5 Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain For Long And Comfortable Gaming Sessions [2022 Updated]

People spend time playing games since gaming offers fun, enjoyment, and excitement. Indeed, shooting down enemies in Counter Strike or scoring goals in FIFA games is exciting. You would certainly enjoy gaming unless of course, you are spending hours in the chair.

If you are sitting in the chair for hours engaging with adversaries in a shootout or negotiating racing tracks, back pain may put a spanner on your enjoyment. This is when you would feel the need for a gaming-specific chair to prevent the nagging back pain. 

Selecting the Best Gaming Chair Good For Back

So, how do you go about selecting a chair? What should be the features of the chair that will help you prevent back pain and even bring down back pain? Let’s go through the best gaming chair for back pain that not just can prevent low back pain, but also help if you are suffering from low back pain.  

5 Best Gaming Chair For Back Pain Reviews

1. Homall Gaming Chair

This is a racing-style chair meant for long-duration gaming. It is a popular chair for gamers since it helps them maintain their posture during playing and have complete relaxation while not playing.

This chair has a back that resembles the curvature of the human back. This helps the user adjust his posture to the normal alignment of the spine. Therefore the spine can rest without any stress and prevent low back pain. 


  • It has a body-hugging design.
  • Thickly padded soft and comfy seat to help you sit comfortably. 
  • It has a set of adjustable armrests.
  • Steel frame
  • PU leather

The body-hugging design of this chair also helps the spine stay in its normal alignment and shape by creating a 90-degree angle with the seat. This is helpful in preventing low back pain. 

It has got a set of detachable neck and lumbar pillows that can support the neck and the lower back. Since the neck and lower back regions of the spine are prone to developing stress due to poor sitting posture, this arrangement can prevent low back pain and also help the user to sit comfortably without any pain. 

It has got a thickly padded, soft and comfortable seat which helps the user to sit comfortably even if you sit for long hours. The PU leather covering adds to the users’ comfort since this breathable material lets air pass through the back and prevent heating up. 

The adjustable armrests can offer support to arms and elbows from each side so they don’t feel numb with overuse. The steel frame makes it a sturdy and stable chair that you can use in any posture without the fear of toppling over.


  • The back of the chair resembles the human back which means it offers good ergonomic support.
  • Detachable neck and lumbar pillows can support your neck and lower back the way you want in the most comfortable manner.


  • It is heavy and difficult to transfer
  • The seat can sag after using it for a long time.

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2. AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair 

This is one of those chairs that can offer adequate support to a healthy posture and prevent low back pain. This chair has built-in lumbar support and headrest support pillows. These make sure that the lumbar spine and the cervical spine, i.e. the portion of the spine in the lumbar region and that in the neck region, can maintain their alignment.

As they can maintain their natural alignment with the help of the pillows, the muscles and tendons around don’t feel any tension. This prevents lower back pain and neck pain. 


  • 3D adjustable armrest
  • Class 4 gas lift to make lifting the seat easily
  • Wider frame for carrying users weighing up to 400 lbs
  • 5-star aluminum castor base 
  • Ability to tilt between 90 and 180 degrees to rock back and forth and locked in position. 
  • Offers 10-year warranty on frame and 5 years warranty on the whole chair

The seat also contains high-density foam which makes sure that you don’t get immersed in the foam. High-density foam can support your body well while also offering comfortable seating. So it offers a combination of comfort and firm seating. 

The back of the chair has been designed in such a way that it supports the natural curve of the spine. This helps to maintain a healthy sitting posture in the form of natural ‘S’ shaped curve of the spine. This eases the strain on the lower back as well as prevents building up of stress in the muscles and tendons holding the spine in place.

The class 4 gas lift feature makes sure that you can adjust the seat height easily. Height has a very significant ergonomic aspect. Everybody has a different height and he needs to adjust the seating posture per his height. This is possible with this class 4 height adjustable chair since it offers smooth height adjustment. 

Because of the 3D adjustable armrest, you can rest your arm in any height and position depending on your ease. Since playing games for a long time can make your hands tired, you may want to rest the hands. However, you need to put the hands in the perfect position relative to your body so that they get adequate rest. A 3D armrest with a height-adjustable chair can offer this. 

Apart from ergonomics comfort is a significant factor in choosing a gaming chair. This chair is made up of premium leather, has a robust steel frame and can be tilted and locked in place. This is a wholesome combination of comfort, stability, and relaxation which can offer a very comfortable seating experience for long periods. The 180-degree tilting mechanism with lock-in feature enables complete recline and supine rest to your tired body. Moreover, the wider frame can comfortably carry users weighing up to 400 lbs.

The 5-star aluminum castor base makes sure that the chair is not heavy, but stable and can be put in any place. 


  • Premium leather cover
  • Robust steel frame
  • Built-in lumbar support prevents low back pain
  • Headrest support pillow prevents neck pain
  • High-density foam in seat offer long term comfort


  • It may become hot on long periods of seating.
  • The aluminum castor base is not as strong as the steel base.

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3. Vertagear Triigger 350

This great-looking gaming chair has a host of features for adequate support to the body as well as comfort for long term playing. The chair comes with a curved design at the back support and multi-directional lumbar support.

The curved back and the multi-directional lumbar support make sure that you can get the perfect lumbar support and a healthy sitting posture which can offer the perfect alignment to the whole spine. 


  • High quality and lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • Reinforced and breathable DuPont TPEE mesh backing
  • Class 4 pneumatic gas lift for seat height adjustment.
  • Tilt mechanism having 22 locking positions.
  • Dual spring hub
  • Curved design in the back 
  • Multi-directional lumbar support to get the perfect posture
  • Adjustable tilt tension
  • 3″ lockable castors 
  • 10-year warranty on frame.
  • 2-year warranty on seat and parts.

Since height is variable, this chair offers a Class 4 pneumatic gas lift to get the most suitable height for your need. The armrests are adjustable in 2-directional which gives you the freedom to choose the perfect position to place your arms and relax. 

You can tilt the chair and lock it in 22 different positions. It, therefore, enables you to attain the most comfortable reclining position when you decide to take some rest. 

Owing to the dual spring hub it is easy to adjust the height, depth, and tilt of the seat. 

The reinforced and breathable mesh backing makes sure that you don’t feel sultry and sweaty while playing for long durations. It also offers adequate support to the spine. 

It boasts of 3″ lockable castors which help to spread the weight evenly and keep you well balanced. Balance is very important since it helps to reinforce the feeling of stability and comfort.


  • 2-directional adjustable armrests help in resting arms.
  • The ergonomic design makes it fit for long periods of use
  • Reinforced mesh backing prevents heat accumulation


  • 3d or 4d armrests are better. 2 d armrest does not leave many options for resting arms.
  • 2 years warranty leaves more to be desired.

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4. Vertagear SL5000

This sturdy looking attractive gaming chair comes with a host of features to give you a comfortable and healthy gaming experience for longer durations. This chair has got a high backrest for supporting your neck, shoulders, and upper torso.

Moreover, it has a class 4 gas lift to adjust seat height. Since seat height and backrest play significant roles in reducing strain on the spinal cord, this chair can be good for long term seating. 


  • Durable steel frame
  • 4D adjustable armrests.
  • Class 4 gas lift to make seat height adjustment easy.
  • Can be tilted to 140 degrees max and 80 degrees minimum and locked
  • High-density foam seat 
  • Lumbar pillow
  • Headrest pillow
  • High backrest for neck
  • Tilt mechanism to help you rock back and forth 
  • 5-point aluminum castor base 
  • 10-year warranty on the frame.
  • 2-year warranty on parts.

The seat and the back are padded with high-density foam which offers a comfortable seating experience as well as great support. Moreover, it has a lumbar pillow for reducing the strain in the lumbar spine and a headrest pillow to keep the neck comfortable. 

The chair offers an ensemble of comfortable features. You can tilt the chair and rock it back and forth from 80 degrees to 140 degrees and relax. Rocking while relaxing can help the locked muscles become active and help with blood circulation. The seat and backrest are covered with breathable PVC leather which is comfortable as well as durable. Also, the durable steel frame offers stability which is essential to feel relaxed. 

The armrests are adjustable in four dimensions, meaning that you can put it in any position, i.e front, back, upper and lower depending on your convenience. 

The chair has a 5-point aluminum castor base which makes the chair light and also spreads the pressure evenly thereby offering enhanced stability in any posture. The 10-year warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts is always helpful.


  • Breathable PVC leather cover helps to prevent heat accumulation
  • Overall ergonomic design helps with seating


  • Tilting feature leaves more to be desired
  • Just 2 years warranty on parts may not be enough.

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5. Furmax Executive Racing Office Chair

This racing car design-infused executive office chair may well be the chair for users with short to average torso size suffering from lower back pain. The high back and curvature across the lower portion prevents back pain, especially low back pain. The backrest is 2 inches thick and offers comfortable seating.

The racing car inspired bucket seat, along with padded armrests, offers a nice comfortable and relaxing posture. It has a large seating area that is comfortable for heavier users weighing up to 280lbs. Moreover, you can adjust the seat height easily using the built-in pneumatic system. 


  • Bucket seat and padded armrests.
  • 5-star base with wheels and 360 degrees swivel for running smoothly on the floor
  • 2 inches thick backrest for comfortable seating
  • Seat height can be adjusted pneumatically. 
  • A large seating area, high backrest, and high capacity chair can handle loads of up to 280lbs
  • High-quality leather and mesh which make the chairs durable and breathable, providing comfort for your day.
  • You can rock it back and forth, perfect for relaxing during your busy working days. Easy recline with push-in and push-out knob place under the cushion. 
  • Breathable mesh cover makes seating comfortable as your back does not get sweaty. 
  • Long, arched armrests extending all the way down to rest your hands while playing, 5-wheel casters offer smooth gliding on the floor without scratching the floor.

The high-quality leather and mesh covering makes the chair breathable and durable. Breathable covers make seating for longer durations of time comfortable as it can prevent your back from getting sweaty. 

You can rock it back and forth and get perfect relaxation between your gaming sessions. You can also swivel the chair 360 degrees and multitask without getting up from the chair. 

There are push-in and push-out knobs placed under the cushion, making it easy to recline. It has a pair of long and arched armrests that extend all the way down to let your hands rest while playing. Owing to the 5-wheel caster base you can glide it on the floor smooth without putting a scratch on the floor. 


  • High back and curve in the lower back to prevent back pain, especially low back pain.
  • Thick padded seat offers optimum comfort.


  • Not suitable for users above 280lbs as it may distort the pneumatic mechanism.
  • Not enough warranty.

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Top Pick: Homall Gaming Chair

This is a racing car-inspired chair meant to last long and offer a comfortable and healthy seating posture. It is also a popular chair for gamers since it can prevent back pain even if you sit on it for a long time. It also offers a relaxed seating experience while not playing. 


  • High back 
  • Back of the chair is shaped in the form of the natural alignment of the spinal cord
  • Features a body-hugging design
  • Boasts a detachable neck and lumbar pillows to prevent strain on the neck and lower back and thereby prevent pain. 
  • Thickly padding in the seat and back to help with comfortable seating
  • Adjustable armrests are highly useful 
  • Solid steel frame
  • Breathable PU leather prevents sweaty feeling arising out of long hours of seating

Why Back Pain Happens?

Back pain arising out of long-duration seating is caused by stress on the associated tendons and muscles holding a particular region of the spinal cord. The neck or lumbar region of the spine may get distorted and misaligned due to a faulty seating posture. The spinal cord has an ‘S’ like alignment. Your seating posture needs to support this alignment.

When this does not happen it gives rise to tension in the muscles and ligaments holding the spine. This produces pain. However, seating for a few minutes or seating off and on may not produce these symptoms. You may feel the pain only when you sit for a long time such as while playing games such as MMORPGs. 

How Can a Chair Help?

A proper gaming chair is one that can prevent back pain, help you sit for long hours and let you enjoy the game. If you already have back pain, you can adjust various features of the chairs and get the best sitting posture which supports the spine and does not hurt it. 

Such a chair must be ergonomically designed and must offer adequate and adjustable lumbar, back and neck support since these areas are prone to misalignment and pain. 

An ergonomic chair can help you attain the best posture while sitting for long hours, playing games. This can prevent low back pain and also help bring down back pain. In fact, sitting in these chairs may also take away the nagging back pain. 

Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

An office chair is designed with a view to long term seating. However, while working in the office you may also need to multitask. So features like swivel, easy movement across the floor, no scratching on the floor etc; are some of the important features of an office chair. For a gaming chair features like swivel are not necessary although they are helpful. Moreover, gaming chairs may also be heavy, unlike office chairs. 

Console Gaming Chair VS PC Gaming Chair

Console gaming chairs are of two different types – rocker chairs and pedestal chairs. The rocker chair rests on the floor while the pedestal chair raises the gamer off the ground. With a rocker, you can rock back and forth easily and it is more comfortable. The pedestal gaming chair is much like a rocker, except that it is raised off the floor with a pedestal.

In neither case, a console gaming chair can offer better ergonomics compared to a PC gaming chair. A PC gaming chair has better ergonomics and is the best one for extended gaming sessions. While PC gaming chairs resemble high-back office chairs standing on casters, the console gaming chairs are bulky and often sit right on the floor.


1. Fit

Gaming chairs come in different models and sizes designed to accommodate users of different body shapes, weights, and heights. So the first thing you need to make sure is that the chair fits your size. In order to ensure a comfortable fit you need to measure the depth and width of the seat.

If you prefer sitting cross-legged while relaxing you can go for a shorter height. However, an adjustable chair can give you ample scope to sit in the way you prefer. It also depends on the length of your legs. In essence, it must have a body-hugging fitness. 

2. Adjustable Arm Rests

Resting the arms is an absolute necessity during long drawn PUBG battles or while playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It calls for multi-adjustable arm-rests which let you rest your hands in the most comfortable posture. 

3. The Seating Area

It is the seating area that is most vital for a chair. Flat seats are not considered to be ideal for sitting for a long time. It can hamper blood circulation in the legs. Lack of blood circulation may result in tingling sensation and fatigue. In fact, you may suffer from some long term issues such as deep vein thrombosis etc from long term seating in such seats.

For people like you who need to sit for long periods, a comfortable seat is a key. This is why you need to get a gaming chair with a comfortable seat. A comfortable seat may have a waterfall design that tapers down the sides. Such a design enables the user to sit comfortably without hindering blood circulation to his lower extremities.

4. Backrest and Headrest

The backrest of a chair is its most important aspect in so far as preventing back pain is concerned. An ergonomically designed backrest helps the spine to take up its normal alignment. If the spine can rest in its natural alignment it does not suffer from strain. This can prevent back pain.

Keeping the spine aligned means keeping the three sections of the spine aligned in their natural posture. These three sections are – lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine. While lumbar refers to the lower back, thoracic refers to the middle of the back, and cervical refers to the neck and head region.

The backrest of the gaming chair must offer support to all these points and help the whole spine maintain its natural posture. In fact, this is the key to comfortable seating even if that be for a long time.

To this effect, the backrest needs to be combined with a proper headrest. Your neck can suffer strain if you sit for long hours playing games. A headrest can offer comfort to the cervical region of the spine, i.e. the neck region and prevent the neck from straining. So, the best game chair needs to have an ergonomically designed backrest to prevent the middle portion of the spine from straining and a headrest to prevent neck strain.

A gaming chair with a high backrest and an adjustable headrest is a good one to consider. This combination can help not just in keeping the spine properly aligned, but also in preventing neck pain. However, an ergonomic design is incomplete without a measure to support the lower back, i.e. the lumbar region. This calls for lumbar support.

For comfortable and long gaming sessions footrests are also important. So, if you would like to consider as a buying factor then you must check this article on best gaming chair with footrest.

5. Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is the key to designing a comprehensive ergonomic chair. The best gaming chair for back support come with built-in lumbar support. Such support helps the user to maintain the most ergonomic body posture where the lower back spine can take up its natural alignment.

Lumbar support is incorporated with the help of pillows. However, pillows that you can adjust may be better than those that are fixed. Even though the fixed ones are secured in place they may get dislodged by slight margins and hurt your back. 

You can also check this in-depth review on best zero gravity chair for back pain for more comfy gaming chairs.

6. Foam

The seat contains foam for comfort as does the back. However, there is a variety of foam quality in the market. A good gaming chair must have high-density foam that does not sag with repeated use. A sagging seat can be a disaster for your spine since it can dislodge the spine from its natural alignment.

High-density foam such as memory foam can offer stable support to the back. Consistent support can help the muscles to relax and lets you enjoy seating for longer periods. Memory foam seats are one of the best foams around to make comfortable seats. 

7. Adjustability

You may need to assume a variety of postures while playing games.  You may need to lean towards the screen, keep your elbows on the table while using the controller or recline back to use the controller comfortably.

Whichever posture suits you; the chair must go with it and offer maximum support to your spine. This calls for some adjustable features such as adjustable height, adjustable seat, adjustable recline, and recline lock, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a difference between a PC gaming chair and a console gaming chair?

A1. Well, PC and console gaming chairs are distinctly different since the playing styles and accessories are much different. While a PC gaming chair is more like an office chair, a console gaming chair is usually bulky and often rests on the floor. In fact, console gaming chairs are more like bean bag seats than chairs.

Q2. I play mostly on the PS. Is a high back gaming chair not fit for me?

A2. While a console gaming chair is more comfortable compared to a PC gaming chair, a PC gaming chair is often more stable and supportive for your frame. Such chairs help to maintain your posture for extended sessions of gaming. In fact, if you are seating at a desk, a PC gaming chair is the most obvious choice. 

Q3. Seating for long periods of time makes my back sweat. What should I look for in the chair to prevent this?

A3. This is a common problem for people engaged in long gaming sessions. To prevent this you need to look for chairs with mesh reinforced seat and backrest. A chair with mesh covering on the backrest and seat helps in the circulation of air and thereby prevents the accumulation of heat. This can prevent sweating. Chairs with premium breathable leather also help to prevent the accumulation of heat and moisture and therefore prevent sweating. 

Q4. Can I use my office chair as a gaming chair?

A4. It depends on the design of the office chair. Office chairs also offer comfortable sitting for long hours. If you have a good office chair that helps in multitasking, you can use it for gaming. Some office chairs also come with reclining and swivel features. These are good features for a gaming chair too.
A reclining chair with a safe locking system can help you rest comfortably and safely while taking a break from gaming. If it has an adjustable height and a good backrest it is even closer to a good gaming chair. However, office chairs usually don’t have a headrest. You can get a separate headrest for your office chair and make up for it. 

Q5. Do I need to go for an expensive chair?

A5. Being expensive is no guarantee for ergonomics. You need to make sure that the chair has all the necessary ergonomic features such as a high backrest, a headrest, lumbar support and a comfortable seat that does not hurt your legs. Having multi-adjustable armrests is a good idea, but you can also go for two-dimensional adjustable ones if the multi-adjustable ones make the price very high.
Some expensive gaming chairs feature jazzy systems like racing car style seats, etc. But these features don’t contribute much to ergonomics. These features may also make the chair costly. So, if you are looking for a chair in the lower range you can do away with these features. 

Best Gaming Chairs To Buy Right Now

If backache is preventing you from relishing a heightened gaming experience and emerging as your pet peeve, it’s time to invest in the best gaming chair for back pain that provides the perfect lumbar support. The above-mentioned gaming chair options are the cream of the crop and bring the right mix of features to let you enjoy a freewheeling gaming experience.

In case you have any suggestions on how we can improve this review, or you wish to add new information that might pique our interest, drop a line to us in the comment section. Until then, keep exploring this space!

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