, robust design, and sufficient ergonomic support as compared to gaming chairs.
Whereas gaming chairs not only include these but also audio speakers and vibration features exclusively added for an ultimate gaming experience. Besides, the gamer can sit on the chair for long hours when playing and feel no pain or stress on the body. 

Q2. What is the best gaming chair on the list? 

A2. The X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 is bang on the buck. It comes with a pedestal base design for more flexibility, the chair can carry gamers who weigh 300 pounds effortlessly. Moreover, still it is priced less than $300. Thus, get an affordable product in great quality. 

Q3. How can I connect to the gaming console on the chair? 

A3. It depends on the compatibility features of your gaming chair. Hence, if you are particular about gaming add-ons, then make sure to check that the chair comes with those features. You will get a user manual to connect the consoles with the gaming chair properly.

Q4. Which gaming chairs are equipped with the audio speakers and ports features?

A4. On our list of the best gaming chairs for Xbox One,  most of the products listed by us are having these features. You can go with X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair or  X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 as they have audio speakers and ports.

Q5. Can I use the gaming chair for office purposes? 

A5. Yes, you can use the gaming chair for office purposes. In fact, you may be surprised to know that some offices insist on having gaming chairs on their premises as they offer utmost comfort. This way, their décor and environment also light up. 

If you are a coder or programmer who spends long hours at the table, then you must also own a gaming chair. That is because most of them come with adequate comfort and padding features. 


We hope you enjoyed our review of the best gaming chair for Xbox One. There is something for every kind of gamer on this list that can meet your requirements and budget alike. From features to disadvantages, we covered all to help you take the right decision.

The options are immense, and each of them comes with their unique capability. We took the liberty to research minutely and come up with as many different kinds of gaming chairs for different gamers. We hope that the benefits and factors mentioned can also assist you in finding the best match for you.

When you are keen to upgrade your gaming chair, please make sure that you recollect these above pointers that we have listed for you. This review is your ideal guide to select the apt gaming chair. Get set go for your Xbox gaming adventure. 

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